Didn't know where else to go....Sorry

Hey, I'm 4 months pregnant and having ups and downs. But today my little sister told me she just found out today she was pregnant. I'm stressing like crazy. Neither her boyfriend or herself has a high school diploma or GED. They don't have a job and I know that she will be turning to me for help because I've been like her mom. I took care of her. And the relationship with her boyfriend and herself is awful. I'm stressing because I feel like I'm going to have to take care of two babies plus herself. And I'm not the type to let her do things alone when she really needs help. I know this isn't anything of my pregnancy and I'm sorry for that. I just really didn't know where else to go. If I could get some advice it was be great. Sorry again. Hope no one is upset

  1. Selina3 years ago

    I'm happy for you both. Congratulations. It looks like baby is going to have a great mom. And your sisters baby is looking to have a great auntie. I'm a fan of helping but raising a kid is hard work. I have 2 little daughters and not to scare you but your going to need help too. Find mommy groups near you and looking into getting a breast feeding godmother. These things really help. Get your sister to do the same.

  2. _michelle.smith_3 years ago

    my sis got preg when she was in high school.. now 3 years later she's a dental assistant [no college] making $22 an hour.. hasn't been with the baby daddy since the baby was born! she will mature ! just make sure you don't hover from day #1. she got herself into this.. as scary as it is for everyone she needs to figure out things on her own [with some help I'm sure ] find me on IG :) _michelle.smith_

  3. [ deleted account ]3 years ago

    Does your sister have any direction? Goals? Does she seem like the type who will be inspired by the pregnancy to better herself? Stressing out too much during pregnancy isn't great and you do need to think of your own baby first. What can you do to help her right now? What can you do to help her find her footing after the baby is born (besides straight up taking care of her)?

  4. luciey1 year ago

    Ann! I am not sure how whether until now you are stressed. To use my example, I was devastated by the vagaries of stress that almost popped my mind out. It was not easy for me as I had to cope with many things at home. From paying fees for my child in kindergarten to maintaining my pregnancy. Everything looked to turn on a different path that I never wished could happen. The more the stress piled up in my head, the more I would feel pain emanating from my abdomen. I won't surprise you by telling you that I had a miscarriage. I was pained in my heart. I recall for me to go to BioTex clinic for IVF, I had given up hope. But after successful procedure and proper care there, my child grew well. Hope you too will get well with yourself.

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