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Surrogacy is now being a universally known phenomenon. So many people are now openly talking about it on international medical platforms. There are several specialists available in this field of the procedure. Embryologists, doctors, technicians and scientist have been working together for years to perfect the results of artificial human reproduction. The latest technology the human mind has no limits. They can now genetically mutate the embryo to eradicate a number of hereditary diseases. BioTex-Com Center for Human reproduction is working for many years in this feat of treatments. They have the well-equipped labs, operation theatres and a dedicated team of experts. That serve in various procedures like IVF, IUI, Surrogacy. They also take care of the Ukrainian laws, That is creating a lot of ease for international patients. I have heard they are taking a tour in London on the 18-19th of August. For details Learn more about it from ( and contact for any info and query (, to be a donor contact (

  1. Nida John9 months ago

    Infertility is like a curse. It is indeed very difficult to cope with. I have seen so many people giving up in these hard times which really made me sad. Thanks to science for providing us with solutions in the form of surrogacy and IVF. But still many people are against these treatments. Many people say odd things about surrogacy due to lack of knowledge which is really sad. This seminar will surely help them to understand things. We all should attend this seminar. I have registered my self and I am very excited. Diana_mom has provided us the links to register. You people should attend this. We should make these seminars successful as they arranged this to help and guide us.

  2. isbella9 months ago

    I am very happy to hear about this great news. I have selected biotexcom. I have just begun my surrogacy Our surrogate is pregnant now. This is to a great news. And this experience is energizing for us. All the credit truly goes to the biotexcom clinician. The specialists are professionals. They are confident in what they are doing realize what they are doing and how it should be finished. I am sincerely having the best background with them. 18 and 19 August are 2 days which will be golden days for infertile couples. So do not miss the great chance so, Go, grab tickets and register yourself. Best of luck.

  3. callisy9 months ago

    Yesss, I am so happy. I have had issue with infertility and went for surrogacy in Bio tex com clinic. They are simply the best in the world. Dealing with infertility and accepting the reality you need help having a baby is often difficult. We “What if” ourselves a lot. We bargain. We cry. We become angry. So when we hear the news that to have a child we need to rely on a gestational surrogate not only can that be a big pill to swallow we need to think about if this is something we are ready for. Making the choice to have a baby via gestational surrogacy is a decision that is going to affect a lot of people. Because of how intimate and delicate these situations are it can take a toll on everyone’s emotions. There is so much to take in, work through, process and consider – the feelings of your surrogate as well as her family, your unborn baby, as well as yourself.

    Granted there’s lots to think about as you make the leap from carrying a baby yourself to contracting with a surrogate to carry your baby on your behalf. However, surrogate cycles are done every day, all over the world and there are many happy, healthy outcomes. It just takes work, commitment, and patience.

  4. Nala8509 months ago

    Hey, Diana. That is some very good information. I had gone through surrogacy too. We had to go through Europe for that. Our country has banned surrogacy. That was a very tough time. We had been trying for 10 years. And after that, we conceived. We were over the moon. But that soon went down the drain, as I had a miscarriage. I could no longer conceive after that. It was a very tough battle. But I'm very glad it's over now. Our little girl is our world. We're happy.

  5. Robin James9 months ago

    Hello, Diana. How are you doing? I hope you're okay. This is crucial information. I'm glad you talked about it. It's so important to talk about this. It's also really important to spread awareness about it, too. BioTexCom is a fantastic clinic. I know because I had a first-hand experience with them. It was such a great moment. They solved my issue of infertility. I can't wait for the event. It'll be amazing! Thank you so much for this. I'll definitely be there!

  6. isbella9 months ago

    Oh my god, this is the surprise news for me. I am the crazy fan of biotexcom clinic. Because I remember those days. I was infertile. I have tried to conceive many times but all in vain. So my sister advised me to go to biotexcom clinic. So I contacted biotexcom clinic. They suggested me to go for surrogacy. So I signed an agreement. I had my successful treatment of surrogacy so today I am a mother of the baby boy. Now I am looking forward to 18 and 19 of august .i am sure there will be the splendid seminar in the United Kingdom. I am excited to go there. I will register myself today. Tomorrow I will book my tickets. You should go as well. It's a great chance to meet the best group of Biotexcom.

  7. ruby1239 months ago

    Infertility is a very hard stage of women's lives. Thanks to science us our problems solved in the form of ivf and surrogacy. I'd heard the Biotexcom clinic is doing a good job. They help many couples. Biotexcom clinic comes to London next month. They arranged the biggest event for the patients. I also requested this clinic. I want to inform the surrogacy and ivf treatment. Hope they solve my problems. Guys! don't miss the chanced. Best wishes to you. I soo excited about this events. Hope this event best for me. It's a great chance to meet the Biotexcom team. Thank you so much for this events. They arrange to help and guide us.

  8. serra9 months ago

    Hi. This clinic is the best. I am happy that I chose it. I was also betrayed by a clinic Lotus. I was not experienced. But I had a choice to chose. I made a wrong choice. After that, I decided to go for surrogacy from a clinic in Europe. it was a renown clinic. We were provided with a surrogate. I have a baby now. I am happy that I made a right choice. I have no more worries. I hope this would help you all too. It is indeed a blessing.

  9. milana39 months ago

    Hey. I hope you are fine. Indeed surrogacy is a gift. It is blessing people with alot of happiness. It is necessary to choose the best clinic. There are many clinics betraying people. My friend was betrayed by a clinic lotus. She was facing infertility for 7 years. The reason was unknown. She wanted to be a mom badly. In the end, she decided to go for surrogacy. She made a wrong choice. But after that, she chose an amazing clinic. They guaranteed a baby to them. They have a daughter now.

  10. elly carther9 months ago

    yes, surrogacy is really going too good. there are many specialists regarding this treatment., they are doing really hard work from years to successfully reproduce humans. the technology is so vast that we can't even think about its limits. medical science is just going too great. we can transfer baby of the couple in someone else womb. so that infertility is not a tension anymore. a lot of clinics are going great through these processes. that clinics take care of the international patients as well. the best clinic in Europe is visiting the UK on18-19 of August. if you have any concerns regarding the issues like surrogacy, IVF and anything else. do visit them and clear your concerns.

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