journey of my dream

When i had a my first miscarriage and i was in hospital my brain suddenly start bring the memory of my grandmother when my grandmother told me a story about her friend Rose a very attractive and beautiful woman . A woman who had every thing in her life she was full of joy and very brightful girl when she married we all were sure that she would have a wonderful family but 4 years of married life passed and there was no good news. when they visited a doctor she was told that she is infertile and can never had babies.. and now today i am also told the same thing and now i am understanding why my grandmother had tears in her eyes as she was telling the story. Infertility is really make my life a aimless journey. i have already lost my all hopes. yesterday i went to see my old friend she is a nurse and she has told me about a clinic in Ukraine which is medical facility which provide solution of infertility to the women like me. she also showed me their statistics and their successful rate. she told how they have really helpful to many other couples. i have again start seeing the dream of a baby after listening about this clinic in ukraine and i have made my mind to go on this journey of my dream

  1. agnes0610 months ago

    I'm dealing with infertility and now I almost gave up but my family insisted to go for surrogacy so I have been trying to find a good clinic regarding that but couldn't get success. I saw a clinic named Adonis online I mailed them a thousand times but still, I'm hopeless that so discouraging please don't be this cruel.

  2. Emma7339 months ago

    So sad to read your post. Its a really sad moment for women. She can't accept this bitter truth. She had not imagined that it will happen to her. But its nothing to be worried about. There is still have a chance. Ups and downs are part of life. There are not always problems in the life. So if the miscarriage has happened, you can try either again or go for fertility treatment. I am also infertile. Then a friend of mine suggested my surrogacy. I searched for it and the good clinic who are offering this treatment. I visited a very good clinic in Europe. And now I am a happy mother of a beautiful girl. She is of ten months. I am happy that I have tried this procedure. So you should also go for it confidently. Best of luck.

  3. Katty889 months ago

    Hey Hope you all are doing well! This is Katty! I got married 5 years ago! Had faced 3 miscarriages! After them doctors considered me an infertile! I was in search of a good clinic as I was devastated! Finally last week I went to the clinic in Ukraine with my friend! She had to collect her reports! I have never seen such a nice communication level like this clinic! They had a wonderful staff! Everything was really organized! People seemed really happy and relaxed! I went to doctor and told my problem! She listened to me carefully and suggested me surrogacy in such a nice and convincing way! Going to sign my contract with them! Never seen such a nice staff and humble doctors anywhere. Would love to visit again and again!

  4. Jade29 months ago

    Hello, Lena. How are you? I hope you're alright. This is such a nice post. I'm glad you talked about it. It's full of your struggles. I'm glad things look good for you, now. I can relate to you. I had a similar struggling experience. It was so hard for me. And, then, it got worse when I underwent treatment with a clinic called Lotus Clinic. It broke my heart, honestly. It was the worst time of my life. They made so many promises. But refused to walk their talk. I'm glad I've managed to put it behind me, now.

  5. Francis9 months ago

    Dear Lena. I am so sorry to hear all this. It is a very sad news. I don't know why such problems exist which have no cure. Infertility is I think the grandest issue in a woman's life. After marriage, the only aim is to have kids. Kids that would play in our hands. When I came to know that I am infertile, I was broken inside. I had no hopes. But a Ukranian clinic makes my life colorful again. Now I want to tell something to you. Hurrah! The Biotexcom Team is coming to the Uk. The dates are 18-19 August. It will be a great session to believe me. Get your registration. Seats are limited. Good luck

  6. Patricia Parker9 months ago

    Hey there.How are you?.I hope you are fine and healthy.I got your issue.You don't have to worry about anything.Just be brave and be positive.Let me share you about my story.I was infertile.My life was ruthless and point less.I also had many phases of depression due to my infertility.So one day one of my neighbour told me about this lotus clinic.She praised them alot but believe all was lie.I visited their website and they were marketting a lot about their services and level of work.I was praised but then one of my orthapedic doctor recommended me a clinic in Ukraine their services are outclass.I called them and their first comment was Mam!Don't worry you will leave Ukraine when you have your baby in your arms.My eyes filled with tears of joy.This is professionalism and services.Contact them and have some babies.I have mine and now he is crying so I have to go there and clean him up.If you need more assistence then I am always here.You can message me whenever you want to.

  7. Francis9 months ago

    Hi, Lina. How are you? I am really sorry to know about your problem. Take great care of yourself. Your health is more important. There is a great news for all. Bio TexCom is coming to the UK on 18-19 August. We will have a chance to meet their Head of the English department. He will tell us about the clinic. We will have our initial consultation. We can book an appointment there. They will entertain our questions. We can clear our confusions. This is a great opportunity for all of us. I had my registration through There are limited seats. Do register. See you all there.

  8. lily19 months ago

    I know you have been through alot. Thanks for sharing this with us. We all help eachother like a family. But now you have got the fruit of your suffering. That's why your story is very motivating. This will help people. There is a number of people who don't go for treatments due to lack of knowledge. There are a number of clinics who are not doing their job well. People need to beware of them. Thank you.

  9. lily19 months ago

    hi there, hope you are doing good. thanks for sharing this information with us. I hope everything will be good soon. There are some clinics who are doing their job well. People need to visit them. They are very helpful. the information you share with us will be very helpful. Thank you.

  10. kimberlyjames9 months ago

    Hey. Thanks for sharing this post with us. I really liked it. You have been through a lot in your life. But I'm glad things worked out for you. Ukraine is the hub for surrogacy. I know of a very good clinic there. I'm actually considering going there myself. Luckily, they are coming to London to do an event. Isn't it perfect timing? The event is going to be held on the 18th of August. I know you are done with surrogacy but I think you should come. Just being there to support people who are currently going through a hard time would be nice.

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