I cannot get pregnant

Hello guys! I hope all of you are doing great. As of now, I am also feeling a bit better. Earlier I was very ill due to my heart disease. I have recently recovered to some extent. But sadly it is a fatal disease. It can take even years to completely get out of my heart. Until then I cannot get pregnant. I cannot wait so much. I am already 28. Medication is not working for me. No, I have decided to do something else for my situation. But I do not know what to do. You ladies have a lot of experience. It is you that I find reliable. I am seeking for as many advices as you people can give. I also pray for others who are fighting the infertility problems. Support and love are needed.

  1. Hannah.David1 year ago

    Hey there! I know it must have been extremely difficult for you as being told that you're infertile is a pretty harsh reality to accept. Anyways, I feel like you shouldn't lose hope. As the technology has improved, it allows women to conceive even when nothing seems possible. In your case, if you're producing fertilised eggs then you could easily go for surrogacy. Make sure the clinic you choose is a good one. This will ensure that the process goes smoothly. With surrogacy, the major concern is the legal framework. So make sure you read all that. I myself am in the procedure of surrogacy. Since a lot of people here on the forum were talking about a clinic in Eastern Europe I have actually opted for it. However, my advice to you will be to research on your own. Researching and deciding are two important components, especially in such matters! There make sure you are thinking rationally. Sending baby dust your way!

  2. ConstanceMorin1 year ago

    Hey Ashley! There a lot of ways to conceive now hon! I know infertility is the worst thing ever. Such a difficulty ting to cope with. But treatments like IVF, IUI, and surrogacy are still there to help you out of this situation. Just stay strong and don't lose hope. There's a clinic in Ukraine where I had my surrogacy if you are planning for any fertility treatment, it's better for you to travel to Ukraine because the clinics there are the best for this job. Good Luck! Much Love!

  3. rebecca121 year ago

    Hey! I'm sorry to hear about your disease. I wish you get well soon! But still, your body needs rest now. So, go for surrogacy. It's the best option to go for. This forum is amazing, it helped me a lot too. I came to this clinic in Ukraine, Biotexcom. I have heard many success stories from there. They really are great.They offer the best packages at affordable prices. The doctors there are best-experienced. They use the latest methodologies in the process. Also, they are very humble and cooperative. The surrogates are kept in a healthy environment. They guarantee you success! I wish you Luck, mate!

  4. Lilly Bench1 year ago

    As far as I can know about your condition for the post, it is difficult for you to carry a baby. So, in such a situation, I would suggest that surrogacy is the best option for you. As in other processes, you have to carry your own baby. While in surrogacy, you use someone else' womb to carry your baby.
    Through surrogacy, you get to have your own biological child. It allows you to have your own baby as your eggs and sperms are kept in the surrogate mother's uterus. You can go for it but first, try to search more about it on your own. Wishing you luck and success in future. More power to you and fingers crossed for you.

  5. Beverlyquin1 year ago

    Hey Ashley! I know how hard infertility is. I was in the same boat like you some years ago. So basically Hope is the key to success here really. Just don't give up. And Keep trying. Staying positive is also important here. I know infertility is such a heart-wrenching. Life is a mess when you are going through this. Nothing feels good. Everything just feels like the end of the world. But there are some options which may help you with conceiving. Like IVF or Surrogacy. Both are very successful but I prefer Surrogacy over IVF. Because first of all, the chances are more, although it's more expensive still it's worth it. I went to Ukraine for my surrogacy. The best thing about that clinic was that there were no extra charges for anything, even when the packages were so affordable. No hidden or extra charges, they even took care of all the legal work and everything. I hope this helps you honey! Much Love!

  6. Sofia19941 year ago

    on't worry dear.
    There is a solution to every problem today.
    If you are unable to have a baby from your own womb then why not you go for surrogacy.
    Surrogacy is the most common method of having a baby with your own DNA.
    Don't lose any hope dear i'm also 43 years old and i have also no luck with kids.
    I had many complications regarding pregnancy.I conceived for 3 times but resulted in miscarriages every time.So i also gave up on getting pregnant again and again.I researched over the web for different methods of having babies and i came across surrogacy.Surrogacy is a good solution for mothers like us who can't have a baby of their own.While researching about surrogacy i came across a clinic named BioTexCom many times.There are very positive reviews about it over the internet.
    So i contacted the clinic and told them my complications they answered my all questions.They cleared my misunderstanding about the surrogacy.
    So now i am ready to go for the surrogacy method.
    I have persuaded my husband to go for surrogacy.He is ready if we can have a baby via surrogacy of our own DNA's.
    The clinic will find a good surrogate for our baby.

  7. annabelle9871 year ago

    Hello Ashley, happy to listen that you have recovered now. Just take care of your health. Take your complete medication. Yes, i know that it is difficult to conceive when you have a heart disease. It's quite fatal. A number of techniques are there for those people, who can not conceive naturally. But in your case, IUI and IVF will not work. Because you can not carry a child. The best option for you is surrogacy. This is a process through which you can have your own child from a surrogate mother. Eggs and sperms are fertilized in a laboratory. After that embryo is transplanted into surrogate mother. Baby develops inside her womb. After the delivery baby is yours. Genetically as well as legally. This process is becoming very common. I am also going to Ukraine next month for my surrogacy. This procedure is the final hope for infertile couples who can not conceive through other methods.

  8. melissastan1 year ago

    Very sorry to hear about your condition Ashley. You must be going through such a hard time. This disease sure is rare. But my aunt also had a similar heart condition. It wasn't very serious, but she couldn't get pregnant. She was very depressed. My aunt was 35 then. She couldn't wait any longer. So, she decided to adopt a child. As for you, so what if you cant carry a baby yourself? You can have one through other ways. A lot of people don't want to adopt sometimes. There's nothing wrong with it. You can choose surrogacy for yourself. If you have good quality and fully functioning eggs this could work for you. The doctors will take your eggs and fertilize them with your husband's sperms. They will then be introduced inside a surrogate's uterus. The baby will be yours genetically. Only the carrier will be different. There a clinic in Ukraine that offers surrogacy for couples who cant have their own children.

  9. TheOptimistic1 year ago

    Hello Ashley, It is really sad that you have multiple medical challenges to face. I hope that you overcome these ordeals successfully. Life has so much to show but if we face it courageously nothing is impossible. Right now you should not stress about getting pregnant. The more you stress the more problems you are going to face with your cardiac issue. There is nothing to worry about becoming a mother. Your dream can come true now. There are number of alternatives available for the women who cannot conceive on their own. As you have the cardiac problem therefore I would suggest you ty going for surrogacy. It is one of the popular treatments. There is nothing to worry about expenses also. You can get the services at reasonable prices from the surrogacy clinics in Eastern European region. Instead of delaying the matter and getting more stressed it is better to consult some infertility clinic as soon as possible. I think because of your heart problem, you cannot go for IVF but surrogacy would really help you become a mother. I wish you a safe and healthy life.

  10. DiannaViktor1 year ago

    Hi there Ashley! How are you doing dear? well, I can relate that! I know how heart conditons can affect you in conceivng a child...I've PCOS as my primrary infertility cause...But, I also have a minor heart condition due to some hereditary issues. So, yeah! I can relate stuff...I can't conceive though natural intercourse. So, now I'm opted for an IVF later by the end of the year at a repro center in Ukraine. Well, don't get worried! Look for answers! There are still ways out there to have a child. Technology has brought us so many perks.

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