Emotional and headed for depression

I am 11weeks pregnant with 3 other kids (9,6,3yo) i currently dont live with my husband and see him 2hours out of the day. My pregnancy has been a roller coaster from
The start and he doesnt understand it. Mood swings attitude and emotions. He feels i should be werry of other people’s feels and not even thinking of how i feel. I seem that things wont get better and i dont have anyone to talk to. I am so tired and always in pain. He doesnt realize how stress can kill my baby so when i have had too much arguing i just stop because i cant risk it. He thinks i should be happy dandy when he doesnt even know half of how i feel. If im annoyed i should still be pleasent to him. I am tired and feeling crazy already. I had his mother and she adds to the stress. I need help

  1. [ deleted account ]1 year ago

    Ugh, that sounds awful! Do you have any forms of support, like your parents or friends you can reach out to?

  2. Hom1 year ago

    I'm so sorry you're going through all this stress :( I hope you have supportive family and friends around. I'm here if you need someone to listen to.

  3. Pookie21 year ago

    Tell him not to stress you out doctors orders so you do not lose the baby and misscarry if he does not listen have his friends and relatives keep him busy hopefully you have a good support system tell your ob to give him a call so you do not lose the baby not arguing is good you have the right idea give him something to do so he can be excited about your baby have him paint the baby's room keep him busy

  4. nica5241 year ago

    Hi Beverly. Sorry to hear that. It sure sounds bad. Talk to your husband how it is affecting you. Do you have any friends or family you could reah out to? Sometimes all you need is a little break. Ask someone to babysit the kids. Meanwhile, you go have some 'me time'. Good luck!

  5. callisy4 months ago

    Pregnancies differ. I can understand your situation. It seems like this time your pregnancy has come with a lot of moods swing. You should try to be calm. I am also pregnant right now. There were sometimes where I found some complications. Considering that it is my first time. Well, I went to Bio tex clinic and got some assistance. They are so good at what they are doing. Even their economy package for 2018 is running out. If you feel the situation is getting worse. You can get some medical help. But right now avoid any kind of confrontations. Focus on being positive. If you feel somebody will provoke you keep distance. Consider your pregnancy more. I do hope it will be smooth for you. All the best dear. You can keep posting for us to know how you are fairing.

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