I think I'm gonna go for it

Hello, everyone. Seeing you all commenting on my posts and showing concerns really warms my heart. Thank you so much for this. So, I see a lot of people have told me to go for it. I was a little worried about the fact that it could be too early for me to have another baby. But, then I thought about it. You guys helped a lot. If I go for it now, it is still going to take some time. Definitely more than a year. So I guess it is okay if I apply at my fertility center in Ukraine now. Ever since I thought about this, I kind of feel excited. This is going to be a hell of a year for me now. Need loads of wishes. Thank you all very much. Love you guys.

  1. Leslie Hanson1 year ago

    Hello lovely! I'm so glad we were able to help. You're a great person. I wish you all the best on your journey. I really hope it goes amazing for you. Kids are such a blessing. One is not enough. If you have the chance to have more, I'd say why waste it? Go for it! I feel so sad for those unable to conceive and fulfill their dreams of having kids. I think they should definitely go for these treatments as well. It's not such a big deal as people make it out to be. It's getting a lot more accepted these days. I think it really helps what with the celebrities going for it these days as well. Good luck with everything to you!

  2. emily2941 year ago

    Hey melissa, Yes you are right. Here people give good advise. If someone is confused about taking any decision. Then social media obviously plays a big role. And if you find a good forum. Then that forum members seems like your close friend and family members. Giving suggestions just like your close friends. You should obviously take step. And don't worry at all. God be with you. Your doctors know very well about your health conditions. So if the doctors have granted you permission. Then you should not further delay the process. And yes, I have also visited the clinic in Ukraine for my pregnancy issue. They are the best by the way. Best of luck dear.

  3. rebecca121 year ago

    I'm glad to see that you decided to go for it. You're very right. It's going to take a lot of time after this initial step. But the confidence to take up this initial step is what matters the most. I remember the time when I used to feel very confused and unconfirmed about whether it's the right time for another baby or not. I have 4 children today. And this feels amazing. After so many hardships and many years of infertility, I was able to become a mother through IVF. It was merely a blessing for me. Lack of awareness has wasted many years of my life. Yet, I'm completely happy and satisfied today. I hope you have a wonderful process done. I totally recommend you to go to clinics in Ukraine. Lots of love and prayers for you, mate! All the best!

  4. BellaJones1 year ago

    Hey there. How are things going? I hope its all great. I am glad to hear that your first surrogacy worked for you. glad that you made your mind. I think you should go for it too. I wish you good luck. Take care.

  5. serra1 year ago

    Hey. I hope you are doing fine. I know you must be worried. But having a family is a good thing. You are taking a right decision. It is great if you choose to go for another baby in young age. There might be chances that you may become fertile after treatments. I know Infertility takes alot out of a woman. Sometimes it is so hard to cope with. But for a woman, it is necessary to stay strong. I had 3 miscarriages when I was married and then I faced infertility. I wasted 4 years for fertility treatments. The failure was because I didn't choose a right place for treatment. I made my mind for surrogacy and now I am so happy that I have babies today. I went to the clinic in Europe for surrogacy and today I am blessed. So stay strong and stay blessed.

  6. ella2321 year ago

    I hope you're doing well. Yes, I love the support everyone gets from each other here. We're a big family on the social network. Everyone always is ready to drop a kind comment and a genuine advice. It's a great platform to be on. As for your case, you go girl! You can do this. I believe it's never "too early" if you feel ready. If the doctors have cleared you, and you feel confident, then there's no reason not to. They are quite good at what they do! So you're in great hands. Don't worry, it'll go just like the first time. Good luck. Lots of love for your family, and fingers crossed for the next one!

  7. Alana901 year ago

    Cheers, lady! Glad that finally, you would be able to come over any positive decision.
    Remember it's never too early to have a baby or to be a mother.
    It's just a blissful feeling that has no particular timing. I love the way how such forums helping out so many such women. This is exactly what we infertile women require.
    I am feeling like I seriously belong to this world.
    I would love to know the details of your journey. As I said before that this place is ever been in so many discussions. hence there might be something good that people feel about.
    Have a great journey. good luck.
    Fingers crossed.

  8. Natty11 year ago

    Hey, so you're going for surrogacy, yeah? I remember it from your last post. You didn't mention it on this one. I guess you forgot to. Good luck with it all! Just a reminder: make sure your contract ensures you'll have full rights to own your baby. Do let us know when it gets started!

  9. Jane Drake1 year ago

    I am happy to see you took the decision. Obviously, it will take time. By then your baby will grow up. He or she will demand a sibling too. What are your husband's views? I did not follow your post initially.I would love to hear your story though. How was the experience? I am planning to go for surrogacy too. I can not conceive naturally. Actually, I can but my husband is impotent. I am fine with it though. As long as I can still have a baby. Your input will be appreciated. I am doing research so any help will be welcomed. TIA.

  10. DiannaViktor1 year ago

    Hi Melissa! I'm very very happy for you. I'm really glad things worked out for you. It's really good to go for a fertility solution abroad. well, I've also heard about Ukrainian centers. They are pretty famous. I hope things work out positive for you. I'm also going for an IVF program in June. That's my last try! I hope it gets successful for me. I've been trying it for so long. Need wishes. Still, bless you. Take care dear! Write us back soon. xx

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