Hey everyone. I hope you all are doing good. I'm here to have some help. Hope you guys will help. I'm really depressed. It feels like nothing's working now. I feel like a useless mess. I've been TTC for almost 5 months. And then I had 2 babies through surrogacy. Now i m ttc for #3. I'm totally infertile, there are some problems with me during the pregnancy. I had a mc too because of this. The doctors say that pregnancy can even harm me or may lead to death. I'm really worried. All of us knows that every person wants to have a family. I want it too. But I'm helpless now And becoming hopeless too. It would be so nice if Y'all give me some suggestions about this. What possible options do I have in this case? Looking forward to your kind replies. Thank you.

  1. melissastan9 months ago

    Hello Constance. I hope you are well. Please do not make yourself go through that. I'm sure you have two nice and beautiful kids. Why do you want to harm yourself while getting pregnant now? You can have the third one with surrogacy too. It is a great option. You can understand this in a better way as you have gone through it yourself. You already have two babies through surrogacy. I think putting your life at risk is absurd. Think about the kids that you already have. They depend on you. Surrogacy is being pursued by so many people these days. It's completely normal and totally affordable. There are so many clinics offering it at affordable price. I had my baby with the clinic in Ukraine. So don't lose hope, honey. You got this.

  2. Boone9 months ago

    Hi there, Wow Is this really true. You had two babies through surrogacy. Are you a kind of a billionaire or what. You have that much resources with you. Well What can I say about your infertility. It's all what is destined. There is nothing we can do in this regard. Well You already had two children. I think your family is complete. You don't have to go for another one. Still if you want to go for it. Than I know a clinic which I have my personal experience with. It's called biotexcom. Those people have a very high success rate. You can try that. Besides they have many different packages for surrogacy. I hope you'll like one of their package. Everything is going to be fine dear. Just try to be happy.

  3. Hannah.David9 months ago

    Hey there ConstanceMorin. I hope you and your two little babies are doing well. Honestly, if you want to have another baby I would suggest that you go for surrogacy again. As that would be safe for you as well for your baby. Since you have complications when getting pregnant it would be dangerous that you try for yourself. However, I would suggest that this time the clinic you choose is somewhere where they let you experience the whole journey. The send you pictures time by time. Also, where they let you visit the surrogate As that will ensure that you feel a part of the whole journey. I myself know a clinic where they make sure that parents are actively allowed to participate. My concerns were quite similar as I knew in the US surrogate mother has all the rights. I decided to go abroad because I didn't want to live with the insecurity. The clinic was very kind and humble enough to ensure that I was part of the surrogacy trip.Therefore choose a clinic where the clinic is considerate enough about your feelings and able to help you out. I think thirst surrogacy won't be a bad idea as it also allows you to be genetically linked with the baby. Best of luck to you don't feel depressed sending baby dust your way.

  4. Sloth559 months ago

    Do not be depressed. It is just going to make things worse for you. I don't really understand your case. If your doctor has warned you then you should really not TTC. Think about your self first. Be thankful for your 2 children. there are many people who don't even have 1. If Surrogacy helped you out before then why don't you go for it again? I mean that's gonna be an easier option for you. Maybe you did not have a nice experience with the clinic before. That doesn't mean that there aren't any nice clinics. Or maybe you cant spend that much on Surrogacy again. I can refer you some clinics that can get you your #3 at a nice cost. Getting hopeless is not going to help you out in any way. Surrogacy seems like the better option for you rather than risking your life. Think about it.

  5. Lilly Bench9 months ago

    Hello ConstanceMorin! I'm sorry to say but you should not be hopeless. Many of us are trying and failing. Most are wishing to just have one baby. You have already been blessed twice. You have a family. Feel Blessed. Now there is nothing wrong in trying for another. But as you mentioned that your doctor made it pretty clear that you should not try getting pregnant. Also, you said you had first 2 children through surrogacy. I guess it is pretty clear what your option is. Maybe you are so frustrated and hopeless because your first experience was not that good. Might I suggest a change of clinic here. I have searched a clinic for myself too. I have come across many good ones. But I have shortlisted a few. I'll provide you with a link. Do some research and find what you are looking for. Don't be disappointed. Stay brave.

  6. DiannaViktor9 months ago

    Jbtw have you tried an IVF? Just asking! Before that might help you. If you want to have a child of your own. I am also having an IVF later this year at a clinic in Ukraine. I was suggested surrogacy initially. But, still, I want to try it at my own first by having an IVF. I think you should learn about it first. It might help you. xx

  7. jens_love9 months ago

    well, Morrin, your post has given me happiness.I am about to go for the surrogacy to have my child as well.And by looking how people have succeeded in it really gives me confidence.You are being very clueless right now.If you are infertile and that has been confirmed then you must not go through all of this.Look on the brighter side.You still have an option of surrogacy.It has given you happiness before it must again

  8. FarkhJulie9 months ago

    Hi there.I am very upset to know about your condition.On the other hand, I am so happy that you have 2 children through surrogacy.I also send me all strength and hope to you that you can conceive the 3rd child easily.As like you say, you have suffered from the miscarriage.Dear, I also disagree with all that.I am just telling you it's not safe to try again.So, it's better to you has again for the 3rd child must go through for surrogacy.I knew this time you are desperate but lady it's important to take care of health as the first priority.I was also experiencing in the clinic of Ukraine.where I get this process.Recently, I have returned back with my little angel.Finally after 3 years struggle brings my happiness in my life.I am feeling so lucky and blessed.Best wishes.

  9. rebecca129 months ago

    Hey. I'm so sorry to hear this. I just want to say that if you love kids this much, go for surrogacy again. Harming yourself and putting your life in danger is useless. You're putting the lives of your existing kids in danger too. What will they do if God forbid something happens to you. So, take care of yourself. Don't take this risk.

  10. pamela119 months ago

    hey Constance.That is sad to hear.I want to say that if you have gone through surrogacy two times.You must have a lot of faith in it.So why not for it the third time too.You will have the happiness and you won't have to risk your life too.Also after this post, i have hope for myself too.I am going for surrogacy as well from Ukraine.Wish me luck.Best of luck to you too.

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