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Hi guys. I have decided to have another kid. Well, the decision was made a few months ago and I had recently put in an application at the clinic I've decided to go to for the procedure. They called a few days ago and confirmed the dates for my appointment. Looks like we will be flying to Kiev soon. I can't wait, really. Wish me luck.

  1. melissastan8 months ago

    Hello. So good to hear about this. I'm thinking to have another baby too. But I might be getting some eggs frozen before that though. I want to wish you a very good luck for your first appointment at your clinic. I hope it goes well. Do let us know how it went.

  2. Hannah.David8 months ago

    I hope things go well. When we went to visit the clinic, I remember a driver was already waiting for us at the airport. We were then taken to our place of accommodation which was beautiful! It was a shared compartment with other families. I was really excited to make new friends. After that, we went to the clinic. At the clinic, everyone was very welcoming we looked around at the clinic. We were then medically examined as well and then had a meeting with the doctor.

  3. kimberlyjames7 months ago

    Hello Hannah and Melissa. Thank you for your comments. Thanks for sharing your experience too. It's nice to know that I can come here and talk to you people about this. It's nice to finally have people around who are in the same boat as me. Good luck to you guys too. Keep me updated on your procedures.

  4. melissastan7 months ago

    Oh totally! I'm glad to know you think of me as someone you can talk to. I have been there where you are. I'll try to help you out with anything you need. I'm going to apply for the program soon. Maybe we can be surrogacy buddies. This is going to be so much fun. Keep me updated on your situation.

  5. kimberlyjames7 months ago

    I love that idea! When do you plan on applying? If our dates matched, we could meet at the clinic. I didn't think id have a partner in this. This is so much better. I do have a question though, how long did it take for them to find you your previous surrogate? Did you go for surrogacy with egg donation? We will be going for surrogacy with egg donation this time.

  6. melissastan7 months ago

    We didn't go with egg donation. We went with gestational surrogacy. The embryos were created after IVF. Those embryos were then introduced into the surrogate's uterus for attachment. But you know their database is huge. You can select your egg donor yourself. They have amazing women who are willing to help people out like that.

  7. Lilyj7 months ago

    This is just amazing. You must be so excited. I remember when my friend got her confirmation. She could not contain her happiness. She had the best experience of her life at the clinic. Everyone there took care of their needs and those of the surrogate as well. I hope it goes great.

  8. kimberlyjames7 months ago

    Hi, Melissa. Thank you for your reply. Gestational surrogacy sounds wonderful. But that really isn't an option for us. This was really helpful. You missed one my questions though. I want to know how much time it took them to find you a surrogate. How long does it normally take?

  9. kimberlyjames7 months ago

    Hey Lily. That's totally our situation right now. I can't believe this is actually happening. Thanks for telling us about your friend. I hope I find a surrogate as good as hers. I'm really excited and anxious at the same time. Need your prayers.

  10. MirandaD6 months ago

    Good luck to you! I hope things go well for you. Just stay positive and calm. Since you have had an experience with them you will have an idea about how things go. It would be nice to hear the experience of the clinic from you. I myself am going to be visiting them. The main reason behind that is the positive reviews. I am very excited.

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