Excitement at its peak

Hey all, I hope you all are doing great. I have been facing infertility for a very long period of time. It was a difficult time. My sister told me about a clinic in Europe named Bio Texcom clinic. The clinic has its own fame. They are known best for their communication and services. My sister asked me to write to them. They told me that they are coming to London on 18 19 August. Yeah! the whole team would be united there. I have registered myself on heir official website There would be a chance to gather up there and asked about all confusions in your head. The professional doctors will be leading us towards the best. I can't wait to be the part of this event. Too much excited!

  1. Hannah johns1 year ago

    Hi Lillian Im sure you are well. Well, the situation is so relatable. I can understand what you have been through. You have faced a really hard time in your life. Infertility is not easy to deal with. It needs a lot of courage and patience to stay consistent. And yes finding the right clinic is important. It's an initial step which needs to be taken after making all the research. I was devasted to know when i was diagnosed infertile but later on after we researched, We went to see this clinic. It was a great experience with them. Our worries were vanished after our first meeting. They treated me so well and the staff was cooperative as well. Would highly recommend everyone to visit them. Stay blessed!

  2. Nala8501 year ago

    Hi, Lilian. I am very sorry for you. You have been through hell. This wasn't an easy time. I have faced infertility for a long time too. I and my husband tried for a long time. We conceived too. But a few months later, I had a sudden miscarriage. After that, our doctors told us that we can't conceive anymore. I was shaken. I didn't know how to react to it. But then I went for assisted reproduction. Surrogacy worked so fine for us. We went to this clinic in Europe. And they took care of everything for us.

  3. kimberlyjames1 year ago

    Hello. I hope you are alright. Thank you for sharing this amazing news with us. It is incredible really. I'm thinking to go too. I have heard a lot about this clinic. I actually adore them now. I have heard so many good things about this clinic. Especially on this forum. There are so many couples who shared their success stories. The reason for their success was this clinic. The best part about them is how affordable they are. Anyone can consider going for surrogacy now. They won't have to worry about the money. They are doing a very good job.

  4. Emma7331 year ago

    Hello dear, I hope you are doing good. It's so sad to say that they have canceled their event. I have read on the social media that they decided to go to any other place. And the date will also be different. This is really sad news for many people. It was really a great opportunity to have treatment for London’s people to have treatment in their own area. I still don’t understand why did they cancel it. But they have not announced yet weather where will they go for the event. I and my friend was also going to this event. We had even registered ourselves. But all our dreams have been broken. But still, we didn’t lose hope. Maybe they visit the place near to us. Hoping for the positive action from them. I know it will also be sad news for you.

  5. Anastasiaa1 year ago

    Hey, hope you are well. I am so glad to read different posts. I have been facing infertility since past 5 years and it was very hard.. It was the most terrible experience of my life. I used to wake up every day with loads of burden on myself since 5 years. Journey was so hard. Infertility is a very hard to deal with. I pray no women ever face it. I tried every kind of fertility treatments but nothing worked for me. And No doctor ever told the cause behind my infertility. Well recently i decided to try surrogacy treatment. I was researching on it for so long and finally decided to give it try as it is safer procedure than IVF and IUI. I contacted the best clinic for my treatment. They treated us so well. Even they offered us a free first visit to their clinic. We visited them and the clinic is amazing whether i talk about doctors, or staff or procedures, they are so reliable. I am so excited for my journey. I am going to start my journey later this month. Do pray for e that everything goes well. I can't wait to hold my own baby in my hands.

  6. Francis1 year ago

    Hello there! How are you? Hope you are well and good. Good to went through your post. Thanks for the information. I married David a few years back. We wanted to have a child after one year to our marriage. We tried to conceive. I did not become pregnant. We tried for a couple of months. I went to a hospital nearby. They examined me. I had no issues. They asked me to bring David with me. They examined him. David was infertile. We were initially disappointed. But later we became hopeful. We contacted a clinic in Ukraine. It was the best. I am happy that I went there. I have Noah with me due to that clinic.

  7. ella_jax1 year ago

    I hope you are fine. I am sorry to hear about you. I know its a woman's natural desire to have a bay. Infertility is a thing that stops a woman from being a mother. I have heartly sympathy for you. You are going through a very difficult time. TYou have to be strong in order to achieve success. Good news is infertility is no more impossible to treat anymore. Medical science has introduced much treatment for infertility. I would suggest you a treatment through which you can have your baby. The treatment is called surrogacy. It is an easiest and safest treatment. It has blessed many infertile women with the happiness of the child. I have also been blessed with baby through surrogacy. I took surrogacy at a clinic in Europe. I would suggest you go there. Its team was coming to London. They were going to organize an event. Due to some reasons now they are not coming to London. The date has been changed. Soon you will get to know about it."

  8. sandra king1 year ago

    Hello, how are you? I am writing from Japan. I was expecting twins. I was so happy. I couldn't stop telling anyone about my joy. I lost them in a car accident. It was almost my due date. I am so lost and heartbroken. It was so much pain and effort. But all it took was an accident to lose it. I hope this never happens to anyone. I have started to walk with some help now. I am happy for you. I wish I can feel motherhood again. My sister is now helping me to attend an event which is going to be held by a Biotexcom. It is going to be helpful. I wish I can feel motherhood again. Wish me best of luck.

  9. Jane Drake1 year ago

    Yes, I have also heard the same. My friend told me about Biotexcom. She made me come out of depression. I was so lost. I was upset since my MC. It was like I am always tired. Mentally and physically both. Then one day she came over. Told me about this open session. I am definitely gonna attend this event of Biotexcom. I hope they can help me recover from the MC. I wanna be another. I want to try again. I just hope it is a success. Please, I need prayers. Wish me the best of luck, everyone.

  10. Elizza0491 year ago

    I'm pleased that you are interested in that event. They are really good for such services. One of my friends had her surrogacy there. She admires the clinic facilities yet. That's really a great thing that they are coming to London. It would be easy for people to visit them. But I heard that the clinic has delayed the seminar. It will be conducted later. So it's a great chance for all the infertile couples to overcome their infertility. I heard that they will provide several offers as well as initial guidance to their customers. People also have a chance to sign the contract with them on the spot. I hope they will help you in this regard. Wish you the best of luck

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