desperately in need of a child

Having struggled for a decade in pursuit of happiness, my friend couldn’t fathom what life kept for her. It was a hard time for a lady who was desperately in need of a child. Every time she tried to conceive, it never worked. We had to visit hospital after hospital seeking the correct medical fertility treatment but it never worked. In any facility we went to, the cost was so high that she had to give up. She didn’t have that large amount needed for her treatment. The ovulation problem had really invaded her life. Life seemed so insurmountable that we had to fly abroad for further fertility treatment. But despite our pursuit, we ended up frustrated. It was so unbearable to harbor such trials in her life. But after all we finally got what we had deserved. In a span of time, she was given a dosage of Clomiphene to stimulate the production of FSH and LH hormones. Thinking that it would finally bring forth results, it never did. The growth of the ovarian follicles was so slow and we had to opt for another easy way out. The best way was the IVF egg donation. Through referrals, we ended up at in Ukraine. It was a pain relief for us for the long struggle to our problem. As I speak, my colleague has a bouncing baby boy. Thank you for medical staff for their devotion and competence.

  1. eunitah1 year ago

    Wow! I am very proud of you luciey. Sharing such a vital information is a big step and easing the pain of mothers who are experiencing a hell of time. The low levels of Follicle stimulating hormone and luteinizing hormone occurs due to hypothalamus dysfunction. The hypothalamus is the one that triggers the pituitary glands to excrete more of this hormone. When secreted, the ovaries are able to produce more ova. This increases the chances of conception and fertilization. Low excretion of these can be diagnosed through radiation exposure, Chemotherapy and autoimmune disease. I am looking forward to sharing more in this forum and thank you very much.

  2. tracybaker1 year ago

    Thats great.

  3. ranarocky61 year ago

    congratulations. When i first started reading this post, i thought to myself oh wow! that is so hard! as i read on and came to the end, I was overjoyed. I particularly think this is great, because it is very important for one to share their success stories where infertility treatments are concerned. It can be quite a harrowing experience for those involved, not just physically but mentally too. Hearing of success stories inspires others who are thinking of entering the process or are already in the process of going on and not giving up. The fertility treatment these days are numerous and i am sure more technologically advanced than they once were. the kind of comforts they offer parents-to-be has also increased ten-fold, mainly because they want the experience to be less harrowing that it is and they do try to ease discomforts as much as they can. I believe that the experience is made that much better (or worse) by those around us, be it our loved ones or care staff who assist us through the process. Besides the medical aspects of the FSH and LH being just the right amounts is also great significance and sometimes identifying why they are not their right quantity is the key to treating infertility. I am glad you got through this. It was truly encouraging and congratulations once again!

  4. Emma05061 year ago

    Hello Luci, I am quite happy to hear all went well for your friend. I think is great you are sharing your friend story. Hearing cases like the one of your friend, cases which show that no matter how hard things may get there is always hope and that at the end of it, the effort and not giving up does pay up for people like us who have infertility issues. From the story of your friend I can tell there were many difficult times and I am really glad she has a friend like you which supported her all the way through it. Also is a real shame but sometimes the cost of the treatment to fight fertility are really high, I live in Peru and I must say it was really hard for me and my husband to be able to afford surrogacy. I know other treatments like IVF and egg donation in some countries are almost unaffordable without insurance for many people. I dont agree with such prices, after all I have heard there are places like that clinic in Ukraine which are more affordable so I dont think is a matter of quality as from your story I can tell your friend recieve a good treatment. Still your story show me how hard is to find the right place to be treated. While I was somewhat limited in to the clinics of my country because neither me nor my husband had the resources to travel abroad. I can see the search for the right place for your friend to be treated was one of the many hurdles she had to overcome. This shows me both the devotion she has to become a mother and the devotion you have as her friend to be with her in times like this. It is said that in the dark moments you will know who is really your friend and I totally agree after seeing your case. Thank you for sharing your story and I hope all goes well for your friend. Good luck.

  5. Neha51 year ago

    Thats a great success story. Really happy to know this. This gives a good learning point to all other expecting mothers and makes them more confident

  6. Misha Misha1 year ago

    First of all I want to congratulation to achieve the big success in life. Being a mother is not a small deal and it need struggle for 9 months. Initially when I read the post, the thing that came into my mind was miserable. But as I read the complete post, it was truly an inspirational for the women who are struggling in life with infertility issues. You are truly an honest woman who help the friend in this phase and supports her. I am pretty sure that you are aware about Lotus Clinic and recommend about it. It is the best and affordable destination where everything is possible. In the world there are 30% of women are struggling through infertility issues. It is the time to keep the mind positive and defeat the infertility issues which has become the blot in the life of women. I am here to support the women and help by recommending Lotus Clinic where IVF and surrogacy treatment is available. I enhance the accuracy to get fertile and bring the happiness in life.
    It is the dream of every woman to become the mother and you truly inspire the women by posting the feed. I am feeling lucky because I am one of those women but fortunately after the IVF treatment from Lotus Clinic I become the mother of healthy and lovely baby. You need to keep supporting your friend and take care of her health properly. It is very important to maintain the health and eat only the healthy and multi nutrients foods daily. You can go with your friend to morning walk and suggest her about the healthy meal. Wish her good luck and stay blessed.

  7. Hannah.David5 months ago

    Thank you for sharing such a wonderful story. It honestly made my day. Reading such stories always gives me confidence. I myself am visiting the same clinic for my process. So far things are going really well. I am hoping that I will actually be able to become a mother. I am positive but because of the past failures trying to keep my expectations low. Please pray for me.

  8. MirandaD4 months ago

    I am glad that things worked out for you. I believe its all about the dedication with which you work. The clinic is the best example of this. They are always trying their level best to work. I always appreciate their hard work. I myself have decided to visit the same clinic. One of the main reasons for that is good reviews. The clinic is really passionate about the work they do. This is something that is very hard to find in a clinic these days. I recently contacted them and they were so quick to reply. I was really impressed with the services and the programs they offered. They perfectly aligned with the things I was looking for in a clinic. Good luck to you and everyone else. I am also going to start collecting my documents in order to send them. Hoping for the best.

  9. kimberlyjames3 months ago

    What a wonderful story. It really gave me tears as I read it. I'm sorry for all the hard times she had to face due to her infertility. She made the right decision by going to this fertility clinic and ending all her misery this way. I'm so happy for her. Please do congratulate her on my side. Thank you for such a motivational post.

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