Infertility and surrogacy

Hello ladies. I want some help from you. I am really tensed about my health condition. I am 33 years old. My problem is that I cannot conceive naturally. Because doctor recognized me of heart disease. I am going to consult a clinic in Ukraine for my infertility issue.
I saw very positive reviews about surrogacy or IVF. So decided to consult the specialized doctors of clinic about my pregnancy issues. I want to discuss with doctors whether I should go for IVF or surrogacy? What are your opinions regarding this? Please give me your sincere suggestions. Because it might be possible that my decision depends upon your suggestions.
All comments are welcomed. Thanks.

  1. Elizza0498 months ago

    Hey Emiley! Hope so you will be fine. I felt so sad to know the situation you are dealing with. I know it's tough. I'm glad that you looking for some alternate methods. I think both the methods are great. It depends upon the health condition and what suits you better. If you want to get pregnant then you should go with IVF. but in this way, you should not have any health issues. Instead, you can also go with surrogacy. Usually, it is a more preferred thing over IVF. There iare some clinics in Europe that are specialized for surrogacy. They best regarding surrogacy. One of my friends had her surrogacy from there. I hope it will be fruitful for you. Even they are coming to London soon. On the 18-19th of this month, they have a grand event. I think you should go there. I hope they will guide you better. All my sympathies are with you

  2. soulful8 months ago

    Dear, I am really sorry about your problems. I can understand how hard it was for you to suffer from infertility. Infertility is a curse. In past, there were no treatments for it. Couples live their life in a hope of becoming parents. Nowadays and IVF and surrogacy treatments are introduced to resolve infertility issues. You should definitely go for surrogacy. There is a good clinic in Eastern Europe. They are best in dealing with it. You should go there. Trust me once you opt it you won't regret your decision. My best wishes are with you. Baby dust to you

  3. daisy1238 months ago

    hi. how are you?. you are strongly welcomed over here. very good question. infertility is a curse now. infertility can be resolved by many methods. it creates much hopelessness in the family. surrogacy is safe and sound method. consult the gyno first. For surrogacy go to that clinic whose forum are replying you. Hope for Good. take knowledge about biotexcom. Surrogacy is the treatment better provided at biotexcom. is the visiting site. This company is shifting to the london. you heard very clear about these clinics. Their service are not so good. But hope you will be well known about the biotexcom. Their they are providing the details about treatment. Hope for best. hope for good and Best wishes.

  4. emmajoe8 months ago

    Hi, How are you doing? Hope you are healthy and fine. :) I just want to say in the clear words that the Clinic for the surrogacy process is has the important role. You must have to clear the image, success rate and all other thing related to the process, Best clinics like Ukraine just move to that side if you really want a safe process.. Being infertile and life without a baby is so boring and full of sadness. Due to multiple use of abortion makes me infertile. My husband was worried about me. He discussed with doctors. They recommend the Ukraine. We wen through surrogacy in Ukraine and now I have my healthy and lovely baby. The clinic choice is the important step that you should take carefully in your life. Ukraine is famous for the best clinic and the Bio-Tex-Com is the best clinic in Ukraine. Best wishes for you. Hope you will be always good. :)

  5. rachel078 months ago

    Hey. How are you? It is sad to hear what you went through. Hope you are doing okay. Infertility sure is a very complex phase of life. It is hard to deal with. Being honest, these forums have helped me a lot through that time of my life. I did get a lot of bad experiences. But it was here that I was guided to the right place. I found a clinic trustworthy and reliable. They provided me with multiple options. Helped me make my decision. And choose what I felt comfortable with. I hope people find the support like that. Wishing you good luck. Cheers.

  6. agnes068 months ago

    I used to cry at myself at my helplessness but then I came to know such amazing ways to have my own family I and my husband visited a million doctors but nothing worked out for us. I was more than upset. I'm so thankful as Biotexcom is coming to the UK on 18th and 19th August they have limited seats I'm definitely gonna avail the chance. The best clinic situated in Europe they are having a meeting. you should totally avail the chance too.

  7. agnes068 months ago

    "Surrogacy is the best choice to make. I’m happy because I made a decision back then and now we are a complete family just because of surrogacy. Don’t wait for too long dear try to consult about surrogacy as soon as possible. I know the best clinic situated in Europe they are having a meeting in the UK on 18 and 19 of August you should totally avail the chance because they have limited seats. Good luck to you

  8. hannahgr8 months ago

    Hey there. How are you? Hope you are fine. I am sorry to read about your disease. Be the hopeful dear. I wish you all the best. Both surrogacy and IVF are good. You should go for the one which you want by heart. Go for the one which appeals to you. I personally prefer IVF because it lets you become a mother naturally. A friend of mine went for IVF from a clinic in Ukraine. I was so inspired by it. I hope you find the method and clinic which is best for you. Keep your hopes high. All the best.

  9. alice997 months ago

    Hello there. I am so sorry for what you are going through. Help is on your way. The most amazing clinic in Ukraine is coming. You can gain consultancy from them. The clinic has a high success rate and also offering reasonable procedures. In fact, i have a good news for you, their experienced doctor's team is going to visit Uk on 18-19 August. they are organizing an event here. take your friend there to meet them and i am sure you will find them best. Don’t miss this opportunity. Its a golden chance trust me. I will be there. I hope to see you there too. Take care.

  10. lena-mother7 months ago

    about 200 years ago the infertility was absolute. once you are reported infertile, then you have to live with this unfortune. you can not do any thing. my told me that my how a woman in their neighbours was infertile. she was so depressed and only see darkness in every thing. now in my 33 age i can feel her pain as i feel your pain. yesterday when i visited doctor, she said that i can not go for pregnancy. there is problem with my eggs as they are not capable of fertilization. this news stuck me like a stone from blue. i was a very brightfull woman but now i am a very darkful peron. a friend told me about this clinic in ukraine. most of people here are also recommending that clinic. i am thinking to try them. i mailed them my documents already. they replies with positive attitude. according to them their success rate is 100% they offer me free 1st visit. although i am not seeing any light in this darkness. yet my husband is very bright full and he wants to give them a try. his initial search on this clinic is very hope full. i am wishing that they will give me what they claimed ....

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