hi I am new to this forum

I am 36 yrs old had 3 kids now with a new partner who is younger then me and we wants together he got none of his own, we been trying now 3 mths my worry is my age as my youngest is near 8 as anyone been in the same situation and go on to have more kids? And how long should I leave it before a doctor for advice on conceiving can anyone help please?

  1. jipsy1 year ago

    You can definitely go ahead and try to have another baby. Women in their forties and much older also have babies.

    Fertility does decline with age, chances of certain disorders are high for women who are 35+ but it's definiely not impossible for them conceive and/or have healthy babies.
    Have you gotten yourself recently assessed?It would be good to get a baseline evaluation of your medical health done, and how well you are doing plus discuss with your doctor at length NOW about pregnancy and your wish to conceive again.

  2. sejevetypp1 year ago

    Hi Celina. Your condition is common as all the other women are also facing such problems. You will definitely get a lot of help from this forum. I suggest you go for a check ASAP because you don’t need to waste more time. 3 months is enough time to try to conceive. There might be a problem with you or your husband. That is why consult a doctor so that you can know the problem you are facing. I hope everything goes well with the medication. But if the doctor tells you that you cannot conceive now, then you don’t need to worry. You have an option of surrogacy to have another child. It’s a very reliable procedure. I can guide you more about it but first, you need to know the problem of not being able to conceive.

  3. tapellokor1 year ago

    Hello Celina. I don’t know what to say because I know it’s a very hurting situation for every woman when she is not able to conceive. I think you should consult your doctor first because the suggestion is given according to the problem and I don’t know why are you not being able to conceive. You will have to take some tests prescribed by the doctor and if the tests show negative results then it means you will not become a mother again. I am telling you the possible situation you could face after the checkup. So you should not lose hope and stress out. I will want you to be a brave woman and ask your husband and doctor for surrogacy. I hope your doctor will also suggest you the same. Tell your new partner that you will go for surrogacy if you could not succeed. I hope things will be okay. Take care.

  4. Jane Drake1 year ago

    You are perfectly fine for a pregnancy. Try for a month more. If there is still no result then consult a doctor. I am sure you'll get pregnant with some medical help. Considering the fact you are fertile. You've had children before too. Also get your husband checked too. Just to be on the safe side.

  5. melissastan1 year ago

    Hi, Celine. How are you? Welcome to this forum. You will love it here. People are really nice and helpful around here. My friend had the same problem. She has a 20-year-old son from her previous husband. She recently remarried and her new husband wanted to have a child of their own. My friend is 44 years old. She could still get pregnant but it would've been really hard for her. Getting pregnant at such an age doesn't just create problems for the mother but for the child too. So I suggested she goes for surrogacy. She got more information from the clinic I suggested her. She has a daughter now who is only 5 months old. I think surrogacy would be a great option for you too. You should consider this.

  6. emily2941 year ago

    Hey celina. Don't worry. You can obviously get pregnant. You are still in such an age that you can conceive. If you are not having any pregnancy complications in the past. There are many ladies who got pregnant in their 40's as well. So just think positive. Good luck.

  7. serra1 year ago

    Hey. I am so sorry for you. You are a bit old. When a woman gets at age 35 she sometimes becomes infertile. I think you should visit a doctor. My sister was 34 when they were planning their 3rd baby. She tried with no luck. They went to a gynaecologist who told her that she is infertile. She decided to go for surrogacy. She has a daughter now. I am happy that she made a right decision.

  8. milana31 year ago

    Hello. I am so sad for you. You are somewhat old. At the point when a lady gets at age 35 she some of the time ends up fruitless. I figure you should visit a specialist. My friend was 38 when they were arranging their third infant. She attempted with no good fortune. They went to a gynaecologist who revealed to her that she is infertile. She chose to go for surrogacy. She has a little girl now. I am glad that she settled on a correct choice.

  9. diana_mom1 year ago

    Hello, Celine. How are you? Welcome to the forum. You will find very useful info from here. Members are very helping and corporative around here. My friend faced a similar issue. She has a daughter from her past husband. She remarried very late. Her new spouse wants to have their very own child. She is now 44 years of age. It would be very hard for her to get pregnant. Because ladies fertility tends to decrease with the passage of time. Getting pregnant at this age may be harmful for both mother and the infant. So I will suggest her to go for some artificial treatment. Surrogacy is one of them. She should also visit to some fertility expert. An expert can guide her the best in this regard. I figure surrogacy would be an incredible choice for you as well. You ought to think about this.

  10. Emma1241 year ago

    Hi Celina, welcome to the forum. You can definitely go for it. Your condition is common at this age. At this age, it is difficult for women to get pregnant. It must be hard for you. Dear, don't stress yourself with useless thoughts. Everything will be fine. If you an't conceive naturally, You can go for surrogacy. I am infertile. I also have a surrogate child. Ukraine has the best clinics for surrogacy. The facilities there are mind blowing. Also the packages are affordable. Think about it properly. I hope you will make the right decision.

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