I cannot get pregnant

Hello guys! I hope all of you are doing great. As of now, I am also feeling a bit better. Earlier I was very ill due to my heart disease. I have recently recovered to some extent. But sadly it is a fatal disease. It can take even years to completely get out of my heart. Until then I cannot get pregnant. I cannot wait so much. I am already 28. Medication is not working for me. No, I have decided to do something else for my situation. But I do not know what to do. You ladies have a lot of experience. It is you that I find reliable. I am seeking for as many advices as you people can give. I also pray for others who are fighting the infertility problems. Support and love are needed.

  1. diana_mom1 year ago

    This idea will definitely help people to find solutions to the problems. Many people are suffering from infertility issues. Really, your idea is so much inspirational and motivational. I joined this forum just to get info but I got useful tips and guide from here. After discussing my issues with the people here, I really got guidance and enough hope. Senior members here are very kind and sincere. I got useful tips for conceiving. However, I was not so much lucky to conceive a child naturally. I went to Ukraine for the treatment. Clinic administration and the staff was very much corporative and supportive. They provided us with a sound surrogate. Finally, my biggest dream came true when I had my baby in hand. But I must say that you'd be aware of the frauds there. Lotus and Adonis clinics are looting people. So, you'd be aware of such scammers. Well, wishing you best of luck!

  2. Ivyanka11 year ago

    Hey Ashley. How are you doing? Hope so you are doing fine. Indeed this is the worst situation a woman can ever go through. But my dear infertility nowadays had treatment. Surrogacy is the best for you. You should go for surrogacy. Make sure you choose a good clinic because there are many scams in a market. My cousin went to Lotus clinic in Ukraine for surrogacy. but after reaching there she came to know that everything was false and all the facilities were just advertisement. She disheartened very much. And now she is going to another clinic. Hope so this time things will work for her. Wish her best of luck.

  3. Marilyn Howard1 year ago

    Hey Ashley. I just got shocked after reading your post. Every woman wants to become a mother. And it's very painful when you come to know you cannot become a mother. As I am a lady doctor, I can understand your case. I would recommend you to go for surrogacy. As it is an easy way to have a baby. Clinics in Europe are now offering surrogacy on affordable expenses. Surrogacy is the easy way. You should visit surrogacy clinic. Get Well soon.

  4. SofiaC 1 year ago

    HI! I hope you are best in your health. I am sure you are doing well. I’m glad to see your post. You are researching on your own. A lot of people go to clinic blindfolded and then regretting. Two things that everyone should see in a clinic is that they are not hiding anything from you. They make sure that you aware of the legal framework and whether the process is legal or not. Also, they tell you about treatment process step by step. There is a clinic in Europe. Like they know how much you are struggling to be a mother or father and they treat you the extremely good way. Surrogacy is the good infertility treatment success rate of surrogacy is so good. Many women prefer surrogacy as an infertility treatment. You should go to the clinic and tell the doctor about the situation and complete checkup.

  5. SofiaC 1 year ago

    Hi, I hope you will best in your health. I face the same problem as you are facing. So basically hope is the key to success. We should not give up and keep trying. I’m also infertile. Infertility is such a heart -wrenching nothing feels good. We have a different solution for infertility treatment like surrogacy and IVF. The doctor suggested to me surrogacy as an infertility treatment. After surrogacy, I have 2 babies and I am happy now. I hope my experience helps you. Best of luck.

  6. zaviya1 year ago

    I'm feeling so sorry for you. You can go for surrogacy. I don’t think so that surrogacy is immoral or unethical. It really gives a hope and encouragement to those couples who are unable to conceive due to some medical conditions. Gestational surrogacy is really a blessing because sperms and eggs are taken from the parents but the baby develops in the womb of surrogate mother. It gives a sense of satisfaction to the intended parents that child is their own and this feeling is much better than the feeling with adoption. Best of luck to you. Much love.

  7. Laura171 year ago

    Hey beautiful, I know what infertility feels about. But you don't have to worry because it can be fought. Infertility is a curse, and it can be deal with positivity. I had my miscarriage in a road accident and after that, I lost my fertility too. I was not so brave to face the world. Then my husband contacted one of the clinics in Europe. The best clinic, known for its best services. I am on medication now. They are hopeful that I would conceive soon. I would recommend you to visit that clinic.

  8. EmilyBaker1 year ago

    Sorry to hear about your heart disease. First going through the disease must be terrible. Then finding out that you are infertile because it must have been devastating. I hope the future holds good for you. You should ask your doctor about IVF or surrogacy. They would tell you which option is better for your body. Also, there is a clinic in Europe that deals with surrogacy. You should check that out too.

  9. Linnea Lopez1 year ago

    Hello, Hope you fine. I'm 24 years old and married happily. Doctors diagnose me that I'm infertile. I'm very sad at that time. So, me and my husband decided to get a good treatment from the clinic. We hear about Adonis clinic that there are very best treatment given for the patients. So, I can contact the clinic through messages from phone. But with the couple of days spent. They didn't give us any reply of our several messages. Then, We getting dishard from this clinic

  10. SofiaC 1 year ago

    Hi, I hope you are doing well. It is difficult for you to share your problem. It extremely difficult for you as being told that you’re infertile. You should not lose your hope. Every problem has a solution we shouldn’t sick on one problem. There is the good clinic in Europe. Make sure the clinic you choose is a good one. Whole process based on the clinic. Some clinic use reputation of another good clinic. I am also infertile. I face miscarriage when I was 25 years old. On road accident face miscarriage my bones were broken. I was disappointed. It difficult for any mother-loss of an unborn baby. I was in stress and depression 2 months. My friend comes from Europe. She told me a clinic in Europe and specialist of IVF and Surrogacy. I went there after checkup doctor suggested me surrogacy as the infertility treatment. After surrogacy treatment, I have 2 babies. I hope my experience helpful for you or someone else.

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