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Hi there, How are you? doing all of you are enjoying good health. I have a good news for you all. I read many posts here regarding infertility. Biotexcom is starting consultation event in London on 18th and 19th of august. Those who are looking for the opportunity should have to attend this. I am recommending Biotexcom after having a surrogacy from their main clinic in Ukraine. They are the best in this field. I consulted them last year. The packages are affordable. Clinic is equipped and hygiene. Our surrogacy was successful and now we have a baby. The event in London has limited slots. If you want to attend book your seat ASAP. For registration contact them at Good luck

  1. lidya21 year ago

    I was going through a hard time and then a close friend of mine suggested me to look into a very good clinic. she had an amazing experience with them. Now my husband and I will be opting for surrogacy there. since we have heard that Biotexcom is coming to town we are very excited about it. we have heard many good reviews about them. Personally, my close friend got her successful IVF treatment from there. Now they are having an event in London. I mean wow but Ugh! I can't wait till August. Hope it goes well.

  2. jenny5881 year ago

    Thanks for spreading this, sweetheart. That's really nice of you. I have also done my registration in this event. I am so excited about this. I have also heard many good reviews about their clinic. It's very good for fertility treatments. Maximum people need to attend this event. It would be very informational. And I believe it's going to help many people. I was waiting for them to come here. I wanted to discuss my problems. I know they'll definitely help me out. I'll get a solution to my problem. I would recommend everyone to join them. Wish you all good luck!

  3. MirandaD1 year ago

    Hey, Emma thanks for the information. It is amazing how they are coming to London. I have sent this message to a friend who lives there. I think through this consultation meeting people can learn a lot. When you decide to opt for a fertility treatment it becomes so important that all your questions get answered. You need to get comfortable with the process. The clinic is operating at a highly successful rate. Therefore, the people shouldn't miss this opportunity. I also have them on my shortlist of clinics, I want to contact. The clinic has wonderful reviews and successful cases. These things really matter and should never be neglected. When you are on the fertility journey you should make sure to never miss an opportunity. I hope it proves to be helpful for my friends. Good luck to everyone else as well.

  4. adele1231 year ago

    You're so nice to make such posts. Thanks for making people aware of this session. I am sure it's going to help a lot of people. This clinic in Ukraine is excellent. I have heard an unlimited number of positive reviews about them. My sister had her surrogacy from this clinic. She was so happy and contented with their treatment. She has told so many people about their event in London. She wants everyone to spread the word. She told me that it's going to be very beneficial to everyone. My sister and I have registered for this event as well. We don't need any treatment but we want to be a part of it. I am sure it's going to be really exciting. Looking forward to it.

  5. kate99991 year ago

    Hey Emma, thanks for spreading the information. It's great that they are coming to London. This clinic has many positive reviews. It is best for fertile treatment. I have a great experience with this clinic. It's really good that they are doing this event. Many people from this event come to know about many things. It will be really interesting. People will ask their problems and they will provide the prescriptions. I want them to introduce this event more and more in different places. This will increase their ratings also. Some people who hesitate or feel shy to ask anything they will come to know about solutions to many problems. I also want to be the part of it. Really excited for this event. Good luck to everyone.

  6. alana551 year ago

    It's so good to see people spreading about this. This event is going to be very useful. I have been telling people in my circle too. But this is such a good way to mention this on forums. Many people come across such posts. People get awareness of this. I will also make threads related to this on different forums. More people should come to know about this. This session is going to be very useful to people. I have done my registration too. I am going to visit there with my DH. I'm hoping to have an exciting trip. I would recommend all of you to register yourselves too. Their seats are limited so make sure you get one soon. All the best to you all.

  7. emily2941 year ago

    Thank you dear. For such a useful information. I have also read this on social media that Biotexcom is arranging an event in London. On 18 and 19th of August. And I was so much happy to read this. The clinic has done a wonderful task. By arranging such a high level public event. I am sure this gonna be helpful for many many infertile couples. Plus the couples can get all the required information from them. And can also sign the contract as well. If they made their mind to have treatment from them. This event gonna rocks. Because already Biotexcom is the best infertility clinic. I am already availing the services of surrogacy from them. And I can say with assurity that they are quality oriented professionals.

  8. Jane Drake1 year ago

    This sounds great. I personally like this clinic. I haven't visited this one though. However, I have watched so many videos and read so many reviews. So I know one thing for sure. The clinic is amazing. This is great news too. They are providing a free consultation. This shows how much they want to help out people out there. London has some clinics too. Though they are expensive. I have heard this clinic is quite affordable. I am sure they would be. That is why people are consulting them. Anyways, this is a great opportunity. Don't miss out on this guys.

  9. eilsie1 year ago

    Thank you for sharing this information. I also had my surrogacy from there. I was looking for such an event where I would find their new techniques. Actually, I am planning another baby through the same procedure. Surely, I will go there. And I will attend this event as well. Previously I attend their events years back. It was fun and informative. They engage people in such a way that no one feels bored and take interest in what they are presenting. Some of the there doctors meet people and resolve their confusions there. I must say it is the best clinic I have seen so far.

  10. Julie881 year ago

    BioTexCom is doing great. I am so happy to welcome them to London. Can't wait for the 18th of August. I have already talked to my sister who was looking for the clinic. We are also going to get ourselves registered tomorrow. She is suffering from PCOS. So, do I. After my successful journey, she is planning to contact them too. My experience went wonderfully. Also, I am dying to meet Anastasia. She is a lovely person. During my stay at the clinic, she had helped me a lot. The clinic has got a great concern for the patients. I pray that my friend finds her rainbow from the same clinic. Fingers crossed. I hope they have a safe stay in the Uk. Pretty excited already!

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