Infertility and surrogacy

Hello ladies. I want some help from you. I am really tensed about my health condition. I am 33 years old. My problem is that I cannot conceive naturally. Because doctor recognized me of heart disease. I am going to consult a clinic in Ukraine for my infertility issue.
I saw very positive reviews about surrogacy or IVF. So decided to consult the specialized doctors of clinic about my pregnancy issues. I want to discuss with doctors whether I should go for IVF or surrogacy? What are your opinions regarding this? Please give me your sincere suggestions. Because it might be possible that my decision depends upon your suggestions.
All comments are welcomed. Thanks.

  1. lizaj9 months ago

    Hi, there I hope you are fine. I can completely understand your situation. According to your condition, you can't conceive naturally you should go for surrogacy. In your case, IVF will fail .there are clinics in Europe that deal best in surrogacy. Till then best of luck.

  2. TheOptimistic9 months ago

    Although this age is not a disappointing one but still it is better to think about a prevention plan for a great future. Usually the chances of infertility start getting lower after 35. it is sad that your chances of getting fertile have become negligible. It is not easy to reach a proper decision of choosing the most appropriate method. It all depends on your personal conditon. the fertility clinic can be the real assistance in this regard. If there is no problem with your reproductory organs then you can carry the baby through IVF. On the other hand the choice of surrogacy is there if you cannot hold the rainbow yourself. In this case the surrogate mom will help you enjoy the blessings of the motherhood. Both the methods have equal chances of success and failure. There might be little difference in the cost. If you are thinking to go for any of these two procedures, then you shoould take some professional advice. Just keep thinking positively. Whatever your doctor suggests think good about it. Take things realistically and life would be much easier for you. Wishing you all the best in the journey of motherhood.

  3. ella2329 months ago

    I will suggest you surrogacy because i have been through this by myself that is why i will suggest surrogacy. It is better to suggest others from which you have gone through. I am going through the successful journey of surrogacy that is why i am telling you about it.
    I had hysterectomy cancer from my adulthood. I had proper treatment of it and i was cancer free. But i was infertile for life.

  4. lizaj9 months ago

    Hi there it's very Sad to hear about. It's difficult situation in females life.. You must move on. My Freind had a miscarriage. She visited a clinic in London. They suggested her surrogacy. It was less expensive there. She had twins through it. Her family is completed. Don't lose hope. Don't hesitate and go for it. Till then best of luck my dear Freind. Remember courage does not always roar .sometime courage is a little voice at the end of the day that says that I will try again tomorrow.

  5. diana_mom9 months ago

    Howdy dear, how are you doing? I hope everything is going well at your side. I will try my best to share my experience with you. Last year, I was diagnosed with heart disease. I faced a heart attack and then heart surgery. It was so much depressing and heartbreaking for me. I wanted to conceive a child. Due to which, I consulted my doctor. The doctor suggested me the treatments like surrogacy and IVF. Both of these treatments are very prominent and working best. But then, I came to know that surrogacy is far better than IVF and adoption. Success rates in surrogacy are almost full. I would be difficult and risky to have IVF treatment. Because IVF requires good mental and physical health. I have heard too much about the clinics which are located in Europe. I'm sure it will help you a lot in taking a right decision. wish you a blast of luck!

  6. Nida John9 months ago

    Hi Emily how are you? Hope you are fine. Really sorry to know what you are going through. Being not able to conceive naturally is very hard phase of women life. Its good that women are getting awareness about these issues and are looking for treatments. Surrogacy is best solution for infertile couples. It is changing the life of so many hopeless couples. I think you should choose Surrogacy for you. Surrogacy has high success rates too. Our good wishes and prayers are with you. You are going to be amazing mother. Cheers.

  7. Marilyn Howard9 months ago

    Hey Emily. Feeling very sad about you. These diseases are part of life. Don't let this diseases dominant your hope. I think you should go for surrogacy. Cause in IVF mother has to carry children. And as you are heart patient you cannot carry children. But in surrogacy children will be biologically yours and it will be carried by surrogate mother. A final decision will be yours. Take care.

  8. Elizza0499 months ago

    Hey! Hope so you are doing good. I just read your post. I'm glad to know that you are moving on. If you think that are healthy enough and have the stamina to bear the 9 months procedure then you should for IVF. But if you have some health issues and you think you are not able to carry baby in your womb for 9 months then I think surrogacy would be best for you. These ups and downs are the part of life. You just stay positive and be confident in your decision. Everything will be fine with the passage of time.
    My sympathies

  9. Emily1239 months ago

    Hi Emily! Hope you are doing great. You are doing the right thing by going to Ukraine for this treatment. They have some of the best clinics. I also went to Ukraine for my surrogacy procedure and would recommend that you go for Surrogacy instead of IVF. IVF although has high chances of success but it not a sure shot like surrogacy. I had 2 failed IVF before I resorted to surrogacy. I think it will be better for you if you take surrogacy as your option out of infertility. Anyways! Best of luck on your journey.

  10. MariaCoughlin9 months ago

    Hello there. I am sorry to know what you are going through. The clinic you are talking about is a good place to go. I had my surrogacy there. It was a wonderful experience.
    Now, for your situation, let the doctors decide for you. Go there and get yourself properly checked. Actually, chosing one method depends compleltely on your condition. IVF and surrogacy both have great success rate. But you got to chose which will be the best for you. Then you are good to go for the one.
    Hope you will find some solution soon. Lots of love and wishes to you. Stay blessed. More power to you.

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