Desperately need support

It is really disappointing that I cannot able to pregnant. When I went through some of the tests then I realize that my eggs are not mature. It was a really shocking moment in my life.

I really don’t want to feel empty from inside. Infertility really sucks! After the news, first few months were really hard for me but I managed to face it. I don’t want to lose my mind again. It takes a lot of energy to go through some of the treatments. I know it’s really hard and I could use some support today.

  1. ranarocky69 months ago

    hi Sofia,
    Know that you are not alone in this frustrating journey of infertility. It is a hard reality to face, but hey,with all that is available to us in medicine today, surely we can overcome them. Infertility can be emotionally draining, but don't lose hope and for sure you can find it in you to take up some fertility treatments. I get it! But you know, it is now become a common process. Fertility treatments that are out there today are amazing, with some astounding results. Fertility treatments are certainly not easy, but it is not that hard when you focus on the end goal , which is to conceive a child, and when that happens, you will just be over the moon. The feeling is just indescribable. These days fertility clinics take every effort to make sure you are not just physically comfortable, but that you are also emotionally comfortable with the treatment. The amenities they offer these days also include professionals you can talk to at any time, should you feel bogged down with the process. And this goes a long way in helping you cope and also in preparing for when you conceive and how elated you are bound to feel at the end of it all. So, well chin up and always know that you are never alone in these things. Lots of happiness to you!

  2. Emma05069 months ago

    Hello Sofia, I am sorry to hear you are going to such a hard time. I totally understand you, while our condition may not be the same I do know how painful it is to have a condition which make us impossible for you to give birth naturally. Knowing that there is something wrong with your body and that makes your dream become a reality is one of the greatest let downs a person can suffer. Because at that moment you don't see it like just an issue, you dont it as something which can be fixed or treated. You see it that your body has failed you, that you are not like the rest, that something is wrong with you and that something makes you less. When knowing about my condition I felt like I was less of a woman. I really think when I first learn about it it really hit me hard, in my case the issue was no matter what I do, my only options were either surrogacy or adoption. I have a condition which makes me unable to carry a child. It was cause for a certain part of my past I wouldnt like to discuss right now, but while it wasn't really my fault I thought it was and it took a lot for me to be able to recover from that. Thankfully I had the lord and many good people around me which helped me face all those bad moments. I totally agree infertility sucks and I know its hard it took me many years to finally be able to see my daughter, but when that happened I knew all had been worth it. This path is a hard one, there is no deny that but even when things get hard and sometimes we fall you need to remember that at the end of this harsh path there is something which will make all of it worth it. I wish you well, dont give up, I know that soon you will have your baby.

  3. Sofiawest9 months ago

    Hi ranaro,

    Thank you very much for your advice. It is really helpful. I am grateful for your support and love. Yes, I will go through fertility treatment. I am going to meet with the doctor.

  4. Sofiawest9 months ago

    HI Emma,

    I am feeling so happy to hear your story. Your story is giving me hope to keep going in my life. Yes path is hard but your love and support help me to face it.

    much love!


  5. sonamgupta21079 months ago

    Hi dear. I can feel your problem as it happened to us to until we finally consulted Lotus Center. They helped me a lot. It took us over 5 years to get pregnant with our first child. We were on the brink of adoption when IVF worked for us. So, with that said... all that waiting, and tests and hopes, I get it. It is a serious roller coaster ride. And it isn't fun. A few questions, When you say "almost all kinds of treatment”, what are you leaving out? I started with Clomid, then IUI, then up to IVF. It may be that you haven't found what your body best responds to yet. Perhaps, see a different fertility specialist, get a second opinion? About the mood problems. I have depression that comes and goes and severe anxiety. I have been on some form of medication (save two years where I tried to make myself not be depressed or anxious on my own) since 2002. If you are prone to these things, situations that are intense and emotionally draining feel so much heavier. What you feel is normal. Even if you weren't depressed. The majority of infertile women and men have problems with that. Please don't feel too defeated here. My second question would be, ask your fertility Doctor(s) if they can refer you to a psychologist/ therapist that specializes ( or at least is familiar with) infertility. This is huge. I found one that helped me with some intense grief I was having over embryo donation. I could talk all day about my journey, and how I am still going through it even though I won't be having any more children. But please take heart. Your baby story isn't over. Praying for you. Be safe and stay blessed.

  6. kelly_K9 months ago

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  7. Sofiawest9 months ago

    HI Kelly K,

    Thank you so much for the information that support. I am facing health related issue from last few year. It is really difficult to face it. I just want to keep moving forward and trying the things that matters for me.

  8. Sofiawest9 months ago

    HI Sonam.

    I have read your all message and it really touched my heart, I want to tell you thanks from my heart. Thank you so much for the blessing and the information. Sure I will apply for the information and make myself better.

  9. priyaangel25879 months ago

    Hello Sofia, thank you for sharing your personal experience with us and I hope it will motivate many other couples who are facing the problem of infertility. Infertility is very common issue these days and it is faced by many couples all around the world. It can be very hard time when you face such problems in your life. It is dream of every woman to become mother and no one wants to face such hard times in life. First of all, you should never lose hope and happiness because of this problem. The treatment solution for infertility is also possible because Medical Science is very advanced now. When it comes to find good treatment solution for infertility, you just need to find any certified and reliable infertility clinic to get treatment. The treatment solutions like IVF and egg donation are very helpful in such cases. In your case, you are facing problem of immature eggs and you just need the treatment solution with egg donation treatment method. This treatment solution is available all over the world and I will recommend you to visit Ukraine to get better treatment solution. There are many certified and reliable infertility clinics in Ukraine where you can easily find treatment solution. When I was facing problem of infertility, I visited there with my husband and got good treatment solution in certified clinic. Now I am living happy and beautiful life with my family and I am blessed with a beautiful baby. It is very important to get rid of mental stress and to take your life in a positive way. I hope you will also find such happiness in your life and will live a beautiful life.

  10. sarabrown9 months ago

    It is really important to face the stress to get out of the things that help you to move forward in the life.

    So much love!'

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