Friend needs advice

A friend is facing difficulties in TTC. I recommended she go for IVF or surrogacy. She's open to both options but she can't narrow down to one. IVF is great in that she can conceive herself. But there are many cases where it isn't successful. Or it is very time-taking. Surrogacy, on the other hand, can also be a little time taking, but at least it's a sure shot. The down with that is she can't conceive by herself. What should she do? Should she go through the trouble and wait of IVF. Or should she resort to surrogacy? I'm more inclined towards surrogacy since it's lesser stress. I may be biased though since I myself went for it. Can you suggest her?

  1. Juliet394 months ago

    Hey Leslie, I hope you are well. It is very nice of you that you are helping your friend. However, I just want you to let you know that there is not a choice that exists between two of the procedures. It really depends on her condition. I would suggest that you take her to a good clinic. Where they carry out her tests and recommend the best solution for her. Sending baby dust her way.

  2. Jade21 month ago

    It really depends on her condition you know. IVF doesn't work for everyone. Surrogacy sure is a safer option if you ask me. But people usually prefer carrying their baby themselves. So in this case, IVF would be better. You should keep these points in front of her and then tell her to make a decision. I hope this helped.

  3. Maggie Paige2 weeks ago

    I can understand what she must be going through. Best of luck to her on her journey. I would suggest her to visit a fertility clinic, first. That's the best way to approach these things. Sending her lots of love and baby dust. Let the pros take care of her. I can help her find a good clinic. Hit me up, if you need my help!

  4. Railee2 weeks ago

    IVF works really good with a few particular infertility issues. Surrogacy is completely different. You cannot compare the two. It shouldn't be a direct choice between them. It's better if you consult a professional. I wouldn't advise you, people, to make this decision on your own. Good luck to your friend! I hope her luck turns around.

  5. SummerAu2 weeks ago

    Leslie, it isn't a decision you should make. Or, one, that should be made on an online forum. It makes more sense to consult the professionals. I would suggest she visits a fertility clinic. Let them decide based on her medical history and the medicals they do. It would be a much better idea. Good luck to your friend. I hope she gets to conceive!

  6. JuneeM2 weeks ago

    I'm glad your friend is going in the right direction. It's good to see you've guided her in the right direction. Good luck to her. I think the final decision on what she should opt for, should rest with the clinic. My prayers are with her! I hope whatever she goes for, it is successful! Keep us posted!

  7. Malinee2 weeks ago

    Leslie, I think she should consult a fertility clinic. They can give her the best advice. That advice will be based on her medical reports. I hope this helps your friend! Good luck to her. I hope she conceives one way or another. Sending my best regards and love.

  8. MarianaK2 weeks ago

    Hello, Leslie. I hope your friend is doing well, now. It's good to see that she still wants to go for it. I hope whatever method she chooses, is ideal for her. She must be really frustrated. I want to wish her the best of luck. My prayers are with her!

  9. Pinder2 weeks ago

    I think you guys should leave this decision for the professionals. Have you guys consulted a clinic, yet? I think it would make more sense to consult a clinic. They can help her out in a better way. IVF is quite an effective method. She could even go for IUI. It depends on her medical reports. Good luck to her!

  10. Evie12 weeks ago

    Hey, hon. I hope you're okay. I would suggest your friend visit a fertility clinic. That's her best option because they can help her decide. They can also help by explaining new methods, which might be more suited to her. For example, the mitochondrial donation is very common, nowadays. It might be something that helps your friend out, more!

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