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Cost of Fertility Treatments Abroad

  1. umi021 year ago

    . Some fertility treatment methods require cycles or multiple attempts throughout the process. For example, intrauterine insemination in the United States may cost between $300- $800 per attempt. Multiple attempts may be necessary for success. The most successful fertilization process in the United States, in vitro fertilization, is also one of the most expensive, and may cost between $8,000-$10,000 per attempt, in addition to medication, which may cost over $2,000. You may want to check our Pricing section in order to see Fertility Treatments Costs.

  2. Scarlett Hale1 year ago

    Hey there. Hope you are fine. There are many types of fertility treatments. It totally depends on the type of problem you are having. It also depends on the region in which you live. Since some treatments are banned in some regions of the world and the same are quite cheap in other regions. Mostly multiple attempts are required and each cost about $10.000. For knowing in detail about cost, you must mention the area you live in. Hope this might help you. Much love.

  3. Jasmine221 year ago

    Hey, There are many clinics providing fertility treatment. Many clinics are providing treatment in affordable prices. Price does not matter if you truly want to have a treatment. Nothing is important then a secure treatment. Stop worrying about money, just focus on your health and treatment.

  4. Sloth551 year ago

    Hello there. You do not have to worry. If you choose to get your treatment done locally you will end up spending thousands of dollars and it will get worse if the treatments fail. I would suggest you find a clinic abroad as they have very pocket-friendly prices and let you have many tries for the treatment. Feel free to ask for details.

  5. Hannah.David1 year ago

    Hey Shiwangi! The costs of the clinics in countries like US and Canda are pretty high. I think you should definitely try looking up into clinics in Europe. I have seen from these forums that the clinic in Eastern Europe is pretty inexpensive as compared to others. I once was going through their website. They offer different packages according to your financial requirement. I would suggest you visit their site as well. Best of luck.

  6. annabelle98711 months ago

    Yes, you are absolutely right. Fertility treatments are quite expensive in the USA. Why don't you go somewhere else? I mean abroad. A number of countries are giving their services in this procedure. Ukraine is at number 1. With almost 100% results and relatively low prices. I have researched a lot about these procedures. I think Ukraine is the best option. Rest is up to you.

  7. Jenelia Smith11 months ago

    Hey Ashley! I hope you are doing good. I am very sorry to hear about your illness. But please don't worry. You will be fine very soon, I am sure. There are so many people out there fighting for their lives. You are I are one of them. But there are also so many ways we can go for. As in your case, I'd suggest you to go for surrogacy. It is the best solution for you to have a child. Since I am a person with almost a similar problem to yours, I am researching for world's best clinics for my treatment. A friend of mine was trying from the last 7 years. With surrogacy, she got a beautiful daughter who is 8 months old now. She got her treatment done from a clinic in Ukraine. I'm planning to visit their too. Her successful results have given me a ray of hope. I think you should give it a try too.

  8. Jenelia Smith11 months ago

    Hi Shiwangi! I've done some research on some clinics all over the world. What I have come across is that most of the clinics are pretty expensive. I would recommend you to have a look at some clinics in Europe. They offer a lot of packages at very low prices. They give the best treatments so you don't need to worry about that. There's a clinic my friend had a treatment from, they give a lot of tries. And I think that's a plus point. You can search on your own too. Best wishes for your treatment. I hope it goes successful.

  9. melissastan11 months ago

    The problem of infertility is growing day by day. People have taken this as an opportunity to make money rather than helping the affected people. Infertility is not a problem for the rich people only. It can happen to anyone. But sadly, today, only rich people can afford the treatments. In the bigger developed countries, the treatments are so expensive that one can only dream of getting them. Fortunately, some countries have realized this problem. There's this place in Ukraine that offers infertility treatments at comparatively lower costs now. I belong to a middle-class family. But even I could afford it. I had my son through surrogacy. You can look into it. They are really more about helping people and less about making money. They'll prove the money you give them to be an investment for your own self. Hope this helps you. Good luck.

  10. Sofia199411 months ago

    Don't worry dear.
    There is a solution to every problem today.
    If you are unable to have a baby from your own womb then why not you go for surrogacy.
    Surrogacy is the most common method of having a baby with your own DNA.
    Don't lose any hope dear i'm also 43 years old and i have also no luck with kids.
    I had many complications regarding pregnancy.I conceived for 3 times but resulted in miscarriages every time.So i also gave up on getting pregnant again and again.I researched over the web for different methods of having babies and i came across surrogacy.Surrogacy is a good solution for mothers like us who can't have a baby of their own.While researching about surrogacy i came across a clinic named BioTexCom many times.There are very positive reviews about it over the internet.
    So i contacted the clinic and told them my complications they answered my all questions.They cleared my misunderstanding about the surrogacy.
    So now i am ready to go for the surrogacy method.
    I have persuaded my husband to go for surrogacy.He is ready if we can have a baby via surrogacy of our own DNA's.
    The clinic will find a good surrogate for our baby.
    If someone has any review and suggestion for BioTexCom please let us know.So that we can learn from you.

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