Its finally happening

Hi guys. How are you all doing? So we have decided to go for surrogacy again. I think it would be perfect for us to have another baby now. We have already applied for it. An initial consultation was scheduled between us and the doctors a few days ago. It went really well. We will now proceed with the rest of the procedure.

  1. MirandaD7 months ago

    Hey, I hope things go well for you. It is a lengthy process and the one that requires a lot of patience. However, in the end, it is all worth it. I am visiting the same clinic for a different process. They are really doing an amazing job at the process. Everything is so precise and systematic. I visited them recently for the first initial visiting and I was so impressed with everything. Really hoping that things work for us.

  2. Teneffarina7 months ago

    Girls can you believe I feel really happy when someone achieves something! Honestly, I’ve never been feeling like that before. I had to go through such challenging things to begin browsing on forums, although all those challenges made me so understanding and patient.
    I’d prefer to have another life but I’m grateful for such changes in my mind. I’m happy to announce we are finally doing great! Our surrogate is pregnant and the rest of the process seem quite smooth.
    We’ve changed the clinic because of some issues a year ago. Now we feel good with our new agency. What about you girls?
    You said that you were at the same clinic for having another treatment but no one mentioned any names? Maybe you are friends beyond the internet relationship.
    If that’s true, it will be awesome. My congrats to your decision to have the second baby. I find it wonderful when our children grow at the surrounding of caring people and siblings.

  3. melissastan7 months ago

    Hello. How are you guys doing? Thank you so much for such supportive comments. You guys made me really happy. And yes I'm sticking to the clinic I went to the last time. I had my first son through surrogacy. I found a very good clinic at that time. They are so affordable. The thing I liked the most was the guarantee program they provided. It hooked me. They give you a guarantee of a baby in their surrogacy program. And I needed that this time too. Their services are so up to the mark. So I didn't want to take any risks with a new clinic. It's not an easy process but these things just minimise the risks. let's see how the rest of the procedure goes.

  4. kimberlyjames7 months ago

    Hey Melissa. So good to hear about this. I followed your last surrogacy journey. It was really nice and motivating. Imglad you've decided to embark on another one. Which clinic are you going to this time? I'm actually looking for good clinics these days. This would be helpful for me.

  5. melissastan6 months ago

    Hello Kimberly. How are you doing? It is so nice to know somebody followed my previous journey. This made me really happy. Thank you so much for doing that. I'm glad I motivated you. I'm going to the clinic I went to the last time. My experience with them was really good. I'm comfortable with them. They are really affordable too. So I didn't want to take any risks this time with a new clinic. They are treating me really well. And I know I'm in good hands here. I'll be more than happy to help you out. If you have any questions please do ask. Thank you so much.

  6. Claudiameer 6 months ago

    Hi Melissa! I hope you are doing well. I am glad that you guys are opting for Surrogacy. It's good that you are again trying to conceive with surrogacy. I also had both of my babies through surrogacy so I m hopeful that it will work out for you as well. Stay blessed!

  7. melissastan6 months ago

    Hi guys. Hope you all are doing great. Thank you so much for such supportive comments. Your response is overwhelming. Do remember me in your prayers. I'm feeling very positive about all this now. I will keep you all updated.

  8. melissastan6 months ago

    Hello Pinder. Yeah, I have done this before. I know about the procedures and everything related to it. The first time i made some small mistakes. But i wont repeat those this time. If you ever want any help, I will gladly try to help you out here.

  9. kimberlyjames6 months ago

    Heyyy. I just wanted to know how much time it takes them to find you a surrogate. I heard it is not specified. But I'm not sure. Do you have any idea how long it can be? Good luck to you though. Hope it is going well. Thank you.

  10. PageElvy6 months ago

    Hey everyone!
    I am new here. On this forum, not to surrogacy. My name is Elvy. I have chosen surrogacy as well. I am 55 and this is one of the last options we have left. My hubby was there for me when I had all of my miscarriages. He is here for me now, too. He is so supported that he gets to do all of the important things. Just so I do not feel tired and pressured. Even though I totally understand the responsibility. We have been thinking about going independently but decided in favor of an agency or a clinic. We chose one agency in Ukraine. A smaller one, but we believe that fact is good when it comes to taking care of a lot of people. We have never received a reply with a huge delay. Or anything. The examinations all went smooth and we got the results pretty quickly. And as far as I won’t be participating in the process, we have only one thing to do - wait. Our sm is to be matched in a few months. We are preparing to fly there to see her in person. For some reason, even though it was one of our major wishes we think that no matter what we will like her. We like her already even though she is not in the process yet and we do not know who is she at all. :)


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