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Hello Everybody. Today I want to share the knowledge about the IUI. That what is IUI and how it is done. I hope it will help you all. You can read the description mentioned below.

Intrauterine insemination is also called IUI or artificial insemination.
Intrauterine insemination (IUI) is a richness treatment that includes putting sperm inside a lady's uterus to encourage preparation. The objective of IUI is to build the quantity of sperm that compass the fallopian tubes and consequently increment the shot of preparation.

IUI gives the sperm leeway by giving it a head begin. Yet at the same time requires a sperm to reach and prepare the egg alone. It is a less obtrusive and more affordable choice contrasted with in vitro treatment.

I hope this knowledge will help you all. It would be great if you please share it with others. Thanks for your time. I hope it was clear. Stay happy

  1. Emma7336 months ago

    Thanks for sharing this info. This post is really informative. Many people have confusion about this treatment. They think that IUI and IVF are the same things. People should post this kind of informative posts. It really helps other. Keep sharing these kinds of posts.

  2. Alana906 months ago

    That's great that you shared some very useful knowledge. It would surely help those who are seeking help over IUI. Let just promote more and more of these to let others know the importance of these procedures. Good luck to all you people who are promoting this. I wish to see more such post. To spread awareness. And make it easy for people to adopt. With positive response.

  3. lizaj6 months ago

    Hi, how are you .thank you so much for sharing this post .it is such an informative post .most of the people thinks IVF and IUI are same .you have to make it clear .even I have many doubts related to this .you have made all of them clear. I will definitely share it with my friends and family.

  4. Jane Drake6 months ago

    This is an amazing post. I never knew IUI works like this. I had knowledge about few treatments. But IVF only. Yes and surrogacy as well. Though I was oblivious about this one. This is new information for me. This is a great treatment. Why do people go for IVF? This sounds an easy procedure. I mean FET is way complicated. It is painful too. Then why IVF and not IUI? Can you help answer this question? I am confused on this.

  5. eilsie6 months ago

    An obligation of appreciation is altogether to share this information. This post is to a great degree valuable. Various people have confusion about this treatment. They envision that IUI and IVF are comparable things. People should post this kind of helpful posts. Allow just to progress progressively of these to tell others the hugeness of these methodologies. Favourable circumstances to all you people who are propelling this. I wish to see more such post. To spread care. Additionally, make it basic for people to get. With positive response. you have to make it clear .even I have various inquiries related to this .you have made each one of them clear. I will bestow it on my friends and family.

  6. Hannah.David6 months ago

    Hey, thank for sharing your knowledge regarding IUI. IUI is the first treatment that is mostly done by infertile couples after their diagnoses. It has a very low chance of success though. However, I know couples who were able to conceive through it after the first cycle. So it depends on your condition. IUI did not work for me and that is mainly because of my disorder. I hope all those who are trying to conceive are able to. Good luck!

  7. Elizza0496 months ago

    Hey Shannon! Hope so you are doing good. I just read your post. Exactly, you are right. This is the actual process of IUI. I have seen a lot of people confused about their difference. According to them, both the things are similar. But you have cleared the difference. I hope everyone would be clarified after seeing your post. My appreciation

  8. diana_mom6 months ago

    Thanks a lot for sharing such an informational post. This post is inspired me too. Numerous people have huge confusions about the infertility treatments. Most of them think that IUI and IVF are the two same procedures. People should post such experiences to motivate the aspirants. May everyone gets their desire soon. Keep sharing such kind of stuff.

  9. Nida John6 months ago

    Hey dear Thanks for this thread. It is really informative and will help many women out there who are looking for these treatments. Helping other in need is really great. Keep on sharing these kinds of information

  10. marina_j6 months ago

    Wow, such a great post. Such an informative post. I also lack awareness in it. My brother was suffering from infertility issue. It was difficult for him to discuss with anyone. So he told me and his wife about that. I will definitely recommend him IUI. Thanks for sharing this information with us.

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