Infertility and surrogacy

Hello ladies. I want some help from you. I am really tensed about my health condition. I am 33 years old. My problem is that I cannot conceive naturally. Because doctor recognized me of heart disease. I am going to consult a clinic in Ukraine for my infertility issue.
I saw very positive reviews about surrogacy or IVF. So decided to consult the specialized doctors of clinic about my pregnancy issues. I want to discuss with doctors whether I should go for IVF or surrogacy? What are your opinions regarding this? Please give me your sincere suggestions. Because it might be possible that my decision depends upon your suggestions.
All comments are welcomed. Thanks.

  1. Elise-Uk10 months ago

    Hi, hope you are fine. I read your whole post. I m feeling very sad for you. Take care of your health. Health is very important for everyone. I know it is the very tough situation for you. Do not lose hope. face that situation. I will suggest you surrogacy through my experience. I have been through this by myself, therefore, I will suggest surrogacy. It is better to suggest others from which you have gone through. I am going through the successful journey of surrogacy that is why I am telling you about it. I also face cancer through cancer disease before marriage. I had the proper treatment I will be completely friend before marriage. After marriage when I am trying to conceive. My doctor told me that I will not possible for me. It will be very dangerous for me and also for my child. I completely lose my hope. It is not very easy to face that type of situation. My husband told me about surrogacy. He is very cooperative. He makes complete research on surrogacy. Our friend suggests us this is best for us. Then we try to find the best clinic for surrogacy., And the clinic in UKRAINE we found the best clinic. The clinic services are very good. I suggest you for surrogacy. Make

  2. Elise-Uk10 months ago

    Hi, I am sorry for all this tragedy. Do not lose hope. Hope is the key to success. I suggest you to surrogacy. Surrogacy is the blessing for many couples. For those couples who can not conceive naturally. I also face that situation. In my situation, my husband and my family are very cooperative. They ask me for surrogacy.they tell me about surrogacy blessing. I completely agree with them. Now I have my own baby. Surrogacy completed my life. Fill my life with happiness. Make your own research. And always hope for the best"

  3. Emily12310 months ago

    Hi Emily. Sorry to hear about your condition. Infertility takes a lot out of us. I know because I have also been diagnosed with infertility. In my opinion, IVF and Surrogacy are both good procedures. However, IVF is painful and the success rate although is pretty high but it is still not a sure shot like surrogacy. I had 2 IVF both ending in MC after 2-3 months. Surrogacy was the only option for me. After searching the internet for Reviews. I applied to Biotexcom clinic in Ukraine for my surrogacy procedure. Not only was it the best decision of my life but I was really surprised but how kind and cooperative people there were. It was a very beautiful experience I got to meet a lot of couples who had success by surrogacy. I now have a baby daughter because of surrogacy. The decision is up to you. if you are willing to conceive than IVF is the way to go but make sure that your uterus is fit and healthy or else IVF will fail for you like it did for me. Take care

  4. alexasmith10 months ago

    Hey! I hope you are doing fine. This is such a heartbreaking story. I can totally feel your pain. I have been in your shoes. I got married in 2009. Since then I have had 2 miscarriages. I had lost all hope to become a mother ever again. My husband and I then started looking for alternatives. We then found out about surrogacy. We were reluctant in the beginning. Nevertheless, we took our chances. Now I am blessed with a beautiful baby boy. I pray that you too get blessed with children. Best of luck. Cheers!

  5. alice9910 months ago

    Hello gorgeous! How are you? I hope you are well. I'll let you in on my experience. Earlier last year I was diagnosed will uterine cancer. I lost my uterus. I was very depressed and hopeless at that time. But I consulted my doctor. He exposed me to options like surrogacy and IVF. They both seem like good options. But from what I've heard. Surrogacy tends to be more successful. IVF is not as successful. You should be considerate of all the options you see. Ukraine really has the best surrogacy clinics. I hope you make a good decision. I wish you good health.

  6. shwanmendas10 months ago

    dear Emily,sorry to say but it is the harsh reality and we have to accept it. we can not fight with the system of is very hard for a woman to accept the ground reality. but the main and the best thing is that not to lose hope. nature always provides a way. the rest is upon us that how we utilize that way. I was like you, can't conceive naturally. my marriage life is totally disturbed. I become a patient of depression. one of my friend's had told me about surrogacy and IVF. later on, I have searched both of them and selected the surrogacy and become hopeful. I have traveled straight away to northern Europe. there the clinic had given me facilities and taken my eggs and my husband's sperm and injected it into a surrogate mother. now I am a mother of two children both was get through my best suggestion for you is to choose the option surrogacy. now, this is up to you which is suitable for you, best wishes from my side are always with you.

  7. Ada10 months ago

    emily294 yes we are here to help you. this forum is for that woman who faces difficulty in conceiving. We are like a family. We can talk to each other about the difficulties. Don’t be tense. I can imagine the troubles of your life. At 33 heart disease is a common disease now a day. I have noticed that many women are now not conceiving just because of heart diseases. Yes, surrogacy is too many common phenomena. Surrogacy is offered by many clinics. They offer their customers reasonable and sensible packages. Their paramedical staff is well educated. They hold such doctors that are educated from a well-reputed university. Their clinical environment is much satisfying to their clients. So if you agree then have a try and best of luck

  8. Ada10 months ago

    emily294 that’s a sad news. Why you are so upset.? how stupid is my question. While I know the reason and still I am asking you. well, that’s not as shocking as you are thinking. You can easily recover. Don’t be so upset. You know living upset may harm your health and leave you in permanent disease. This is the major issue of every one now a day. A real doctor may help you greatly. If you think that Ukraine clinic is best for you then you must visit. Just remember one thing never underestimate your health. There is no alternative to a good health. If you are healthy and have kid’s life is beautiful. Without such blessings no matter how much money you have is no gain.

  9. BellaJones10 months ago

    Hey there Emily. How are you doing? I hope its all great. I am really sorry to hear about your problem. I know it must be really hard. I know I have been through this road before. It's never easy. I hope things get better. Talking about IVF and surrogacy. I have had surrogacy. It really wonderful. It's more space then IVF. Very less failure. However if you want to give birth your self-go for IVF. I hope this help. I wish you good luck. Take care.

  10. beeaaa-12310 months ago

    Hello Emily, Here you come to the right point. Our forum gives you right suggestion. First of all, I really appreciate you. After facing all these things in your life you are able to move on. Your positive attitude inspires me. I feel very sad to hear about your disease. Take care of your health. Heath should always come first. Emily, I suggest you choose surrogacy. Surrogacy is the best decision for you if you can not conceive naturally. IVF is also the good choice. But it is very painful. It is for those couples who are able to conceive. Make also your research on it. Best of luck

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