I cannot get pregnant

Hello guys! I hope all of you are doing great. As of now, I am also feeling a bit better. Earlier I was very ill due to my heart disease. I have recently recovered to some extent. But sadly it is a fatal disease. It can take even years to completely get out of my heart. Until then I cannot get pregnant. I cannot wait so much. I am already 28. Medication is not working for me. No, I have decided to do something else for my situation. But I do not know what to do. You ladies have a lot of experience. It is you that I find reliable. I am seeking for as many advices as you people can give. I also pray for others who are fighting the infertility problems. Support and love are needed.

  1. zaviya1 year ago

    Glad to see you here. I hope you have been doing great in your life. Do not be sad in your life you cannot produce a child. Today, many ladies are facing the problem of infertility. Those who keep strong will get something good in future. And those who lose heart remain empty-handed. People have made use of the scientific researchers. Surrogacy is a new and advanced process which has given happiness to many people. Through that, you can now have your own babies. I hope you do the right thing for you. Best of luck for your future.

  2. sydney1231 year ago

    Hello, hope you are doing well. I am so sorry for you. You should go to Europe for surrogacy I suggest. The staff there is very supportive. And avoid Lotus clinic. This clinic is not so good. I was a sportswoman. And I was infertile. I had fatigue injury. I was trying to conceive. My family was not accepting me. But my husband was supportive enough to help me out. It is a great blessing for every couple to have babies. Then I visited Europe. Now I have a baby. I and my husband is very happy. Hope it would help your cousin. Best wishes.

  3. Ivyanka11 year ago

    Hey Bashley. I am feeling really very sorry for you. I know going through infertility is really not an easy thing for you. But my dear this all works like this. You have to be patient and stay hopeful. There is infertility treatment like surrogacy and IVF which can help you to fulfil your dream. The choice is your s. Best of luck.

  4. joseph1 year ago

    Hey Ashley. Sad to hear about your heart disease. May God give you a better health. Don't lose hope. there are many infertility treatments. One of them will definitely work for you. IVF and surrogacy are the best treatment for surrogacy so far. But I suggest you go for surrogacy. As you are a heart disease and you are unable to conceive. Surrogacy will be the better option for you. Moreover, you can consult or discuss with your doctor regarding your health which one will best for you. Don't worry. Everything will be gonna fine. Take care

  5. Olivia_19901 year ago

    Hey Ashley! I am so sorry to hear about your heart disease. It will be really painful, I can understand. You need to not worry about having a child because I do not think stress will be good at such a time. There are many solutions possible for infertility now. Thanks to the advancement in technology, every infertile couple can fulfill their dream. I was recommended a clinic in Europe by my cousin for surrogacy. I have suffered from a hysterectomy and I cannot conceive a baby. I found the doctors in that clinic really helpful. I would recommend you to consult some doctors regarding surrogacy. Goodluck and take care!

  6. isbella1 year ago

    Dear, This is a hard thing to tolerate. I can hardly imagine how you held up that long. You ought to have settled on this choice long prior. All things considered, you should go for surrogacy promptly. The centers offer benefactor eggs too and they can be treated with your better half's sperms. You may investigate some great center in Europe. They definitely have extremely appealing bundles. I have been catching wind of them a great deal. I have perused numerous examples of overcoming adversity about them.

  7. raquel alaras1 year ago

    Dear, This is a hard thing to bear. I cannot believe that you waited that long. You should have made this decision long ago. Well, you must go for surrogacy immediately. The clinics offer donor eggs as well and they can be fertilized with your husband's sperms. You may look into some good clinic in Europe. They surely have really attractive packages. I have been hearing about them a lot. I have read many success stories about them. Kindly search them.

  8. Nala8501 year ago

    Ashley. I hope you get well soon baby girl. I'm really sorry to hear about your condition. Have you tried looking for IVF and surrogacy? Being infertile myself, it had been a hard journey for me. But it passed. I went for IVF and IUI. But both of them failed for me. The only thing that did work was surrogacy. The clinic in Europe really helped me out. They listened to me. And found me a great match as my surrogate. Handled everything so well. So I'd say you take a look into that. Good luck with it! xx

  9. olivia291 year ago

    Hey Ashley. I hope you are doing well. I am so sorry to hear about what is happening in your life. It is really saddening. INFERTILITY SUCKS. I mean no woman should go through it. Hope you are dealing with it fine. I can understand it must be difficult. But just stay strong. You have so many options thanks to surrogacy. You can opt for IVF and surrogacy treatments. They are costly. But the end results are amazing. So just stay positive. Get yourself checked up. Consult your doctor. And then go for it.

  10. Lina Williams1 year ago

    I hope you are fine. You should take a good decision for yourself. Surrogacy will change your life for you. You should not choose Adonis for this purpose. They are no good at these services. You should find a suitable clinic for this purpose. I wish you all the best for future.

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