Don't give up

I always felt complete until two years ago. I started doubting my womanhood. Trust me it is the worst kind of doubt. I was leaving my apartment for grocery shopping with my husband. I saw a couple around the curb trying to pacify their baby. I would normally watch such adorable moments and say 'aww'. But this time no words came out. I just felt tears rolling down my cheeks. My husband saw me crying and took me back to our apartment. I was just waiting for him to say 'what's wrong honey?' and my eyes bursted in tears. 'you should leave me', 'why do you love me?', I can't even give you a child' , That was the first time that a year of failure in ttc was bothering me that much. He, being the most perfect husband he is, left no stone unturned to give my confidence back. I never liked Ukraine in person. But the blessing it has given me.. I can't thank my husband enough.

  1. DiviyaSalana7 months ago

    Hello Maria! Well, yes! It happens I've also been jealous in a similar situation before. I guess it's tough to live without a child. I've spent nearly my 5 years of life that way. So, I can understand a lot of it. Jealousy haunts you whenever you see other couples blessed with kids. Even, if you try to ignore it. Anyway! I'm undergoing an IVF this year due to it at a repro center in Ukraine. Yes. me too. I've been tired of TTC for so long as well...Anyway! Stay blessed! Stay strong! I hope things start becoming better on your side. Take care! :)

  2. Ada7 months ago

    Marisa Coughlin hello! How are you? I Have read your story till the end. It's very sorrowful. I am very sorry to know that you can’t conceive. I can understand your feelings. What’s happened? When you know that you can’t conceive? What’s the incident that happened with you? I’ll recommend you to join surrogacy clinics. There their eggs are fertilized chemically. And I think you will be able to conceive. Don’t you think? I admit that it’s a costly procedure. But your partner is very cooperative. Don’t give up hope. And stop to blame yourself. Its not your fault. Dear how many years passed to your marriage? Your partner is very supportive. I think that you deserve it. Ok don’t you worry. Stay blessed and nice to meet you.

  3. Emily1236 months ago

    Hi Maria! How are you? Hope you are in good health. I am so sorry for you Hun! Infertility is really hard to deal with both emotionally and physically. I have also been there. Watching new born become very hard when you realize that you might not have that ever. But it is important not to loose hope. Now in the 21st century we have surrogacy to help us out. I am also infertile and the only way through which I was able to start my family was through surrogacy. Like you I also went to Ukraine for my surrogacy procedure. Ukraine has some of the best clinics in this regard. I am glad I went with surrogacy and so did you. Everyone deserves to be a parent. I wish you the best of luck on your journey.

  4. melissastan6 months ago

    Hi. I hope yu are well. I'm glad your struggles are over now. I agree with you. TTC gets so frustrating. PEople start expecting things from you. It gets harder with this. You end up feeling really useless. This messes up with the mental health too. It's not good for a person. I'm so glad things worked out for you now. Ukraine is actually a great place for surrogacy. I always recommend it to people. I hope the couples who are still struggling with fertility find this helpful. Congratulations to you.

  5. Hannah.David6 months ago

    Your post made me emotional. I myself have opted for surrogacy and I am hoping that everything goes fine. However, infertility has been the worst period of my life. I remember going through infertility jealousy several times and it really does hurt a lot. Infertility is like being in the dark and wanting to come out but still cant. I hope no one has to go through this period. I am glad surrogacy worked for you. I hope it works for me as well.

  6. lidya26 months ago

    Hi there, how are you doing? I hope you are in good health. This thread is very emotional and comment sections are amazing. It give me great feeling to express my words here as there are so many ladies like me who are there to support me. While choosing between surrogacy and IVF I would recommend you to go for surrogacy. WELL these both treatments are there to give you hope and happiness. These treatments give us a lesson that never loose hope.Keep trying until you get succeed.Good luck to everyone out there. God bless us all. I love these ladies who support each other. This is so amazing.

  7. Alana906 months ago

    That's what each infertile women got to feel each and every damn day. It is quite easy for others to say sympathetic words to us. But it is way too tough to live with this every day. It is good to know that your husband is with you fighting with all the odds. You have to keep this faith up. And look for the solutions. I believe that there are possible ways to overcome infertility and even you should look for more such. You must not waste more days crying over such things. This won't helps you. Haven't you looked for the alternatives available? Go find your self some help. Good luck.

  8. Susan556 months ago

    Hello Maria, hope you are doing well? infertility is very hard for every couple. like you I always feel the same whenever I go out. seeing a complete family was the most emotional moment for me. But in this era everything is possible. Through surrogacy, you can have your own child. I went for surrogacy and I have my own child and you can also go for it. Best wishes for you.

  9. eilsie6 months ago

    I know its hard to listen to anyone. But I am glad to read that your husband is supporting you. I am sure you will be out of it soon. If the husband is supportive of everything will be alright. Don't worry. Don't waste your time and go for alternate solutions. There are a lot of solutions. Surrogacy and IVF are one of them. Good luck.

  10. Jane Drake6 months ago

    He is a perfect gentleman. You are lucky to have him. Not all men are so supportive. They jump out of the wedlock. As soon as they get a chance. You are one lucky woman. I am sure your family will get complete one day. Why don't you guys look for treatments? Did you see a doctor? What exactly is the issue? You need to address it. Then talk to each other. Find a way to get out of it. You can go for fertility treatments. You can go for IUI. There is IVF. Surrogacy is the last option too. If nothing else works. You don't need to get upset like this.

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