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I have seen that many people are discussing different clinics. I don’t have my personal experience with these bad clinics. But my cousin has this bad experience. She had visited Adonis clinic. It was her worst ever experience. That clinic is not good. They had applied extra expenses without any reason. She had not completed her treatment from there. She changed the clinic, and now she had a baby girl of seven months. So be careful while choosing the clinic.

  1. LauraPatton1 week ago

    Hello Emma, I am so sorry that you had to face through this. These clinics are not worth the wait they will just loot you and eventually turn your direction towards adoption. They are irresponsible even at responding to emails. This really sucks for us because infertility already frustrated so much and now this. I am glad to know you guys did the right thing in changing the clinic. I wish you best of luck for your future :) CHEERS

  2. jenny5881 week ago

    This is so bad. Adonis clinic is not reliable at all. I have heard similar reviews about them on several forums. It has wasted so many people's time. They have been troubling people for so long. I don't understand why are they doing this with their clients. People need them. People contact them in need because they desperately want to have kids. And they give them no response. How would those depressing souls be feeling? They should understand that clinics and doctors are supposed to help people. And not annoy them even more than they already are.

  3. Anna jamie1 week ago

    Hello! Emma, hope you are doing good. Thats so sad. I have heard about Adonis clinic from my cousin. She also went through the same situation. They charged her too much. It was a great regret for her. It was not a trustworthy clinic. And then she went to another clinic for her treatment.Such clinics break the trust of their patients. And also waste their money. They are suposed to help the people rather than making them fools. Such clinics just loot their patients. They are frauds. Their patients should be the first priority instead of money. Anyways I'm happy that you discontinued your treatment from that clinic :)

  4. adele1231 week ago

    That is such a terrible experience. I can imagine what she must have gone through. It's a very hard thing to tolerate such behaviour from a reputable clinic. It used to be a very reputable clinic once. But now it has completely ruined its image. Many people have been talking negatively about them. I feel so bad for them. We all need to spread awareness about this clinic. We need to tell people that this clinic is not worth their time and money. They only waste people's time. They do not bother to listen to their problems. I hope people stop contacting them.

  5. Julie881 week ago

    This is very incredible. Adonis clinic is not trustworthy at all. I have heard many negative reviews about them on several different forums. It is wasting the time of many people. It is breaking their trust. Also, betraying their feelings. They have been annoying people for quite a long time. I don't understand what is the reason behind all this. People contact them when they trust them And, they need to have a bay desperately. They would be feeling so bad. It is quite an irresponsible attitude. They should understand that clinics and doctors are supposed to help people. It should be their first priority. Good luck to all those finding a clinic.

  6. kim881 week ago

    I am so sorry that your cousin had to go through this much pain. She had been charged this much. I don't know why the Adinos clinic is behaving in this way. It is totally annoying. I don't know what is the clinic behaving in this way. They have got an unprofessional attitude. Dealing with the patients in this way is not just. One needs to understand this. Not to consult any doctor without any prior any information. Don't get trapped by them anymore. I am glad now she has a daughter. It is a blessing. Things worked for her well. I hope everybody makes a wise choice. Wish you luck in your future. Take care.

  7. julian_7811 week ago

    Sorry that you had to have such a cruel confrontation, there is fraudulent scaling people’s money in the name of incorrect diagnosis. Nowadays these clinics have made pregnancy a complicated concern.
    They play with the patients' emotions while we approach them with trust.
    My sister had her first baby through surgery. She and the baby were completely healthy while her consultant Approached her from the beginning as if she might have to go through surgery for her delivery. This caused lots of complications afterward. And she had to go through an abortion immediately after her second conception. It was very hard on her.

  8. alana551 week ago

    Oh, that is so terrible. I don't believe this. Adonis clinic is not reliable at all. I have also heard negative comments about this clinic. It has wasted so many people's time. Many people have been troubled because of them. I don't understand why are they doing this with their clients. People contact them in need because they do not have any other option than to go for assisted methods of having babies. And they behave so unprofessionally with their clients. What would the clients be feeling like? They need to stop doing wrong to people. And pay more attention towards the improvement of their management.

  9. Ada1 week ago

    hey Emma733!!! That’s so bad. I mean they shouldn’t do so. this will spoil their clinic’s reputation. Thank you so much for sharing her story with us. You alarmed us on time. many women were talking about this clinic. All of them were talking about the negative reviews. Some of them may experience this bad strategy. That’s why they want to save their fellows. But this is not true. Pregnancy is such an issue which requires more attention. This should be treated with extra concern and great care. Keep on these spreaders. This will save many people form their big loss.

  10. Susan551 week ago

    Hello. How are you? Many congratulations to your cousin. Give a lot of love to her daughter. Can you tell which method she chose? A clinic can't do this. Actually, they do just for money. They need money nothing else. Infertility is really hard to face. It is the dream of a married woman to become a mother. She wants to play with her own child. She wants to play with her kid. Sometimes she failed to achieve this. This is due to infertility. I am happy that your cousin defeated infertility. Good wihes.

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