I can't get pregnant and i don't know the reason for it too.
The doctors are also unable to find the reason for this.
I have gone through extensive testings but the doctors are also unable to find the main cause for my infertility.
They can't tell the main problem.
I have been trying to conceive from last 10 years now.
But still i didn't conceived.
As doctors can't tell the main cause of my infertility i guess i will go for surrogacy now.
I live in Bulgaria where surrogacy is prohibited.
I heard there are many clinics for infertility treatment in Ukraine.
I read about many clinics there from these forums.
I have found clinic from Ukraine. People talk mostly about this clinic.
I will contact this clinic and will consult them about my problem.
Surrogacy is very popular there so i guess i will also have a baby from surrogacy.

  1. Ada1 year ago

    that’s so sad Petja. It made me sad when I come to know that. You are in unexplained infertility. Mostly doctors and even we don’t know the reason behind this case. Yeah, the scientist is working their best just to facilitate infertile woman. you should try it. hey, apply for the clinic because in Ukraine you have to reserve your booking if you want to get some economic package. Don’t be late.

  2. sydney1231 year ago

    Hey, you should go for surrogacy. Surrogacy is a miracle. Surrogacy is a reason for the happiness of many people. Surrogacy is mostly successful. And It is also less expensive. You can have the babies of your own genes through surrogacy. I had also a baby through surrogacy. Hope everything goes right in your way. Best of luck.

  3. Emma Linkade1 year ago

    Hi, I am glad that you opted for surrogacy. Surrogacy is a miracle. I hope you get to have a great experience and your journey turns out to be successful. Keep your faith strong and best of luck in your future

  4. Susan551 year ago

    Hi Petja. Hope you are fine? sorry to know about your infertility. It is very hard to face. It is very unfortunate to face. You are a strong woman. You struggled for a long time. it shows your passion. Don't worry. You have many options. My friend was also infertile. she went for surrogacy. now she has her daughter. she is very happy now. her dream to become a mother come true. Ukraine is best for surrogacy. Go there. Best wishes.

  5. Julie881 year ago

    Hi there. I feel so sorry to hear about your infertility. Don't get upset. Surrogacy is a blessing. Ukraine has got some best clinics in this regard. Stay positive and go there. I am sure they will help you find a surrogate mom. You will be soon a super mom.

  6. LauraPatton1 year ago

    Hello Petja, I am so sorry to hear that you cannot get pregnant. And 10 years is such a long time! Yes, surrogacy is a good option but there are IVF and IUI too, but particularly I am in great favor of surrogacy. I hope you find a good clinic for yourself and get this done and start your exciting journey as soon as possible! Cheers and Best of Luck!

  7. raquel alaras1 year ago

    Hy dear! Hope you are doing well. Thank you such a great amount for sharing this excellent story of yours. I have seen individuals frustrated by this technique. IVF method isn't generally helpful. I have experienced numerous cycles of it but all in vain. Now I have turned to surrogacy. Some Clinics without a doubt has something that I see its name everywhere. I figure so I ought to have attempted it while experiencing IVF as well. They more likely than not guided me rightly. I have also experienced with surrogacy technique. Now I am much cheerful in light of the fact that one of my companions additionally got her surrogate youngsters from there. They most likely influence you to love them. I have known about their settlement offices that they are tremendous. Their staff is extremely friendly. They ensure their customer upbeat and satisfied. Wish you best of luck

  8. raquel alaras1 year ago

    Hy dear, Welcome to this forum. I am extremely sorry to hear about your loss. This is extremely sad situation for you and your family. We cannot imagine the depression infertile people are going through. People must start sharing their stories more openly. So I suggest you to just go for surrogacy treatment because i also try this and it was really helpful to you. Best of Luck!

  9. bella231 year ago

    Hey dear. I don't know why the doctors could not found the cause. But I must say that your decision is very right. You should go for surrogacy. You waited very long. It must be hard for you. I can understand. Surrogacy is a blessing. Let's hope you get happiness soon. Good luck dear.

  10. Sofia19941 year ago

    I had been through this. I had 3 miscarriages from my first marriage. I was totally broke and you have 6 you will be in huge sadness. Don't worry as there are solutions to our problems now. I am going for surrogacy now to have a baby. You should also go for surrogacy. But firstly try to know what it is and find a good clinic. good luck.

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