grief and loss

I hope everyone is enjoying their life. I am here to share my loss with you all. I am 35, and a woman with many sorrows. Six months ago I lost my child. I met an accident. And couldn't stand on my feet for two months. Doctors have declared me infertile. I am in a bad condition. I am so miserable right now that I don't want anyone to have the same circumstances. I don't know how to overcome all this. I need suggestions and advice to visit which clinic.

  1. jannifer kate1 year ago

    Hey Laura! first of all, I want to tell you, you are a brave have to face this trauma. Losing someone is the worst thing ever. You cannot have them back. This phase of life is the most devasting phase. I had also experienced this. just stay strong. Try to focus on positive aspects of life.

  2. Hannah.David1 year ago

    Hey, I am so sorry to hear about your loss. This must have been so painful. MC is really one of the most heartbreaking things that can ever happen. However, stay strong and positive! I would suggest that you move forward. I know that the loss can never be compensated for, however, still, don't stop trying. I think your first step should be to visit a fertility clinic. They will do your important tests and help in figuring out the next step. The technology has immensely improved and there so many options to consider. You on yourself should research on IVF and surrogacy like procedures. These have proven to be quite successful for many. Best of luck to you! Keep yourself busy with these things. I am sure things will get better. If you any additional help do let me know.

  3. Emma Linkade1 year ago

    Hello there, Laura. I literally have tears in my eyes right now! I feel very sorry for you, dear. I've lost my child too, I know this awful pain. A miscarriage is the worst thing that can ever happen to a woman. There isn't any pain greater than the pain of losing your unborn baby. You need to strong, mate. It isn't easy, it isn't easy at all, I know.

  4. kim881 year ago

    I am really sorry to know about your accident. It must be a hard time for you. I can understand your pain. What reasons did your doctor give? Did you think about assisted methods of conception? Have you thought about going for surrogacy? It has a very high success rate. Search online for clinics in Ukraine. But, don't consult Lotus clinic. They have got a very poor communication service. They are not ready to listen to their patients. They have got no sympathy for people like you and me. I hope you find a better clinic than this. Good luck. Sending baby dust.

  5. DiviyaSalana1 year ago

    Hi Laura. I'm really really sorry to hear about your accident. Well, it really has been so hard for you. I can't even imagine what you've been through. So, yeah! Keep going for it! Stay strong! Why don't you try surrogacy? I'm also having it next month. Can't conceive naturally due to a hysterectomy in past.

  6. niya1 year ago

    I’m very sorry for your loss, dear. I know there is no pain greater than the pain of losing your baby. And these sudden and reasonless miscarriages are dreadful. You must be heartbroken. I can understand what are you going through. Being in the same boat, I very well know what you feel. I’d advise you to not lose hope. At all. Hope is the key to success. Being positive will really take you to places. You’re among the lucky ones who can conceive naturally. So have patience. Wait for some time and then try again. Till then, take care of your body. Eat healthily and exercise a bit. This will really increase your chances of conceiving. I wish you Luck! Lots of love and prayers for you.

  7. serra1 year ago

    Hey, I am so sorry for you. I think you should move on. Don't be so sad it is not your fault. I am also an infertile woman. I have faced infertility for many years. I wanted to be a mom but no luck. So, in the end, I decided to go for surrogacy. At first, I was betrayed by a clinic Lotus. But later I made a right decision and went to Europe. I have a baby now.

  8. milana31 year ago

    Hi girl. Don't be sad. It is not your fault. I hope that you will be a mom soon. It is not the end of the world. I think you should go for surrogacy. But if you choose surrogacy or any other infertility treatment so go for the reliable clinic. Lotus and Adonis are cheating people. Be aware of them.

  9. olivia291 year ago

    Hi Laura. I am so devastated to hear that. That is just so sad. I hope and pray that you are doing fine now. I would suggest that you opt for surrogacy. It is a lengthy and a costly process, but you will have your own biological child. I would recommend try contacting the clinic BioTexCom. It is located in Ukraine. And i have heard that the work that they do is really good. Wish you best of luck.

  10. Nala8501 year ago

    Hey there Laura! How are you? You must know that you are an incredibly strong woman who has been through so much. And I know it wasn't easy. I have been where you are. Me and DH TTC for a long time. We conceived. But Miscarried. Doctors declared us infertile without a cause. I underwent IVF and IUI and none of it worked for me. And then I narrowed down my options to surrogacy. It wasn't easy watching someone else carry my baby in their womb, but the joy of becoming a mother overshadowed everything. Now I have a healthy little baby in my arms. I would suggest you to seek therapy to ease your mind. And opt for surrogacy. It is literally giving new life to people like us. Sending lots of love and baby dust! xx

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