Infertility and surrogacy

Hello ladies. I want some help from you. I am really tensed about my health condition. I am 33 years old. My problem is that I cannot conceive naturally. Because doctor recognized me of heart disease. I am going to consult a clinic in Ukraine for my infertility issue.
I saw very positive reviews about surrogacy or IVF. So decided to consult the specialized doctors of clinic about my pregnancy issues. I want to discuss with doctors whether I should go for IVF or surrogacy? What are your opinions regarding this? Please give me your sincere suggestions. Because it might be possible that my decision depends upon your suggestions.
All comments are welcomed. Thanks.

  1. LonieKot8 months ago

    I joined this forum long ago.I like to read the stories of different people.Its been a very long time.I feel happy after reading successful stories of different people.
    I'm also infertile.But i had to go for surrogacy.We firstly moved to Europe form Japan.Surrogacy is ban in Japan so we moved there.We stayed in Europe for 4 months.We contacted clinics in Europe.My husband didn't liked them.Than we moved to Ukraine.As we heard alot about the clinics in Ukraine so we moved there.There we found a very good clinic.The clinic found a good surrogate for us.The surrogate is pregnant with our twin dolls.We are so happy.We are so happy that we will have our own kids now,We are so thankful to the clinic and surrogate.
    Everyone cheers and good luck.

  2. Emily1238 months ago

    Hi Emily! So sorry to hear about your condition. I am glad that you have not given up hope and are still willing to go for surrogacy. Surrogacy is indeed a very beautiful process and I would recommend you should hesitate in going for it. Ukraine is home to some of the best fertility clinics so I know that you are in good hands. I wish you the best of luck. Hope everything works out.

  3. alice998 months ago

    Hello there. How are you? I hope you are well. In my opinion, surrogacy is the best and most reliable option for you. I can understand your condition. You should have to visit surrogacy clinic. I went through the same pain and depression. I am infertile. I cannot produce because I lost my uterus. Then i heard about the surrogacy. It was the solution to all my problems. I hope you find your way soon. Take care.

  4. MirandaD8 months ago

    It will be very difficult to help you with the limited information you have provided. IVF is not for everyone. It really depends on your condition if you can opt for it or not. For IVF your uterus needs to be functioning that is the most important thing. If you want to opt for your own eggs then your amh and fsh levels should be accurate as well. For surrogacy again you need to be producing good healthy eggs. Otherwise you can opt for DE option. Both of them have a high success rate. IVF success rate depends on your condition. Whereas for surrogacy the chance of success is 70%. For both these procedures it really matters that the doctor you visit has a high success rate. A doctor with high success rate would know how to do the treatment well. Best of luck for your procedure. I hope everything goes smoothly. Do keep us posted!

  5. alana558 months ago

    I am very sorry to hear about your infertility. I know it would be really hard for you. I can feel your pain. That's because I was in the same boat a few years ago. I was totally shattered when the doctor broke this news. I did not know what to do. I was completely destroyed. I had suicidal thoughts. But my husband supported me. He helped me in all this situation. I am so lucky to have him. He convinced me that we can go for surrogacy. So, we did. We had our surrogacy from Biotex. It is a clinic in Ukraine. It's really good. I would suggest you the same one. We had a baby girl later on. We were very satisfied with their treatment. You should also give it a try.

  6. Emma Linkade8 months ago

    Hi Emily. I'm so sorry for your condition. I strongly recognize what you're going through. I am really glad to see that apart from the disease you still hope for happiness. I hope you will be healthy soon.

  7. scarlett99998 months ago

    hi Emily, how are you? I would suggest you upon facts. surrogacy is a procedure where a surrogate mom is pregnant. it will be your legally baby. having your genetics. the surrogate will be healthy enough to deliver your baby. on the other hand, if you have good egg quality. IVF is artificial fertilization of eggs in the lab. then transferred to you. as per depending on the health. is you think you are fine. IVF is for you. Isle surrogacy. Surrogacy has more success rate. hope this was helpful. sending you baby dust.. take care. keep me updated.

  8. EmilyBaker8 months ago

    Sorry to hear that you cannot have your own children, not because of infertiliy. But because of a heart disease. Did the doctors say anything about treating the disease? I have also heard a lot of positive reviews about the clinic too. I hope going there ends in a positive review from your side as well. I think you should talk to your doctor regarding IVF. If he thinks you will be able to carry the baby for 9 months, you should go for it. Carrying a baby for 9 months will cause a deeper attachment between you and your baby compared to surrogacy.

  9. Nala8508 months ago

    Hey Emily. I am deeply saddened to know about your condition. People in my family have been a victim of infetility too. It kills me to see people so desperate to have kids of their own but can't do so. My sister-in-law was infertile; she got to know through her friends about this fertiloty clinic in Europe. It had amazing reviews and an unbelieveable success rate. Going through this might be hard for you, but the choice you're making is very brave. I wish you the very best of luck! xx

  10. Amenda8 months ago

    Hi Emily. I'm so sorry for your condition. No doubt you are facing a hard time yet. But I will say you to don't lose hope, please. As you are brave you should think in other ways. I strongly recognize what you're going through. So, yeah! Anyway! I think yes, you should really get yourself consulted...Because, the disease you're carrying is really very severe and critical. Well, I''m also an IVF candidate for this July, I've also booked an appointment for an IVF clinic. It's pretty famous nowadays! So, yeah! But, my case is different. As I have this PCOS, which makes an IVF process suitable for me. Anyway! I wish you all the best dear! Stay blessed. x

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