How i got pregnant!!!!!!!!!!

Our marriage was grand. It was love marriage. We had many dreams about having babies. We tried. It was very dark period for us. We couldn’t get a baby for almost 5 years. It was the worst period of my life. I was low and sad. Nothing was going in our favor. My husband asked me to go for IVF. I had lost hope at that time. Still, I did it for sake of my husband. I still can’t believe that I got pregnant at first cycle. Our baby is now a 1.5-year-old boy. Our ivf got successful because of biotexcom. For all the couples out there trying to get a baby, please do your best and keep believing. The odds will be in your favor one day.

  1. Lisa123452 years ago

    Hi welcome sister at this online platform to share your success story. It is very good idea to share your success story to inspire other woman to defeat infertility problem in their life. There are 20% women who are facing fertility problem all over the world. It is dream of every woman to become complete mother in life but infertility demon become protection to bring their dream into reality. After reading your success story, I also decide to share my whole life experience to defeat infertility problem. Only a woman can understand women feeling and pain very well due to infertility problem. It is not childish act to handle this difficult situation in life. I want to forget those days of my life that are full of stress and depression due to infertility problem. I want to express my kind heart thanks to my husband at this online platform to provide active support at every stage to handle infertility problem in professional way. We consult with popular gynecologist of Kiev to get effective treatment to defeat infertility problem in medical treatment research based method.
    IVF and surrogacy is the best in class treatment to defeat and infertility problem in effective way. You got real value of time and money with these research based treatment with high success rate. There are millions of women who enjoys healthy baby gift through IVF and surrogacy. You should not miss this golden opportunity in your life to enjoy healthy baby like me. You need not panic about these advanced medical term these are easy and effective infertility treatment. I hope to provide sufficient information to clear all doubt regarding IVF and surrogacy to defeat infertility problem in professional way.

  2. ranarocky62 years ago

    Hi cait,
    wow! that was truly inspiring! it is so good to know when people share their success stories. It inspires to say the very least, for those of us who are still grappling with the idea that assistance is needed for a natural physiological process such as pregnancy. infertility treatments are harrowing at best and can take so much out of you mentally, physically and financially and it is harder than ever to deal with it. Infertility treatments are just a long wait in one's life, where you are waiting for the most precious of things to come into your life. But i suppose the treatments for infertility have progressed so much so that, happiness is possible at the earliest. truly heartwarming to read your story. And thank you Lisa for also sharing your wonderful story here. You are right when you say IVF and infertility treatments as medical words should not scare you in complexity but rather make you believe that infertility treatment today can do you wonders and give you that bundle of joy that you have always wanted. Lisa, how every thoughtful of you to say that you will share all the necessary information with us if we require. I do pray and hope for mine soon. Inspired by the lot of you!

  3. Neha52 years ago

    Hey thanks for sharing. I have read very positive reviews about Biotext in Ukraine. They gurantee a baby to you and they will make you comfortable and warm.

  4. Karishma2 years ago

    Hello! Well I am happy to hear about your struggle to have a baby and you finally succeeded. Thank you for sharing. It will be inspirational for all the women who have been trying to have but failed.

  5. Misha Misha2 years ago

    Hi dear. I am really happy and inspire with your success story. It motive and give hope to the women who feel low cause of the fertility issues. After reading your story, a new hope and positive light enlightens in the women. I know you have seen the bad phase in life but you are truly a gem and inspired woman who defeat the infertility issues. A woman can understand the feeling of woman. I am pretty sure you get the complete support of your husband and it help in achieving the goal in life. Your story sounds similar to me and I finally visited to Lotus Clinic where I get the best treatment and able to conceive the baby. I am really glad that you share your story at the best online platform and inspire the other women of the world. To manage and bring the more love in married life. You can visit to Lotus Clinic where you can get the wonderful and best working tips. I want to express my feelings here which help me and support me to inspire me and I finally defeat the infertility issues in life.
    After reading the success story, there are many women on the forums who get the hope in life. You are really a lovable woman who share the story and bring the light of hope for the women who were facing the infertility issues in life. In the advance medical research generation, Lotus Clinic is second to none where you can get the best and affordable treatment to defeat the infertility issues. I am very thankful that you inspire the women and help in enlighten the new hope in the life of women. I wish you all the best for the successful life.

