Does massage therapy hurt?

I'm planning to get massage therapy from a clinic for my headache. I'm an IT professional and after sitting long hours in front of systems I'm troubled with back pain. I used to plan of taking short intervals while working instead of sitting for a long period. But due to my heavy works, I was unable to take short breaks. I have taken the appointment for the coming week. Can anyone receive massage therapy? Does massage therapy hurt? Can someone share the benefits f massage therapy?

  1. [ deleted account ]8 months ago

    It depends on the type of massage. Rolfing does hurt but it gets quick results!

  2. Cbelle878 months ago

    I am a massage therapist! I initially use relaxation techniques, as i work in a spa, so a heated table, dim lights, aromatherapy, soft music, and all of that tends to help the body start to relax, and then i use light to medium pressure to start with. I do not use very strong pressure initially, i ask the client if they would like more pressure, they usually say “it feels great and yes a little more” so, they are relaxing, allowing me to work a little more deeply and can achieve therapeutic results. But i do not recommend anyone to jump into deep work right off! Think of it like, if you want to help undo years of chronic stress/overuse, relax and gain better posture and a great attitude (massage floods our bodies with feel-good endorphins!!) find someone gentle who will work progressively not aggressively :) and ahh enjoy.

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