Feeling bad

At the age of40, I found out that my eggs are not mature enough to have baby in my life. I went through several treatments to harvest it but I got negative results. I have been trying hard to conceive from last few years.
After struggling for one and half year, we decided to meet with the surgeon to acknowledge the issue. The issue was infertility. It is completely unexpected for me at that time. I have been trying several tests to get the positive results.
I don’t to know what I am looking from here. May be some love!

  1. Sofiawest1 year ago

    Trying to conceive seems hopeless! I am waiting some miracle can happen and I will get pregnant. One year of struggle I diagnosed with unexpected results. I have been trying since first year of my marriage.
    It is such a stressful to face infertility. I have been facing lot of issues to face the infertility issue. I am going through forum to forum to get baby in my life. I am reading several stories of infertility and I decided follow them.
    I am going to meet with the experts and I will talk about it.

  2. Hom1 year ago

    Good luck with everything!

  3. SuzeM1 year ago

    You must be so so frustrated and upset by that news. There is hope- I know of so many people who go through surgeries and treatment just to get pregnant naturally again and again afterward. DO NOT GIVE UP HOPE!!

    This may sound callous coming from an online stranger but I have done extensive study on how our lifestyles contribute to our bodies acting wacky. We need to properly balance our body's PH levels.
    Sadly our food and water supply is so contaminated that it causes nothing but problems for people bc we are all far to acidic.

    Here's how to get alkaline:

    1. Drink a gallon or more of clean water a day. That means NO TAP WATER AND NO BOTTLED WATER. Reverse osmosis water is the only way now sadly. It's affordable to have a system put in your house. I pay about 20 per month. Contact the company that handles your water softener.

    2. Vital to cut out sugar and processed food. If you a clean plant based diet (meat only once a week works for me) you'll be shocked at how everything starts to find an equilibrium.

    3. When I got pregnant with my son I started on a whole food supplement my uncle turned me onto when he found out he had cancer. It is literally the equivalent of eating 30 fruits and veggies a day. It changed my family's life. I'll be a life long customer and advocate!!

  4. sarabrown1 year ago

    HI Hom and SuzM

    Thank you so much for the information and low. I have been trying really hard to change the many things in life. It really not easy and I will apply your knowladge and advice.

    I really appreciate both of you

  5. priyaangel25871 year ago

    Hello Sara, it feels really bad to know about your problem and my blessings are with you that you will find good solution for it soon. It is a good thing that you are sharing your problem with us because this forum is a good platform where you can find good advice with other members. First of all, I will recommend you not to lose hope and happiness in your life because it is very important to stay positive to find good treatment solution. I can understand that you are facing infertility problem due to immature eggs. It is very common problem these days and many couples are facing this issue. When it comes to find a treatment solution, you should be hopeful because there are many infertility clinics where you can find good treatment solution. When I was facing such hard time in my life, I was very depressed and stressed. But I decided not to give up and keep trying. I heard about a certified and reliable infertility clinic in Ukraine country. I visited there to find treatment solution with my husband and I got positive results. Ukraine is one of the preferred countries to get treatment solution for infertility because there are many reliable and trusted infertility clinics. In your case, you can also get help in such clinics because the treatment solutions like IVF and egg donation are very effective to get rid of such problems of infertility. You should be hopeful and should keep your attitude positive always because it is very important to fight with this problem. I hope you will also get good solution and we’ll get desired happiness in your life. Best of luck my dear friend.

  6. sarabrown1 year ago

    HI priya

    Thank you so much for the information. I have been working really hard on the things that help you to move forward. It is really important to find the solution. I am working on it.

    Thank you so much priya

  7. Sofiawest1 year ago

    Thank you so much for the information and low. I have been trying really hard to change the many things in life. It really not easy and I will apply your knowladge and advice.

  8. kelly_K1 year ago

    Hello dear. It is true that there comes an age in life of the woman when she unable to get the periods and this process is called as menopause. After the age of 40, the quality of eggs gets low and woman face lots of problem. I can understand your agony and I know what you are feeling right now. You do not need to get panic and also won’t lose the hope now. I am here to support you and provide your beneficial points that will surely help in getting fertile and conceive the baby. Now you can make your dream of the motherhood and conceive the baby. After turning to the age of 40 or above, IVF is the ultimate and best option for you. If you want to make your dream true and like to start the new family then Botexcom always remain ahead to support you. To get the better result and conceive the baby healthy, you can choose the IVF treatment which is reliable and give the 100% accuracy result. It is legal in Ukraine and many women are satisfies with the result.
    You are living in the latest and advance medical generation where it is possible for women to get fertile. Now you can defeat the infertility issues and become the mother of the lovely baby. IVF is the best option which gives the hope to women and makes the dream to become the mother. You can directly contact to Biotexcom where you can get excellent facilities and able to conceive the baby. During the treatment days, you can have the healthy meal and do not compromise with your health at any cost.

  9. Ashley Houston10 months ago

    I am really sorry about your experience. All I can say is that just do not lose hope. I am sure that you will get success. I think you should move out and search for some good clinic. There are some in Eastern Europe which could be of your help. They are providing good quality services. I wish you all the best on your journey. Stay blessed.

  10. Hailey2910 months ago

    I'm sorry you're going through this rough time. Infertility sure takes a toll on so many. I advise you to not lose hope. Keep looking into your options. There are many alternatives you can choose from. There's IVF and then there's surrogacy as well. My personal favorite. I think you can really benefit from it without the stress of uncertainty. I wish you all the best with your experience.

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