  6. Misha Misha2 years ago

    Wow dear. I would like to congratulate from the bottom of my heart. You are truly an inspiration for the women who are facing the infertility issues. All I can say you inspire the other women by sharing your success story. Even I had faces the bad phase in my life and I know how much it hurts to get infertile. But I never lose the hope and visit to Lotus Clinic on the suggestion of my friend. You will be surprised to know that on the Lotus Clinic I get the hope and able to get fertile with in the first period. I am feeling so blessed and lucky to have the lovely twins and able to start the new family that I dream of in my life. Now you do not need to worry and get the IVF treatment which is highly recommended and best in defeating the infertility issues. I would like to say to all the women not to lose the hope and keep the mind positive and seek for the golden opportunity to make the dream true in life. I would like to suggest the women who are trying to get fertile can consult with Lotus Clinic where you can get the guaranteed result.
    I am here to support you and suggest you to keep maintain the health and remain conscious about health. You need to eat the healthy diet and add the fresh juice daily in your diet. It is very beneficial for the women who are having IVF treatment and help in conceiving the baby easily and with less pain. Along with this women can go for the morning walk and do yoga daily.

  7. Sofiawest2 years ago

    Heyn cutiwest

    Congratulation for the baby! Your story helps me to keep moving forward. I have been trying from last two years and I am at tthe second cycle of IVF.

    Thank you for the sharing

  8. priyaangel25872 years ago

    Hello my dear friend, it is such inspirational and motivational story and it is a good thing that you are sharing this experience with us. Congratulations on your beautiful life and a beautiful baby. I hope you are living very happy and beautiful life with your family. I can understand that infertility can be very big problem and it comes with many other problems like stress, anxiety and sadness in life. It is a good thing that you found good solution of infertility problem and now you are living beautiful life. It is very important to face such condition in perfect way. Many couples are facing problem of infertility all over the world and I will recommend staying positive towards life. The treatment solutions for infertility are available all over the world and such couples can get help with natural treatment, herbal treatment and medical treatment solutions. IVF is very helpful solution and it can be really effective for people who are facing problem of infertility. I was also facing such issue and that was very hard time of my life. We should never lose hope and happiness because of this issue. It is very important to fight with this problem in proper way. You should never take mental stress and anxiety due to this problem. I got good treatment solution at a certified clinic in Ukraine. Now I am living happy and beautiful life and I am blessed with a beautiful baby girl. Your story is really like mine and it is a good thing that you didn't give up. Giving up is never a solution so it is very important to keep trying. You can easily find Positive results and good happiness in life with efforts and positive thinking.

  9. Sofiawest2 years ago

    HI Priya,

    Thank you so much for the information. I was looking for the new way and I believe this will work.

    Be so happy and enjoy your life.

  10. kelly_K2 years ago

    Oh my God! I am so happy for you. I would like to congratulate to you from the bottom of my heart. Finally you have made it and overcome with the bad phase. There are many women who usually visit to this forum to read the success story. After reading your post, you inspire the women who are facing the infertility issues. Even I was infertile and go with the IVF which give me hope to conceive the baby and finally I am blessed with the lovely baby and I am staying with the lovable family. All I can say on the basis of your success, women should not lose the hope and seek for the golden opportunity to make dream true. I pray to God for you and want to give unlimited blessing to you. You are truly an inspiration for the women who are facing the infertility issues. To those women who want to become pregnant can choose the IVF treatment and conceive the baby. I really like to read the success story and want to inspire the other women who want to get pregnant since long time.
    I hope you are doing well in your life right now. I am very happy for you and want to wish lots of wishes. You do not need to go anywhere and get the world class facility only at Biotexcom. I am here to support you and want to provide you beneficial suggestion that will help in living a healthy life with the family members. To live a healthy life, you can go for the morning walk daily and have the high nutrients food daily. Stay blessed and hope for the best in life.

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