I need some advice.

Hello, my name is Angela Im 32 years and old and in the last two years my life had been a nightmare. I never expected that I would end up writting all this in a forum but I really needed somewhere I could let all this feelings out. I not that I dont have anyone to talk about it, I know I could talk to this with my husband but I just feel bad that right now almost all of out conversations are usually about things like this and even when he is also going through a rough time he takes the time to try and cheer me up.

Sorry, I guess I'm not making any sense. I been married with my husband for 5 years already. We two have quite busy careers and we decided to wait a little until we managed to secure ourselves a place and a income enough to be able to properly raise a child. Two years ago we began to try starting a family, we began to research what we needed to conceive a child. Well I knew the usual way but my mother told me there was quite the many things to have in consideration in order to increase the chance. It really surprise me that getting pregnant was quite a complex procedure. We failed at the beginning but we keep trying regardless as we knew that this things take time. After a year of failing we went and check to an specialist, and the results was what we were suspecting. I wont enter in details but the result was that I would be unable to give birth. That was a really big blow to us, we felt devastated as the doctor offer us his apologies and give us the results.

Even now remembering about all that makes me wanna cry. For a couple of week after hearing that me and my husband put some distance between each other. I felt like I was failing him, like I was the reason we couldn't have our dreamed family. I think he believed the same, that he was dissapointed in me, that he deemed me a failure because I was unable to give him a family. After two weeks we began to talk like before we got the news. He apologize, he had been trouble dealing with all this, he wanted to support me but he didnt knew how to and so he decided to put some distance and give my space. After that we decided to evaluate other options and we went for our first cycle in IVF.

We knew the odds weren't that much into out favor but we tried regardless, but just like before it ended in failure. So right now I feel horrible again, I feel like just stop because I dont think me or my husband could deal with another disappointment. I dont know what else I could do now.

  1. dazzy shahu5 months ago

    Hi welcome sister at this open and platform. I want to appreciate your courage to choose this genuine platform to discuss your personal problem. Today we are living in digital world. It is good idea to take benefit from others life experience to handle this horrible problem in your life. I can understand your problem very easily because I also handle this problem like you in my life just one year ago. This creates golden opportunity in my life to help you on behalf of my personal life experience that fulfills my whole life with happiness to help you. I want to suggest you to handle this horrible situation with positive thinking and calm mind. It is very important to stop negative thinking with positive thinking. You can read positive thinking books to enhance your confidence and endurance to handle this horrible situation in your life.
    I want to express kind heart thanks to God to understand my problem very easily and provide reliable treatment to defeat this horrible problem in my life. It is very important to have real bonding with their husband to understand each other physical needs and emotion very well to overcome this horrible problem in short time period. You should be smart and informative to understand each and every signal of your body in advance to overcome this horrible problem at early stage. You should understand the importance of a regular period cycle that clearly indicates your body hormone level. You can keep your body and mind in balance with effective yoga and meditation that help you to get full relaxation for body and mind to get maximum benefit in short time period to defeat infertility problem in your life. You should give preference to balance diet to get real time benefit.

  2. g44083805 months ago

    Hi dear. I am happy that you are expressing your thoughts to the world. Actually, I know how it feels as I faced the same problem you are facing now. It will take a lot of strength to get over this situation. I will suggest you take the support of your partner and be with him as much time as possible. It will help you to get out the distressed state of mind you are in right now. My husband stood by me like a wall in that period which helped me a lot.

    Actually, I am helped by a gynecologist whom I met at a party. The gynecologist was from Ukraine and the tips which he gave me were awesome. He told me not to underestimate my reproductive system as it can do wonders with the help of modern day medical science. He helped me in getting contact with the reproductive system researchers of his country. Now I am blessed with a baby boy and I hope if you take proper advice from an expert, your problem will be solved too.

  3. [ deleted account ]5 months ago

    Aw I'm so sorry it sounds like you're in a lot of pain over this

  4. Neha55 months ago

    Hi There

    First of all , pls dont blame your self. You are not at fault. his is not your mistake and you are not failing him
    Pls talk to your husband about other options in life. like surrogacy. I have heard very god reviews about Biotext in Ukraine. They guarantee a baby to you and make you very comfortable.
    YOu may try that option.

  5. Misha Misha5 months ago

    After reading your post, all I can say you are struggling in life but you are truly an inspirational for the women who feel lost. My dear friend, I know you are going through bad phase but losing the hope is not the solution at all. There are many women at this platform who share the success story of fertility and get the treatment from Lotus Clinic too. It is not delay yet and you have the golden opportunity to make the things change and make the dream into reality. It is the early stage and you have the best chance to conceive the healthy baby. You need to make your husband believe that we are living in the advance medical research generation where everything is possible. You can go with surrogacy or IVF treatment which surely helps in making you fertile and you can give birth to the healthy baby. You do not need to worry and get the affordable IVF and surrogacy treatment. To enhance the chance to conceive the baby you can go with surrogacy treatment and you can become the mother of the lovely baby.
    Along with the treatment it is very important to take care about health diet. The infertility issues only caused due to the imbalance of the hormones of body and irregular periods. If you want to stable the hormones and boost the immunity system then you need to add the high nutrients and multivitamins foods in your diet. You can eat the eggs, pulses, spinach, do big breakfast and avoid the junk foods. You need to wake up early in the morning and go for the morning walk daily. It help in refresh your mind and soul.

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