I cannot get pregnant

Hello guys! I hope all of you are doing great. As of now, I am also feeling a bit better. Earlier I was very ill due to my heart disease. I have recently recovered to some extent. But sadly it is a fatal disease. It can take even years to completely get out of my heart. Until then I cannot get pregnant. I cannot wait so much. I am already 28. Medication is not working for me. No, I have decided to do something else for my situation. But I do not know what to do. You ladies have a lot of experience. It is you that I find reliable. I am seeking for as many advices as you people can give. I also pray for others who are fighting the infertility problems. Support and love are needed.

  1. sarahdavid1 year ago

    I can totally understand what your situation because I've been through the same. TTC is a hard job and no one understands that. I am 40 years old and tried for 10 years. I went through so many rounds of IVF but I didn't work for me. I went into a phase of depression and then my therapist suggested me to go for surrogacy and now I have a 4-year-old son. Keep your faith strong and best of luck in your future! Prayers with you xx

  2. Ivyanka11 year ago

    Hi Ashley. I am a doctor. And I can understand what it feels like. But don't lose hope. I saw many women who losses hope when they declared infertile. I just want to appreciate your will. Today science has been developed so much. There are now infertility treatments. After reading about your condition I think you should go for surrogacy. Because surrogacy is the best option for the women who cannot carry a child. There are so many clinics all around the world. I suggest you discuss this matter with your heart doctor. I saw many women are getting fulfilled they're desired of becoming a mother. Hope so my suggestion will give you some relaxation. Will remember you in my prayer.

  3. emily2941 year ago

    Hello dear. Don't lose hope. Surrogacy is the best option. You can consult a good clinic to have this service. But please don not contact Lotus clinic at all. They are just making fool of people. They waste their time. They don't communicate with patients at all.

  4. honey_bee1 year ago

    An individual or a couple may pick a surrogate mother to help them in building or growing their family for different reasons, for example,
    Analyzed or unexplained barrenness (see normal terms underneath)
    Restorative conditions keeping a lady from conveying a pregnancy without taking a chance with her own particular life
    Misfortune or nonappearance of regenerative organ
    Hysterectomy (uterine misfortune)
    Rehash premature deliveries
    Fizzled possess IVF and IUI cycles
    Sexual introduction
    Tubal Ligation or Vasectomy
    Blood issue
    Heart conditions
    Hereditary qualities (abstaining from passing hereditary characteristics/conditions to their youngster)
    Sexual orientation choice inclinations
    Fizzled or denied selection

  5. hannahgr1 year ago

    Hello. Hope you are doing well. There are many treatments of infertility available now. You can go for the one which suits you. Surrogacy and IVF are really helpful for those who are infertile. Many clinics in Europe offer them. Take care. Wishing you all the best!

  6. niya1 year ago

    I know it must have been extremely difficult for you. Infertility pretty harsh reality to accept. I also was completely shattered when I got to know that I have endometriosis. I went for IVF but I had a misscariage. I totally gave but many friends of mine kept motivating me. Then I went again IVF now I'm luckily pregnant again. Anyways, I feel like you shouldn't lose hope. As the technology has improved so much, it allows women to conceive through different methods, even when nothing seems possible. You can opt for surrogacy.B ut Make sure the clinic you choose is a good one. Because these days I'm hearing a lot about scammers like Lotus and adonis clinics. Be aware of them. This will ensure that you get in trouble. They are so irresponsible. So make sure you read all that. Researching and deciding are two important components, especially in such matters. Best of luck to you.

  7. joshien1 year ago

    Yes, it is very painful. Everyone could imagine it. It’s just difficult to bear such a thing like this. It’s really difficult. Thanks a lot for sharing your experience. It’s not easy to share such things. you are right. Just take good care of yourself. Everything will be alright with you. There are so many methods available to you

  8. daisy1231 year ago

    Hi.heartiest condolation to hear that. you have suffered alot. one day your hard work paid off. infertility is common now a day. you will be very disappointed to hear this that I had also infertility. but luckily I have gone through the surrogacy which my friend suggest me . now i am blessed with the baby. surrogacy is really the blessing for infertile couple. consult doctor and do try. Good Luck! Much Love!

  9. Alina1221 year ago

    Hey Ashley, It so sad hearing about your disease. Take good care of yourself. You are right about your decision. We are with you. I will suggest you surrogacy. Hence, its the best solution in your case. Your child will be carried by a surrogate mother and will also be biologically attached to you. Wishing you luck and speedy recovery!

  10. Linnea Lopez1 year ago

    Hi. How are you all group members? I'm happily married with my cousin. Couple of weeks ago before my marriage. I visit the clinic. When, I check out, Doctors tells me that, I'm suffering from infertility. My husband stands with me in this situation. Then, me and my husband decided to take treatment from clinic. We hear about the Adonis clinic. Then, we contact to this clinic through texts. But, They didn't reply us.

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