hi I am new to this forum

I am 36 yrs old had 3 kids now with a new partner who is younger then me and we wants together he got none of his own, we been trying now 3 mths my worry is my age as my youngest is near 8 as anyone been in the same situation and go on to have more kids? And how long should I leave it before a doctor for advice on conceiving can anyone help please?

  1. AmyAdams1 year ago

    Hi Celina! Just read your whole post. So, yeah! Wish you all the best in your journey...Well, I think you should get doctor's opinion now. It will help you in evaluating your case better. Secondly, yes! As you're 36, it's fine you can still have a child. But, don't be over expecting...I'm also 36, but, I've PCOS. So, have issues conceiving naturally. I'm going to Ukraine for an IVF this year. But, anyway! that's my case. I think going for an obstetrician's opinion would be great for someone like you. Stay blessed. x

  2. Alana901 year ago

    Hey! Well, I have never been in such situation because you are much more blessed than I am. I am an infertile person so I have no children till yet.
    That feels great that you already have three children. Such a blessed family you must be having. But there is equally no problem being trying for another one. You both should look for a life together. And you are doing that. And that's beautiful.
    As far as age is concerned. Some women's got to conceive even at 40's. You could never be assured about the circumstances, How could that turn into.
    And as it been only six months. So usually doctors prefer taking a case of one year of TTC. But yes I am not sure with your case. As you have conceived earlier.
    Just show up to your doctor. And do as he says. Good Luck.

  3. noreenwawuda8 months ago

    I am happy for you for having another person in life. It seems he is comfortable with your three children. If you two truly love each other then you can go ahead. Building a family with the one you love most is a nice thing. At the age of 36 you are not that old. I know of people who had their children in their late forties. However, I can also say that this differs. Some people state menopause early enough. For those who conceive that much late in life had late menopause. It is also said your lifestyle also determines. You can go ahead and have children with him. But note that as you get older the chances of conceiving reduces. Also the children tend too be less healthy. Or they might be suffering from slow retardation. You cannot compare yourself right now with how you were ten years ago. I wish you all the best with your partner.

  4. lidya28 months ago

    Hey! I am so sorry for your trouble hon! But don't worry everything will get better. I really hope you don't get any bad news. Just keep trying. Just take care of your diet and body. Exercise and do yoga so your body gets stronger and stays active. If your body is in good shape, it will increase the chances of conceiving. I hope the reports have nothing bad in them. Just keep trying and stay positive. It takes almost one year for an average couple. 3 months is a very short time. Also, consult a reliable clinic if you want to. Good Luck! Much Love!

  5. Hannah.David7 months ago

    I would suggest that you consider looking into IVF like treatments. These have helped those who are 35 and above a lot. Age can be an issue with time, however, with the technology things do get better. I hope you are soon able to conceive. Make sure for the treatment you visit a clinic that is successful. These things matter a lot and shouldn't be ignored. Good luck to you. Sending baby dust your way.

  6. OliviaJayden1237 months ago

    Hey you. I think you must try confidentiality. Since you are just 36 now. I have seen women talking about getting pregnant even in forties. This is a great step. I wish you luck for trying. We are also planning to try. I have been suggested temping abd opks by friends. Since I am 42 years old. And we have neither tried nor protected for two years. But no good news till now. My DH has just stared that he wants us to start trying. And now we are considering it. I think you can also try this. I hope it will help you too. We are now looking forward to trying. I am excited and worried at the same time. Wish us luck.

  7. MirandaD5 months ago

    Age is a factor here. I would suggest that you visit a doctor. They will definitely assist you in such a situation. However, make sure the clinic you visited is not just looking for money. This is something we all tend to ignore. Always visit a clinic that offers good services. Good luck to you. Sending baby dust your way.

  8. Pinder5 months ago

    You shouldn't leave it this late. You should definitely consult a doctor. An expert opinion is always helpful. There are a lot of methods, now. Some medicines can work wonders. Otherwise, you've got options such as IVF and IUI. Assisted conception is really common, now. So, get an expert opinion, and then take a decision. Good luck with it!

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