Is it safe to have a root canal therapy while being pregnant?

Hey! I am Alice. I am 6 months pregnant. One of my molar teeth broke two weeks back. I had only mild pain at that time. Yesterday while I was having a candy bar, I started experiencing pain in my molar teeth. My husband took me to a dental clinic in Mississauga. The dentist, after examination, said that half of my molar teeth are broken and it has got cavities too. He suggested undergoing a root canal therapy. I am worried whether the root canal treatment would harm my baby. I discussed this with my husband and he told me to undergo the therapy. But I am confused. Is there anybody over here who has undergone a root canal therapy while being pregnant? How was your experience? Is it safe to have a root canal therapy while being pregnant? Does it have any side effects and complications? Please help me out!

  1. nica5241 week ago

    Hey! Alice Don't worry. Some women may elect to avoid dental work during the first trimester knowing this is the most vulnerable time of development. However, there is no evidence suggesting harm to the baby for those electing to visit the dentist during this time frame. if non-emergency dental work is needed during the third trimester, it is usually postponed until after the birth. So do visit your doctor regularly. These things happen in pregnancy.

  2. hannahperk6 days ago

    Hi there, how do you do. Yes you can do it without any tension. It has nothing to do with pregnancy in my opinion. Just take care about your diet after that. One factor is pain. Please be sure that you can handle pain. That's all. My friend had it while she was pregnant. She told me that the pain is unbearable. Not at the time of treatment because they give you dose. After that it is really painfull. The choice is yours at the end. It's really a good thing that you just asked it. It is not good to take this decisions on your own. This forum could help you with all the comments which makes your decision more mature. Best of luck dear.

  3. simona554 days ago

    Hi Alice, I have found this question to be too common, especially in winters. I just made a comment on a similar post at another forum. Would love to share my insights with you

  4. aylawoodruff1 day ago

    Hello everyone..I had an emergency root canal at 35 weeks. I was very scared (I had never had a root canal before). My OBGYN says it happens all the time. No problems at all. My endodontist used a digital x-ray, which may have lower radiation levels. He also used low-epi drugs to reduce risk to the baby. I was able to shift sideways and I carried a small pillow with me and was pretty comfortable for the 1-hour procedure. I was very worried about the pain afterward but luckily I only needed 1 Tylenol, when the Novocaine wore off. I never needed antibiotics, which I did not want to take! At 37 weeks, I just had the temporary crown put on, with a no-epi drug. My gums are a little agitated but not that much pain. I was very concerned with going through with this procedure but I'm glad that I did. My dentists were very understanding about the drugs and the time schedule I'm on. Now I don't have to wait and worry about taking care of it after the baby is born!

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