Hoping to receive some positive thoughts.

I hope you all are fine. I wanted to share my story further. Actually, I told you people that I am afraid of being infertile because of the endometriosis.
We visited the doctor. He said us to keep trying for some more time. If we won't conceive, he will be doing the laparoscopy. We tried after that for some more time. It's been almost 4 months.
We visited the doctor again. He did the laparoscopy and told us to try for so artificial method. I really want us to conceive naturally. I don't wanna go for some other method.
My DH is so much support. He respected my decision and now we are TT for some more time. I really want to have a baby. We are TTC and I want wishes from all of you. I wish to share the good news with you people. As soon as I will conceive, I will be sharing it with you.
I hope you will be sending positive vibes and strength to me.

  1. Elizza04911 months ago

    Hey! I'm fine. What about you? I just read your post. I'm proud of you that you keep trying. I hope it will be fruitful. But, in case, if it is not working then I think you should take some help from latest techniques. At the last resort, people have to adopt these things. I don't think so that something is wrong in this process. You should go with the flow. My sympathies

  2. emily29411 months ago

    Dear you are a brave lady indeed. That you are trying trying again with so much will power. My best wishes are with you. I am waiting to hear a good news from you soon. I am also infertile. And thus now in the journey of surrogacy. Needs your prayers as well.

  3. Emily12311 months ago

    Hi scarlet! So sorry to hear about your condition. Don’t lose hope girl keep trying. I am sure you will make it. however, don’t be so negative about trying alternative ways. IVF is an option you can take. It is a little painful but has a high success rate. I recommend you also search for surrogacy as you way out. I am infertile and the only way I was able to conceive was through surrogacy. Nevertheless I wish you the best of luck on your journey.

  4. Marilyn Howard10 months ago

    Hey Scarlet. How are you doing? Well, this is very unfortunate that doctor gives you suggestion to try the artificial method. Well, my dear, you are at right page. You both should try naturally. Because it takes time to come to things at their place. So my dear keep hoping and stay positive. Outcome will be positive,

  5. joshien10 months ago

    Hi there, Frustration can really affect our body. If your body doesn't work properly, you won't be able to conceive. I hope that you got my point. Try to think about nice things. Other treatments can really help you out. They will help you to conceive naturally. Sometimes our body needs little push to function properly. There's nothing really wrong with the treatments. Try to make your peace with them ASAP before it's too late. Good luck I hope you get a baby by trying this time.

  6. MirandaD3 months ago

    Hey Scarlet, I hope things get better for you. I myself am in the same boat as yours. However, we did opt for assisted treatments after one year of TTC. We first went for 5 rounds of IUI all of them failed for us. We then even went for an IVF and that too failed. After that, I was actually planning to quit. However, I met with a friend and she told me how I shouldn't think that way. She told me about her story and the importance of a good clinic. She convinced me to research about the clinic she herself visited. I did that and was actually quite impressed with the packages and the services they offered. I got in contact with them and messaged them. They replied quickly and from there, things started to get finalized. We recently visited them for the first visit. This was free as they wanted us to visit before making any decision. I thought that was really generous of them.

  7. kimberlyjames3 months ago

    Hi. It's totally okay. Do what seems right and makes you feel better. But if it starts to get frustrating it's better to stop. I know you want to have a baby naturally. But if you can't conceive, you can at least try to be open to other options. You dont want to realize all this when it is too late. Think about that.

  8. Pinder3 months ago

    Sorry to hear about your situation, Scarlett. There's nothing to worry about, though. These things are quite common. You shouldn't really take it so seriously. There are lots of solutions, available. I would suggest you look into consulting a fertility specialist. Yeah, that could be a good idea. I can suggest you good clinics for that. They excel in these services. I think it's the best way to go. You can do your background research. It's still all natural, they are just methods which help with the conception. It's not very different. Good luck to you! I hope this helps you.

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