Good Days Are Coming

Hey all, I hope you all are enjoying good health. I am here with a big news. The event by Biotexcom for which were too excited is postponed. Well, it is not canceled. But postponed. Well, this is the fact that it is still happening. I got to know this from there official website. I was a little sad at the start but then I got happy about its happening. The venue and dates are not yet decided. There would be a little change now. It would be more beautiful now. More people would be the part of this event. Everyone would be enjoying this. I hope all goes well. I can't wait for more. But this would add more happiness. Best of luck to you all.

  1. Eliza221 year ago

    Thank you so much for sharing such good news dear! You are helping so many people out here. Most people didn't know the dates have been changed. For you to make time for us is so sweet. Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule and updating us. I had seen on their website as well. Seems as if they got a very overwhelming response. They want to organize the event better now. They want it to cater to as many women as possible. Makes me really happy that this opportunity will be given. I have also been there for my procedures and it surely is amazing! Guys make sure to attend the event.

  2. DiannaViktor1 year ago

    Hi. How are you holding up today? Oh, yes! Read it on another post already. Glad and relieved much already. I also hope to attend it then...Otherwise, I wasn't able to attend the event. I heard a rumor that a few celebrities are also coming here. So, yeah! Anyway! Let's hope they decide the new dates soon. Many of my friends are on-wait. They want to opt for the process abroad. It's really a great opportunity for them I believe.

  3. Alicemoon1 year ago

    Hello, how is it going? I hope you are doing great. Thank you so much for the update. I had no idea that they changed their venue. So stupid of me, I didn't even check the mail. They are really amazing, they notified me in advance. I didn't check it though. So I am glad you made a post here. Most people are like me who don't check their email lol. By the way, I was going to take my sister for a consultation there. I have already been registered with them and satisfied with their services. I am really looking forward to the event. I am so happy that many women who can't travel will be able to attend it. I hope it goes perfectly.

  4. Amelia Char1 year ago

    Hey there, how are you? I hope you're doing fine. Thanks for creating this post. I have heard about this before. Surrogacy agency organizing an event. This would be great. I know about this clinic. They are really working hard for us. I had my first surrogacy procedure from here. Thanks to them now I have a complete family. This is going to be a good event. Their offer and services are great. Don't miss this chance ladies and join. Please mention the date and venue. Thanks and hoping best from them.

  5. Sofia19941 year ago

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  6. Ella Stone1 year ago

    Hey girl! I hope you are doing well. I was so happy to hear about their event in London. I was so excited. I was just counting the days to go and attend this amazing event. I feel a bit sad that it has been postponed. I was eagerly waiting for the dates they announced first. But yes, It is okay. At least, it is happening. And i am sure it will happen so soon. I want to meet their highly qualified staff and say them thank for completing my family.

  7. Ada1 year ago

    hey, exactly I also get this news two days ago. When I knew about it I was so depressed and annoying to them. I said unintentionally why they are doing with us? Don’t they know that waiting hours are the most painful hours in one’s life? How can they understand it? don't they have any idea about it? but I am satisfied with the email of Anastasia. She said biotexcom wants to arrange this event at a bigger level. So that more people can join us and we can spread awareness to every corner of the world. I like their thoughts. Their professional doctors are busy in clinics operation now a day. she also said that soon dates and venues will be delivered to you. they will not start their journey unless and until everyone got about it new venue and timing. That’s a little bit satisfactory for those who have to travel from far places.

  8. sandra king1 year ago

    Hey, hope you are doing just fine like me. I am so happy that a famous clinic is going to have an open session soon. That is for us to consult them about our problems. The clinic is Biotexcom. It is reliable. My sister in law had been treated by them. She was infertile. She could not conceive and had lost all hope. My brother was all on verge of leaving her. Then she got to know about this clinic. She went to them. Now she has a healthy baby. My brother has no limit to happiness. I know my brother was wrong. This is something out of our hands. But consulting good doctors is in our hands. I wish you guys best of luck. They are very famous for being a success.

  9. jannifer kate1 year ago

    Hello dear! Thank you for sharing this great news. I was also waiting for their event. The clinic Bitexcom is the well-renowned clinic. The doctors and staff there are so experienced. They are so encouraging. I had my IVF from there. At first, I was so afraid that they give me hope. They also told me the whole process pros and cones f treatment. They treat under the proper law and rules. So no one could have to face any difficulties in the future. They are also treating the surrogacy. they provide surrogate mothers as well. Now one of my friends is facing Infertility. She wants to consult the clinic. I am waiting for their vent. So she could meet up them there. They are also conducting the open session and will answer all the questions relating to infertility. Hope no one would be to miss this chance.

  10. Jane Drake1 year ago

    I am so excited about this event. I was already in touch with Biotexcom. To get a baby. They offered me a great package for surrogacy. I think I am gonna attend this event as well. It will be just another way to get close to them. I am already in love with them. So excited that I can't even describe. I am gonna be flying to the country next month. My dream is getting real. Please God, make this happen for real this time. I am tired of being alone. I have been a child lover ever since I am born. I love kids to the moon. I am gonna have plenty of them myself hopefully.

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