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Surrogacy is now being a universally known phenomenon. So many people are now openly talking about it on international medical platforms. There are several specialists available in this field of the procedure. Embryologists, doctors, technicians and scientist have been working together for years to perfect the results of artificial human reproduction. The latest technology the human mind has no limits. They can now genetically mutate the embryo to eradicate a number of hereditary diseases. BioTex-Com Center for Human reproduction is working for many years in this feat of treatments. They have the well-equipped labs, operation theatres and a dedicated team of experts. That serve in various procedures like IVF, IUI, Surrogacy. They also take care of the Ukrainian laws, That is creating a lot of ease for international patients. I have heard they are taking a tour in London on the 18-19th of August. For details Learn more about it from ( and contact for any info and query (, to be a donor contact (

  1. jenny5889 months ago

    This is an amazing session being held by the clinic. It's going to happen very soon. The clinic is coming there with their team. They will be conducting a consultation session. It will be very beneficial to a lot of people. Their department head Anastasia would be present too. She is a very sweet lady. You can also meet her there. She'll be glad to help everyone. The seats are very limited. I would suggest you guys register as soon as possible. No one should miss this opportunity. The clinic is really good with treatment for infertile couples. Wishing good luck to all those going for this event. Share your experiences with us. We'll be glad to know.

  2. adele1239 months ago

    Hello. Thanks for sharing this news. I am sure this session is going to be very useful. My sister also told me about this event. She actually became a surrogate for a family through that clinic. She had contracts with the clinic. She gave birth to two kids as a surrogate. She really appreciated this clinic. She had good experiences there. Now she wants to attend their event in London. She registered for it. I also wanted to go but I have small kids to be taken care of. So I cannot go abroad atm. But I would suggest all those who need the session to attend it. It's going to be very beneficial to you guys. Wishing best of luck to you all.

  3. alana559 months ago

    I have also heard about this session. It's going to be a great one, for sure. Biotex is going to conduct an event very soon. This event is going to be very interesting. And all the infertile couples will have a unique chance to meet the best professionals there. You can have an initial consultation there. You can have all the desired information regarding your infertility treatments there. You can also sign a contract with them on the spot. So I suggest you make up your mind to it. Get ready and plan for the event. Don’t waste time on thinking. Because seats are limited. And it is not an event one can miss. You can reserve your seats by emailing at

  4. Laura019 months ago

    Hey! I hope you are doing fine. Thanks for sharing such a great news with us. Everyone is talking about this event. I am sure, it is going to be very beneficial to those who are facing infertility issues. Infertility is becoming common nowadays. It's very difficult to deal with. I have heard a lot about Biotexcom clinic in Ukraine. They are offering excellent services to their patients. It's good to know that they are going to arrange an event for infertile people. It's basically a consultation session in which we can consult our problems with them. And they will give us suggestions regarding our problems. So we all have a unique chance. We should never miss it. Seats are limited so go and register yourself via

  5. emma2289 months ago

    Hey. I hope you are doing fine. Thanks for sharing this. I am so excited my favorite clinic is coming to London. They are having the best services. We will have a unique chance to have the initial consultation there. It would be helpful for the people of the UK. They can easily avail the chance. I am so excited. They are doing an amazing job. I am going to get the information about the clinic. I have heard a lot of positive comments about them. I am happy that I am gonna be the part of this conference. I hope everyone would get a chance. Best of luck.

  6. Hannah.David6 months ago

    Surrogacy has indeed helped a lot of people. I myself am in the midst of the process. So far things are going great. Recently, the clinic I am visiting announced that more than 6 of their surrogate mothers gave birth. It made me feel so emotional! I can't wait for my time to come. The clinic has a lot of other foreigners visiting as well and we are often talking about the final day. It makes me so excited every time!

  7. MirandaD5 months ago

    Thank you for sharing the information. So many people are now opting for this clinic. It is because of the good reviews that I read online that I even decided to contact them. They did turn out to be amazing. I have never come across a clinic that is this considerable. They are so passionate about the work they do that it impresses me a lot. I am currently arranging the documents so that they could be sent to them. I am hoping that my turn to visit the clinic will come soon.

  8. VanessaStan5 months ago

    Thank you for sharing such information. Infertility is very common nowadays. But thanks to such treatments like IVF, IUI, Surrogacy. The journey can have a happy ending. The clinic you are talking about is where I m having my treatment right now. I must say that they know what they are doing. I m glad that I chose them for my treatment. Worth it.

  9. kimberlyjames3 months ago

    There was a time my friend thought this would never be possible. She couldn't even think of going for IVF as it was so expensive everywhere. When she got to know about this place and their rates she couldn't believe it. They really seemed too good to be true. But here she is now. She is pregnant now. This was possible, only because of the doctors of this clinic.

  10. melissastan2 months ago

    Hello. How are you doing? Thank you for sharing this here. It is such a relief to know that we have progressed so much. Fertility treatments are getting more and more common nowadays. But barely any of those really want to help people. They are just interested in ripping people off. This clinic really is doing a good job. Have you noticed how low their prices are? They are really trying to help people out there experience parenthood. This is just so amazing. Think of all the people who could achieve this dream because of them. I was one of them. I'm so happy now. They gave me the greatest gift of my life.

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