Giving another chance

i always dream myself playing with a little baby the little cute nose of 4 month baby always filled me with strange emotions. so when i married at age of 28. right after one year we plan a baby i was happy because now i was going to have my own little doll. so everything was going perfect i was visiting a gynecologist every ultrasound was showing a healthy baby inside my womb but then that unfortunate moment of my life come when i was deprived from every thing i was crossing the road the signal was red so it was safe but suddenly a car broke the signal and came straight to me and hit me i was lying there seeing all my dreams vanishing due to excessive flow of blood and internal injuries they removed every thing from me and i was cursed with infertility . it was a horrible dream for me.i was so much depressed but my friend Emila was not hopless she still believe that i can become a mother so she find surrogacy a slution to my problem she also find a clinic in ukraine who is providing a medical facilities for surrogacy. we mailed them they reply at once and after initial conservation now i am in contact with there manger assign to us is very friendly and supportive they arrange a free visit for us to ukraine to see a gynecologist and there gynecologist has assure me that infertility is completely curable and i should give myself a another chance i should not lose hope as there is no absolute infertility....

  1. lena-mother9 months ago

    surrogacy is really a wonderful invention of science. it is light of hope for me. i am infertile. but this will solve my problem. i am very optimistics about it . previously i was depressed. i had lost all my hopes. i was living a dark dream. but surrogacy seems the solution of my problem. i am excited to go for the procedure. there is clinic in ukraine. they are going to arrange an event. this event will take place in UK on 18-19 august. there all staff will be there. they will answer all the question . they will also sign the contract. i am already very much satified with them and you should also attend event to stop your worries

  2. zianarose9 months ago

    hi, hope so you are doing great. I really appreciate your post. It would be helpful to many people out here. Thank you for sharing this. I agree with you. Nothing is impossible. Many places provide treatment and services are outstanding. But There are some places like Adonis clinic. That use the people for their own good. I am also infertile. Now thought of choosing surrogacy. But I am really sad they even not replying. I am really stressed out. Adonis, It has got the worst communication service ever. Beware of these clinics guys. But I am not losing hope. We just have to handle the situation calmly. Better things are coming. Pray for me, dear. All the best for the future ahead.

  3. Katty889 months ago

    Hey Zianarose. Hope you are doing great! I totally understand what you are going through. I have wasted my time as well by going such pathetic and money maker clinics. But now i am quite wise while choosing the clinic about surrogacy. Here is a hope and good news for all the people like us. My best friend told me about the best clinic in Ukraine. They are specialized in giving all the solutions of infertility. She told me that they are having everything you are looking for. They provide best treatments. The plus point is that they provide accommodation for their patient's ease. I am in contact with them via email. Their communication level is awesome. Whenever I email them, they reply me with in no time. They have provided me all the details. Which shows much professionalism. All the best to you too

  4. alana559 months ago

    Oh, this is so sad. Your story is really depressing. I feel bad for you. But it's so nice that you did not lose hope. You are really lucky to have such a supportive friend. She loves you a lot. She did every possible thing to make you happy. I wish I had a supportive person in my life too. My husband is not supportive even. He never supported me during my infertility. I mistakenly chose the wrong clinic named Adonis. They were a spam. My husband scolded me so much. Now he is not agreeing on contacting any other clinic. He says that I am not capable of doing something. I wish I were more careful while choosing a clinic. Please pray for me. I want things to work out for me. I want happiness in my life too.

  5. Amenda9 months ago

    Dear lady, No need to be confused. Just stay strong and be happy. I am sure you will be satisfied soon. I have a good news for you. There is the best clinic. Hope you will already know about that. That is BioTexCom. They are treating a very nice way. Their patients are very happy with their treatment. I will suggest you go there. And make a complete check-up. So all the confusion will be vanished out. The BioTexCom team is going to London. It will be on 18 and 19 of August. Get the appointment and stay happy. Good luck to you.

  6. Amenda9 months ago

    Hi Rachie, I just read your post. Yes, it is the confusing situation. I think you need to go for the complete test. So you will come to know the real condition. Just go to the best one clinic BioTexCom. It will be very good for you. The BioTexCom is the best clinic. Their team is going officially to the London. It will be on 18 and 19 of August. I hope very best for you. Just stay positive. And be strong. All will be good for you. Wish you very good luck. Nice to see you.

  7. Robin James9 months ago

    Hey, honey. Thank you for talking about your experience. I can't believe you had to go through that. It must have been a tough time. I can relate to it. I had a similar experience. I thought my life had no meaning. The doctors told me there was no point in trying anymore. I have to thank the clinic that I opted for. They really changed my life. My surrogate is pregnant. I'm undergoing the procedure. And, I couldn't be happier! Choosing that clinic was a life-changing decision for me. I'm glad I made this decision.

  8. bella239 months ago

    Hi there. Hope you are doing well. You are lucky to find a good clinic. One of my friends tried contacting lotus. They haven't replied to her. She was very worried. I was very shocked by this behavior. How could they do this?. It's very bad. Infertility is a sensitive topic. They need to stop deceiving others. I hope everything goes well. Wish luck to everyone. God bless everyone.

  9. emily2949 months ago

    Dear you are a brave girl indeed. You should keep your spirits high. Like this always. Because if you lose hope, you can't achieve any thing. And yes you are right. Biotex is the best solution to infertility problems. And the great news is that they are coming to London for their upcoming event. The world's best infertility clinic Biotex is going to conduct an event on 18th and 19th of August. In London, this mega event is going to happen. And all the infertile couples will have a unique chance to meet the best professionals there. You can have initial consultation there. You can have all the desired information regarding your infertility treatments there. You can also sign a contract with them on the spot. So what are you thinking about. Get ready and plan for the event. Don't waste time on thinking. Because seats are limited.

  10. kim889 months ago

    I am glad that you gave yourself another chance. Many people just sit like that. They don't take a step for themselves. They blame everything on the destiny. What they don't understand is that we are the ones who can strive to make our lives better. A friend of mine chose Adonis clinic for her IVF treatment. They deceived her in some way. She totally lost her hopes. She was not ready to search for another clinic. After a very long time, I could finally convince her that all this a part of life. We have to struggle to fight against bad things. It's only us who can give happiness to ourselves. I am glad you stood strong through all this. I hope everything works out best for you. Wish you all the best with it. Keep updating us.

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