Feeling bad

At the age of40, I found out that my eggs are not mature enough to have baby in my life. I went through several treatments to harvest it but I got negative results. I have been trying hard to conceive from last few years.
After struggling for one and half year, we decided to meet with the surgeon to acknowledge the issue. The issue was infertility. It is completely unexpected for me at that time. I have been trying several tests to get the positive results.
I don’t to know what I am looking from here. May be some love!

  1. Hannah.David7 months ago

    It is said that after the age of 35 women find it increasingly difficult to conceive. However, Sara, there is nothing to worry about. There are so many options like IVF and surrogacy that you can look into. The clinic I am visiting helped me decide which treatment to opt for. The clinic first conducted my medical tests. After the results came they very carefully studied them. It is after all of this that a process was recommended to me. So I would suggest you take the same path as well.

  2. MirandaD4 months ago

    I am really sorry to hear about your condition. I can understand that this must be very hard for you. However, don't lose hope and stay strong. There are so many procedures that you can now opt for. There are IUI and IVF that are being used by many people. I would suggest that you should visit a RE and ask for help. I can't really tell you what's wrong with your condition based on the limited information. However, a specialist after doing your tests would really be able to determine. I myself have opted for IVF. Therefore, don't worry! Technology has drastically improved and there are so many options to consider. However, make sure to visit the right doctor. If the clinic is operating at a high success rate the things would go well. Therefore research well before making any decision. If you need help do let me know.

  3. kimberlyjames4 months ago

    That doesn't mean you can have a baby. You can go with egg donation. In fact, fertility clinics have their own database of egg donors. You can choose from it. You should really consider this for yourself. Good luck.

  4. melissastan3 months ago

    Hey. So sorry to hear about that. I know you must be feeling awful right now. just know that your genes dont make your relationship with a baby you may have in future any stronger. You can always consider donor eggs. Nothing is going to be different. I hope this works out for you. Feel better. Good luck.

  5. Juliet394 weeks ago

    I hope you are soon able to conceive. My suggestion to you would be to visit a good RE. Ask them to help you out. They will carry your tests and will help you out. They usually give the best advice. After that make sure that the clinic you visit is experienced. Do research such things. It is very important. I am saying this from my own experience. I am also in the search for visiting the right clinic. I am taking my time with it. However, currently, the one that is outstanding the most is the one in East Europe. Hoping for the best. Good luck to you. Dont lose hope.

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