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A friend is facing difficulties in TTC. I recommended she go for IVF or surrogacy. She's open to both options but she can't narrow down to one. IVF is great in that she can conceive herself. But there are many cases where it isn't successful. Or it is very time-taking. Surrogacy, on the other hand, can also be a little time taking, but at least it's a sure shot. The down with that is she can't conceive by herself. What should she do? Should she go through the trouble and wait of IVF. Or should she resort to surrogacy? I'm more inclined towards surrogacy since it's lesser stress. I may be biased though since I myself went for it. Can you suggest her?

  1. MariaCoughlin1 year ago

    I think surrogacy is better. If she can afford it that is. I would go for it. You have a better shot at getting a child with surrogacy than with ivf. And you can ditch the pain and suffering of ivf. But that is one persons opinion. Hope you make the best decision.

  2. eilsie1 year ago

    I am sorry to know about the problem your friend is facing. I can feel this pain. I know how it kills a woman from inside. I was also infertile. But my doctor suggested my surrogacy. Because it is safe and easy as compared to IVF. I think your friend should also opt for surrogacy. It is less time taking procedure. And it has 100% chances of success. Your friend is very lucky to have you. You are standing with her at this tough time. This is really appreciated. God bless you both. Take care.

  3. emily2941 year ago

    Hey dear. I would suggest that your friend should go for surrogacy. Because success rate of surrogacy is high than IVF. Apart from this she must consult this issue with a clinic. Doctor will suggest her best option. But please don't waste time in low quality clinics. Because I have suffered a lot in such a clinic. Named Lotus. I am a heart patient. That's why I can't conceive. But after being patient of such a dangerous disease, I don't lose hope. Rather I am very much sure that one day I will be the mother. If not naturally, then by other means. And to fulfill this dream, I contacted Lotus clinic. And asked for information regarding infertility treatments and my problem. But to very surprise, I receive not a single response yet. Although I have mailed then, called them many many time. But unfruitful. I became very dis heart. When I saw this behavior of Lotus clinic. I became very de morale. So please ask your friend, be careful about such clinics.

  4. Emma1241 year ago

    Hi Emily, how are you? hope you are doing well. Sorry to hear about your friend. I suggest your friend should have to go for surrogacy As surrogacy success rate is 95%. while IVF success rate is below 50%. Also the process is expensive and painful. Surrogacy is a blessing. If she is not satisfied she should have to consult a doctor. Doctor will suggest her a better option. But don't consult to low clinics. I suffered a lot because of a clinic name Adonis. I can't conceive because of my heart problem. I approached them because i want to e a mother by any means. I contacted Adonis clinic and asked about information regarding infertility treatments. I also mentioned my situation and told them it is a matter of urgency. But i was surprised when they didn't reply to my emails. I wasted a month for waiting the response. Best of luck.

  5. Alana901 year ago

    I get to here so much over the surrogacy procedure in the comments above that actually made me realize that thankfully we have got the faith back on working and surrogacy has got the faith that actually needed the most.
    This should be done each time when each one gets infertility happens in life. You should start seeking for the alternatives helps. Thankfully this is happening.

  6. noreenwawuda1 year ago

    If you are struggling with infertility. It is important to carefully consider your options so that you can make a choice that gives you the best chance of starting your family while also meeting your personal preferences. Many people struggle with choosing between surrogate mothers and IVF. Choosing between surrogate mothers and IVF is a highly personal decision. Some pros and cons that many couples consider include. Surrogacy has a higher chance of being successful. Surrogacy poses less physical risk to the intended mother. IVF is usually more affordable than surrogacy, depending on how many cycles are required. The mother will not have the experience of being pregnant if a surrogate carries the baby. Surrogacy brings in a third party (the surrogate mother) to the process. If you are interested in surrogacy. The first step to starting your family is to schedule a consultation at a trusted surrogacy agency. In my case I would suggest Bio tex clinic. They are the best in matters regarding surrogacy.

  7. Lilyj1 year ago

    Hey there. Both IVF and surrogacy are good options. It depends what sort of infertility your friend has. If she can carry to term IVF is the one. If not go for surrogacy. But she should really thoroughly check the clinic she would be going to opt for. She would not want to go through unnecessary heartache and headache. There are certain clinics like L****, that are not providing the proper services. Just make sure she does not end up with such clinics. I have heard many stories of people having mental and emotional trauma. Specifically, when not doing their research when it comes to selecting their surrogacy clinic. Even if going for IVF, she should check the clinics. Infertility is already so stressful. SHe should not be forced to go through more.

  8. Kota861 year ago

    Hey, you are such an amazing friend. I would say surrogacy. I have been through IVF and it did not work for me. But then again, maybe it works for your friend. I had to give up IVF because I cannot carry my child to term. If your friend is having similar issues it would be wise to go for surrogacy. Other than that, she can give IVF a try if can go through the needles and pain. It was a nightmare for me. Mostly because I hate needles. I have decided surrogacy as last resort. I cannot wait to start the procedure. I have selected the clinic. Now we just have to pick a date and visit it. I hope it works out for us and your friend. Infertility is a very tiring journey.

  9. DiviyaSalana1 year ago

    Depends on her case. Personally, I'd suggest IVF first. Anyhow, it doesn't work for everyone. So, surrogacy is the second, but the most successful process. I'm having it already later this month abroad in Kiev; as I have the same difficulties of not having the capability to conceive naturally. Anyway! Best of luck to her!

  10. Clara Parker1 year ago

    Leslie one thing you must understand first tell her to be relax and be patient because that is the first thing a woman should understand. This fight for infertility is not from outside its from inside when a woman believes that she is infertile from her heart and she realizes that at that stage her problems are over. I am glad to see your post here. it’s really pleasurable that your friend has taken a wise solution. As much as surrogacy and IVF concerns, I will support surrogacy. IVF is a technical treatment and requires good medical and mental health. While surrogacy is far easier and success rates in surrogacy are quite high. Surrogacy is a bit expensive but such compensation is not enough for the pain they bear. Wishing you very blast of luck. Keep posting me about it.

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