Feeling Anger

I found out I am pregnant 3 weeks ago, early about 7 weeks or so along. Stopped taking my zoloft cold Turkey. Since I have been extremely angry, anything makes me snap and feel rage. I just dont want to feel anger all the time, I dont know what to do or how to control it. Please any advice will help.

  1. JaneyMonster10 months ago

    Have you been off for long? You're physically withdrawing from a mood-altering substance at the same time that your hormones are fluctuating so it's going to to be extra hard compared to doing just one of those things. If you're hoping to bear it out and not go back to the zoloft then you'll need to research coping mechanism that can help you through it. I'd suggest something active.... Every psych drug has a different withdrawal period so see if you can find out how long zoloft takes to withdraw from and count it as your Length of time you'll need just to *start* feeling better. Then double it to find when you can expect to actually feel more in control of how you feel. In the meantime controling your reactions is imperative to your success. You might feel angry, and that's not fun, but if you're committed to trying not to go back to taking the pills, you'll need to remind yourself that it's only temporary. On the other hand, if there's no change in how you feel after some time you might want to talk to your doctor about starting back again on them, or something else.

    I stopped taking 3 psych meds during the same week I got pregnant with my first child. None of them were zoloft or in that family of drugs, but I'd been on them, and others like them, for the entirety of my memorable life. So it was a shock to my system to feel again, let alone as a pregnant woman. I haven't gone back to them, but I tend to struggle with bouts of depression and anxiety still. It's a fight for my life, and it has been for almost 10 years now.

  2. Kayleenash201810 months ago

    Find something to take your mind off of things. I tured to scrapbooking and jewerly making. I was on zoloft before i got pregnant with my 1st. It was challenege but within 2-4 months i felt alive never went back. Just picture in your mind holding your baby when you get mad and it will make things easier.

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