I had many failures a few years ago.I was trying to conceive from last 10 years but had no luck. Than i went for IUI but i failed at IUI. Then i went for IVF and had few cycles of IVF but failed in IVF too.I was heartbroken at my failures like you. But than i came to know about surrogacy. Than i started looking for surrogacy and found a clinic. Now i will move abroad for surrogacy. And soon i will have a baby.

  1. Hannah.David2 months ago

    Hey, I am extremely sorry to hear about your multiple failed cycles. This must have been extremely difficult for you. IVF can at times be extremely unpredictable you never know if it will work or not. However, for any treatment, it is really important that you visit a doctor with a high success rate. These things are very important and shouldn't be ignored. One of the reasons my surrogacy process if going well is due to me researching extensively about the process. I will suggest you the same. Good luck to you.

  2. kayla732 months ago

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  3. Robin James2 months ago

    Hey, honey. This is a fantastic decision! I'm so happy for you. You've had a really tough time. Nobody deserves that kind of a ride. I'm glad it's finally come to an end! Good luck to you on this journey. My prayers are with you. Surrogacy helped me, so much! It was a life-changing decision. One, I will always cherish. I hope it goes smoothly for you. I hope the people at the clinic treat you nicely. Good luck to you! Lots of baby dust.

  4. kimberlyjames2 months ago

    So sorry to hear about that. Maybe IVF wasn't for you. You should look at the brighter side. I'm glad you are now going to have a baby soon. You see? Things worked out. This is what happens when you stay hopeful and don't give up. Do share details with us. Congratulations.

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