Hey there, how are you all? I hope you all are doing fine. This is a great forum to share problems, life can be cruel sometimes. Infertility is a common disease these days. Lots of couples are facing infertility disease. IVF is a common treatment but the success rate as compared to surrogacy is low. I am infertile due to damaged fallopian tubes. I can't conceive a baby naturally. Surrogacy is the only option left for me. Surrogacy has proven to be a successful treatment for infertile couples. I have an appointment next week. I and my partner is going for surrogacy procedure. Can't wait to hold my baby again. Thanks and hoping best for everyone.

  1. Casie1231 year ago

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  2. jenny5881 year ago

    I am glad that you have such a positive thinking. You are really strong. I must appreciate you for this fact. IVF and surrogacy have been increasing a lot these days. I am glad that you chose an assisted method to have a baby. You've made a very wise decision. I hope that your journey goes well until the end. Just don't lose faith in yourself. The journey would get tough and you'll face difficulties. But don't lose hope. It's going to be alright after a time. I always remain hopeful for everyone. And that's because I remain hopeful in my life. I have been TTC for 3 years. And I haven't seen any positive result. The doctors still give me hope. I really want to be a mom. Let's see what's there in my future. Wish you good luck with your journey.

  3. Gomez1 year ago

    There are some clinic's that open only for the betterment of patients. They only moto is to give proper treatment to the patients. Patients health is the main purpose of opening their clinic's. So, in some countries there are so many clinic's that can give proper treatmetn to the patients. By this way there country will developed day by day. When there is no patient is left behind, then every person of the country will work hard for the country. Then, they'll achieve their goal very easily. When, my sister wants to take a treatment of surrogacy. So, she can choose the best clinic. This clinic is in abroad. They can give a best and proper treatment to her. She's very satisfied by it. Now she can spend a very good life with the family. Now she also suggest this clinic to every one.

  4. Hannah.David1 year ago

    I hope your process goes well. Infertility is a really difficult journey to go through. One has to be strong while they are on it. Just be positive and stress-free thorough out. I myself am in the middle of this process. Really excited about how it will go. So far everything is being carried out smoothly. Sending baby dust your way.

  5. katti1 year ago

    Hey Ameliachar, hope you are doing well. Aww dear, I hope surrogacy works for you. A lot of baby dust to you. I know surrogacy works wonders. I am also in contact with a Ukrainian clinic to start my surrogacy journey. My hubby and I are looking for a surrogate. As soon as we find one we'll start our journey.

  6. Jenny.green1 year ago

    Hey Amelia, hope you are doing well. Aww dear I am so sorry to hear about your infertility. Infertility is surely very nerve-wrecking. I can understand your suffering as I am an infertile too. I was also unable to conceive naturally because of endometriosis. My doctor advised me to try IVF and I agreed. My hubby and I go for IVF attempts twice but they failed both times. My hubby couldnt bear the frustration and he divorced me. I felt quite devastated and depression took over me. After a year of depression I remarried a friend few months ago. I want to have a child asap to make this marriage work. Like you my hubby and I have decided to try surrogacy. We have already visited a clinic in Ukraine and finalized all details with them. Up till now this is the best clinic we have contacted so far and my hopes are sky high. We are currently finalizing our SM to start our surrogacy journey.

  7. Caitlyn Maddy1 year ago

    I felt sad to hear that you could not conceive naturally but at the same time happy that you finally achieved your dreams of motherhood. When i started my surrogacy journey i did not know what i was doing and I just contacted the first clinic i stumbled upon. The L***s clinic id not give me any kind of reply, neither to my mails nor calls. I was so frustrated I was thrown nearly into depression. My husband helped me and steered me towards the right clinic then. Now i am eagerly waiting to meet the surrogate mother in few days. Fingers crossed.

  8. serra1 year ago

    I hope you are fine. I think that if you ask people for the decisions then it would be great. I know you have been a lot. I pray that you will be a mom soon. Go to the best clinic, that you think is right for you. There are such clinics like Adonis. Don't go there without any research. Not only Adonis but also other small clinics too. The success of the treatments depends on the clinic you go for. So go for the best ones.

  9. milana31 year ago

    I am so sorry. I hope that you are fine. It is a good news. You should go for the treatments that you think are right for you. I will pray for you. But It is a suggestion that you should go for the reliable clinic having a high success rate. I have heard about a clinic adonis. Be aware of it. They are unexpectedly behaving strangely with people. Really these clinics are just cheating people. I don't know why they are doing this. I think there must be some personal benefits. They even don't have the necessary apparatuses they should have. People are facing negligence because of them.

  10. Carol211 year ago

    Hey, there. I can understand! Infertility is honestly horrible. It's the worst thing that could happen. It's a curse, really. I'm just glad people are talking about it. And there are a lot of methods now for dealing with it. I'm happy you are going for it, though. I just want to warn you about clinics. It's important to do your research and go for the right one. BioTexCom excels in assisted conception. But, they aren't offering surrogacy for a few months. That's because of the legal situation. And, they don't want to be doing anything illegal. But, I'd suggest you still go there. You'll get a free consultation session and they'll guide you, in the right manner. Plus, these procedures can take time and they're confident they'll be signing surrogacy contracts in a couple of months. So, good luck!

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