hii!! need advice

I am 21 weeks pregnant with my first baby and since the last 2 weeks i am suffering from piles which are really painful. I am unable to sit or sleep for too long. My doctor has told me that i have both piles and fissures which is causing this trouble to me. I have never even had constipation in my life but now all of a sudden it occurred out of no where.
My doctor has advised me to take 15 glasses of water and a fibre rich diet and avoid spices completely. I have been doing that for the past few days but its again of no help.
Please suggest me some quick remedies for this pain. Is it likely to continue throughout the pregnancy. Is is affecting my baby in any case. Do i really need an operation to get rid of the pain
Please help i am in real pain

  1. kiara871 year ago

    you need an operation only if the haemorrhoids start bleeding, otherwise operation neednt be an option now. if i am not mistaken piles is another name for haemorrhoids.
    the stool is still hard which is why it is still hurting and the fissures will hurt too. everytime the stool is hard, you will be putting too much effort into removing it, and these raw areas get injured all over again. some women can constipate badly during pregnancy, diet will help.
    early morning, drink warm water, atleast 2-3 glasses on empty stomach. take isabgol at night everyday to improve the stool. try to avoid spicy foods and oily foods. have more of bran contained foods, more wholesome fibrous foods.take more salads, cucumbers, carrots, salad leaves, and fruits.
    once the stools are soft, the place will start healing on its own

  2. renykebe1 year ago

    Listen darling! this is really a sensitive case of yours. I think you should take it real seriously...Take whatever precautions and stuff your doctor is telling you now. I think you should go for that surgery. You need this right now. It's the most important thing for you atm. I still wish you good luck and better hope for further developments. Keep me update of it!

  3. noreenwawuda3 months ago

    Hi there. I am so sorry for what you are going through. People react different when pregnant. About constipation it did happen to me. I had to go to hospital and see a doctor. I was told the same and to take more fruits. After sometimes the constipation was over. I really don't think if it has an effect to the child. You should consider changing your diet. Just do exactly what the doctor told you. It might not have a quick change though. After sometimes you will find out that the situation is getting better. If after a period of more than two months and there are no changes you can see a doctor again. Although I would advise you give it time for now. My congratulations for the pregnancy too. All the best.

  4. Lexi Bauer3 months ago

    Hi Raman, i hope that you are in a better condition now. I would like to say that what youre feeling is normal. Everything that you have stated is normal in pregnancy. To cure my depression i used to go to a pregnant woman yoga class. I also used to watch a lot of success stories regarding pregnancy. They always made me feel amazing. Constipation is pretty normal however mine didnt last very long.

  5. Hannah.David2 months ago

    These symptoms do occur. However, I would suggest that you visit a doctor. It is extremely important to ensure that things are okay. There are certain important factors that shouldn't be ignored. I hope your pregnancy goes smoothly. Just don't take a lot of stress. I hope you are eating a proper diet. Good luck to you.

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