I am so excited for my Babymoon!!

Hello all,
I am in the second trimester of my pregnancy.
And we are planning a babymoon. My husband has given me the choice of selecting the destination. I want to go on a cruise because I have never been on one before. I searched on the internet and read about small ship cruises.
But, is it ok to cruise while you are pregnant? My husband is just worried regarding this. But I think I will be good. And I am so excited to go on this cruise. Has anyone been on a cruise when pregnant? Please share your experiences with me. Thanks.

  1. SheliaPascale1 year ago

    I think you can avoid it now.

  2. tara2341 year ago

    i've been on several cruises before (not whilst pregnant) and while I cant tell you whether you can cruise or not, what I will say is smaller ships you definitely get sea sickness more often. Also consider whether you have morning sickness, any issues during pregnancy and what access to medical attention there is on the ship. Personally I would avoid it but if you're comfortable enough- go for it.

  3. [ deleted account ]11 months ago

    talk to your healthcare provider about whether a cruise is a good idea for you. If you have a medical condition that complicates your pregnancy, if you've had a previous preterm delivery, or if you're expecting twins or higher multiples, your doctor or midwife may advise you not to go.
    Pick your cruise carefully. Does the ship dock in countries where the food and water may not be safe or the healthcare services may be substandard? When you call cruise lines, ask whether there are any restrictions for pregnant travelers and whether medical professionals will be on board.Keep in mind that some smaller ships (fewer than 100 passengers) may not have medical personnel on staff. And don't rely on the ship's pharmacy to stock your medications. Bring a supply to cover the entire trip and a written prescription that you can fill on shore if you lose anything.Check your health insurance policy to make sure you'll be covered if you have any complications on board or at any of the ports of call. You can buy additional travel medical coverage directly from insurance companies and from most cruise lines.
    Communicable diseases are likely to travel fast on a cruise ship because of the crowded, enclosed environment. Consider checking with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to see whether your ship has passed a health and safety inspection recently. But even on ships that have a good health record, certain illnesses – like norovirus – can be a problem because the germs spread easily and can survive routine cleaning procedures.

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