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A friend is facing difficulties in TTC. I recommended she go for IVF or surrogacy. She's open to both options but she can't narrow down to one. IVF is great in that she can conceive herself. But there are many cases where it isn't successful. Or it is very time-taking. Surrogacy, on the other hand, can also be a little time taking, but at least it's a sure shot. The down with that is she can't conceive by herself. What should she do? Should she go through the trouble and wait of IVF. Or should she resort to surrogacy? I'm more inclined towards surrogacy since it's lesser stress. I may be biased though since I myself went for it. Can you suggest her?

  1. diana_mom1 year ago

    Hello Leslie, glad to see your post here. it’s really pleasurable that your friend has taken a wise solution. As much as surrogacy and IVF concerns, I will support surrogacy. IVF is a technical treatment and requires good medical and mental health. While surrogacy is far easier and success rates in surrogacy are quite high. Surrogacy is a bit expensive but such compensation is not enough for the pain they bear. Wishing you very blast of luck.

  2. Alana901 year ago

    Hey! Hope your friend is doing well!
    In term of infertile person surrogacy and IVF, both can be great choices. Well, if she can carry baby quite well then she can go with IVF. But the things you are talking about have also certain importance.
    I can say that because I also had been through IVF and unfortunately had failed two cycles. No results and efforts emotions all went to dust.
    Such a drastic feeling this is. But let me add that I have even observed cased with successful IVF procedures and they are having a healthy baby now. So there are certain circumstances that vary from person to person.
    You could provide her multiple preferences with all the pros and cons. And let her select on her own.
    IVF not so easy to do that. After being done with all the procedures no matter how many cycles it takes the greater challenge is to stay pregnant.
    There are some cases where women got conceive but later due to certain complications, there was abortion. And trust me nothing could be worse than that.
    And there is also a certain number of things that you have to be careful when looking for surrogacy. One of the most important things is having a trustworthy surrogate. And taking very good care of her.
    I would pray whatever option she might go for succeeding.

  3. chris joseph1 year ago

    Hey! I m really feeling a big grief for your friend. It is very hard to time to bear in life. When you are infertile it is harder to listen in the life. I can understand what she really feels. As for as, the IVF is the concern. My friend went for this treatment and on the third cycle, she got Succesful and have a baby now. I many times heard about the IVF positive results. But as your friends are considering surrogacy. She should go for it. There is more success to have own child. Surrogacy is really a helper method to the couples, getting fail in TTC. She should consult a good doctor. And go for it. I wish and hope for the best anyway. Looking forward to the positive post.

  4. TheOptimistic1 year ago

    It is so sweet of you that you are so badly concern about your friend. A friend like you is a real blessing in the times of need. You can really make a difference in her life. If infertility or lacking the ability to conceive after multiple trials is there then this is not the end of the life. There is nothing to be hopeless. Things can be really different if your friend gets maximum information about the alternatives. Keeping in consideration the growing need of the infertile couples, number of fertility clinics is growing rapidly. There are number of procedures available with these clinics. Two highly recommended and acclaimed procedures in this regard are IVF and surrogacy. If your friend has made up her time to go for any of these procedures then she needs to get tested for the suitability. Considering her conditions and the reasons for the infertility the doctor would give the right decision. They can guide her regarding the perfect choice. Surrogacy is an option for those women who cannot carry a baby of their own. If the eggs are weak or cannot fertilize inside the womb then IVF is the right procedure. I hope that your friend makes the right decision.

  5. rebecca121 year ago

    The choice between IVF and surrogacy is surely tough. What I believe is that if she chooses a well-reputed clinic, which has high success rates, then IVF is a better option. If you think she can't handle the stress of carrying a baby, then she should go for Surrogacy. Surrogacy is a beautiful invention. Also, IVF is surely a painful process. I hope he makes a wise decision. I wish her Luck!

  6. Ada1 year ago

    Leslie Hanson, I can understand how much disturb she is. This is the phase that puts everyone in a terrible situation. Even at my time I was so confused, I didn’t know what to do. How to get rid of these thoughts. I was a bores of my life. treatments have its own advantages and disadvantages. They are suitable according to your choice. It may be your body conditions and maybe your handsome pocket. The choice is yours. Surrogacy should be kept at last. IVF proves better for you. but in actual surrogacy is the advanced form of IVF. IVF can be done within your city or country. But for surrogacy, you have to travel. So I will recommend you IVF instead of surrogacy. so best of luck.

  7. diana_mom1 year ago

    Hi Leslie, it's pleasurable to see your post. As much as surrogacy and IVF concerns, I will prefer surrogacy. IVF is a technical treatment and requires great restorative and mental peace. While surrogacy is far less demanding and success rates in surrogacy are very high. Surrogacy is somewhat costly yet such remuneration isn't sufficient for the torment surrogate mothers to bear. Wishing you good fortune.

  8. Alexendra541 year ago

    Hey Leslie! it's good that you asked for suggestions before making a bad decision.You can operate for either surrogacy or IVF if you have been trying to conceive for more than a year without any results. The question is which one of them is better ? well, there are pieces you must keep in mind before making a decision.Going for surrogacy the woman partner is incapable to carry the child, a desire that is now in most women.Ivf involves the fertilization of a woman's eggs by the sperm of the proposed father in a lab dish. This is an option for couples who need to have a baby on their own.Chances of a victorious pregnancy are usually higher with surrogacy rather than to IVF. Even though the rate of pregnancy is higher than the IVF, there are uncertainties included in it.The genes of the surrogate mother can change the growth of the unborn baby hence, a surrogate mother has to be chosen with utmost care.As for risks associated with IVF, ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome just like swollen and painful ovaries, ectopic fertility and stress can take place if IVF is operated for. Based on these factors, you can make the choice of a method that is best suited for you. Having a child is a great blessing from God Tell her to take a step and GOD will be with her. My best wishes are with her and good luck. :)

  9. Jasmine221 year ago

    surrogacy is the best option for her. You are showing very much care towards her. You don't need to worry much about these thing . All you have to do is take care of her. She will get good results in her life. I know many experienced people who have gotten best results from the surrogacy treatment. You have to find the perfect place for her.

  10. Hannah.David1 year ago

    Hey, Leslie, I hope you're doing good. If she goes for IVF and she succeeds then she would be able to experience the whole pregnancy stage as well. I know some people who really want to go through that as well so that is the plus point for IVF. However, the process is a bit painful as you have to inject thrice a day. These injections cause your hormones to move up and down drastically. Therefore, you have to be mentally ready for a lot of breakdowns and mood swings. IVF also is all about luck from the day it starts as you're not sure if the eggs will fertilize and if they do will the embryos grow in the uterus. Whereas with surrogacy things are a bit different as it guarantees success. You experience the whole situation by regular updates and by looking at the ultra sound. As I myself am going through it so far I am really enjoying the process. The clinic is very stematic and has soo far been doing a great job. They double check everything with me and ensure that no error occurs. I hope your friend is able to find an answer for her problem by reading my comment. Tell her that all my prayers are with her. Sending lets of baby dust her way.

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