Has anyone else experienced this while trying to conceive the 2bd time around? We got pregnant fairly quickly with the first. We are going on 3 years teying for the 2nd. We were both tested and there's zero wrong: it's breaking my heart.

  1. Snowmama4 years ago

    We're kind of in the same boat. It was so easy the first time around and now nada. No one knows why. Going to try Clomid challenge soon. Assume you've done that? If so, how'd it go?


  2. Khorton754 years ago

    We did an IUI with my first and got pregnant the first time but last year we went round after round and never worked. Amazingly though we conceived naturally and I am 12 weeks. I still cannot believe it!

  3. [ deleted account ]4 years ago

    Hi RozJS. Sorry you're dealing with this. It's such a struggle! When you said you were tested and things looked fine, what type of tests? There are many types of tests, including blood work for AMH/FSH levels to determine ovarian reserve, HSG to check for fallopian tube blockage, a sonohysterography to check for uterine fibroids or polyps, etc. Also, if there were any changes in your husband's health, that could be a factor. But if it's been 3 years and you're still not pregnant, something's up. Just because you naturally conceived your first child doesn't mean other issues couldn't have arisen since then. It could be something simple and easily correctable or it could be something more complicated. It's best to see a fertility specialist if you haven't already.

  4. Cheerio7774 years ago

    In Gods timing it will happen naturally or maybe consider adoption. Stop beating yourself up. It will be ok

  5. [ deleted account ]4 years ago

    No offense, but I'd like to respectfully disagree with Cheerio's comment. There are some women who get pregnant through rape, through abusive husbands/partners and through incest. Do you think that's God's plan? If everything went according to "God's plan," there would be no such thing as unwanted pregnancies. God helps those who help themselves. You have bad eyesight, go see an optometrist and get glasses. Your teeth hurt, go see a dentist. You have a headache, take Tylenol. You have trouble conceiving, go see a fertility specialist and get answers.

    I understand that comments such as "it will be ok" and "just relax" are made with good intentions, but they really don't make sense because infertility is a medical condition. Most people who've never struggled to conceive don't realize that. It's the same thing as telling somebody with cancer that their tumor will go away if they stop worrying about it.

  6. Mel4 years ago

    Take it from someone who had every test in the book done, medical science can't always explain why you can't get pregnant, or in my case, why I couldn't stay pregnant. My first fertility doctor kept telling me to relax, not a good idea. I switched doctors, and my new doctor didn't have any more answers but she didn't tell me to relax. After 4 years I decided to try other options, I tried a gluten free diet (which didn't work for me but I know it has for some) and I removed all chemicals and plastics from my home and personal care products. I'm not saying that's what worked but a year later, I was really pregnant. A lot of chemicals in the products we use are endocrine disrupters, it can't hurt you to remove them so maybe try organic products for a year and see what happens. Good luck, I hope for the best for you!

  7. Kara Crane Sylvia4 years ago

    Send me your email and I will send you a call to listen to with great info. Best, Kara,

  8. CristinG4 years ago

    acupuncture and lifestyle change can help a lot. you would be surprise how much environmental factors can effect pregnancy and there aren't mainstream test for it. look up fertility diets, try diet change and eliminating toxins.

  9. luciey2 years ago

    Whatever you are going through is not a big deal at all. All that you need at this time is total patience and following the best medical treatment procedures. In my life, I went through such and I was very disturbed with myself. I could not muster the courage to boast of motherhood. Times became complicated and I was totally pissed off. But I am very glad that in the end happiness and joy filled my home. I struggled by going for fertility treatment at BioTex in Ukraine. I am not very sure your next step. But myself I went for IVF.

  10. margaret_902 years ago

    I believe you need to be more patient and not lose hope. Be there for each other through this tough phase and you might want to try more tests, maybe the specialized ones. If the tests haven't showed any problem yet, maybe it's time to move on to the next doctor or consultant who can get the tests right and find the cause. I wish you all the best and peace and happiness.

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