Loneliness during Pregnancy

Feeling lonely and unhappy in my third trimester. I love my partner, I'm excited to be a mom, but all of my friends and family live 3 + hours away. The closer I get to labor, the more lonely and unhappy I feel.

Has anyone else felt this way? If so, what have you done to feel less lonely and happier? Any advice is appreciated. Thanks!

  1. Shannon_H1 year ago

    I feel like this right now. I'm not pregnant but recently seperated and lost most of my girlfriends when I left. I try and keep busy and hope that new friends will come eventually. Do you have something you like to do in your spare time? A hobby?
    If you'd like someone to chat with I'd be more than happy to chat any time!
    I find reading and taking my daughter to activities is a great way to get out and stay busy!!

  2. Chase11111 year ago

    Being a stay at home mama and a military spouse, I am well acquainted with being a lone a lot with just myself and my children. I have 3 kiddos and feel the calling to have another. My husband and I have discussed getting pregnant again and are taking the steps to get ready. I can tell you that the most important thing to do is to get plugged in within your community. During my daughter, I was finishing up my senior year of college so I didn't notice the loneliness as much because I was so busy. During my pregnancy with my twins five years later was totally different. I was working a full time job and was busy, but kept feeling the loneliness when my husband would be away or working and I was stuck at the house the whole time. I think that what really helped me what to have my church family and getting plugged in with my life group of women that had children or were pregnant as well. Just talking and sharing our stories really helped because it was comforting feeling others in my same position and to hear that I wasn't alone.

    I would recommend finding some sort of mommy and me group to meet up with. It doesn't have to be online, you can go to your local church and become involved, you can take trips to parks and strike up conversation (sometimes just being outside and around others observing can help to alleviate the cabin fever).

    Hope that helps! Hang in there, you will have your hands full of joy soon and don't forget emotions aren't real, its the wicked trying to steal your joy from this special gift.

  3. Lexi Taylor1 year ago

    I am military wife pregnant with our first and going through the same thing. All friends and family are over a thousand miles away, and none of them understand what I am going through. I would be willing to meet up somewhere, I am not working anymore. Baby is Due Nov. 30th. I am new to hellomamas but willing to try this out. :)

  4. Monkey12271 year ago

    I feel ya! I sit and cry about it sometimes.. (35w 4d)

  5. Jini1 year ago

    Hi everyone,

    I just joined because I'm feeling lonely. I'm afraid my husband doesn't understand me during this pregnancy and has been making me more angrier and sad than happy. Most times I feel he is the one carrying the baby the way he acts. This will be our second planned pregnancy. Well it came by surprise but we have been trying for two years. First child Is 12 so it has been a long time between. Has anyone experienced the above or any advice?


  6. Neha0320171 year ago

    @jini I feel similar to the way you do. I am going to be a first time mom (34 weeks) and suddenly feeling so disconnected with my body. My husband tries to take care of me but I feel he just doesn't get it. Recently I discovered that he has been taking to his ex behind my back. He claims it was general conversation and I didn't want to stress out much about it so I told him it's no big deal. But somehow just cannot get it out of my head. I already feel so unattractive and this incident has further crushed my self confidence. I feel so helpless that I burst out crying at times. I am very excited about the new baby but sometimes feel like I just want to get back to my old life. I hope it's just a phase and it passes:( hopefully meeting my new baby will change everything.

  7. mancha1 year ago

    Hy gals we r in d same boat my partner doeant call me or even come c me I use to stress n whine n 1 day I asked myslf wat if I loose my baby bcoz of stressing so much I decided to understand d situation dat is pregnancy mayb he might b d 1 with pregnancy simptonsis not me den I advice all of u gals to stay strong for yr babies sake lets b friend n communicate more to remove stress #lets stay strong

  8. Yolanda Armstrong1 year ago

    Yes i totally. Understand and is going through something similar to lonliness and seperartrd from my loved ones as well. Even my spouse seems not to be understanding most of the times

  9. doriss1 year ago

    I think it happens. You get all kinds of weird feeling and emotions during this time.

  10. Kitty11 months ago

    I feel the same, and joined in to get the way out of it. My husband is in other state and this is making the situation more trouble some. I feel as if Iam not understood. No body cares for me. I feel like constantly crying and when I think of the earlier days, the more it make me cry. I think some one needs to pamper me to the core, listen to me, be by my side, check on me always so that I feel Iam being thought off. I tell my husband, he tries his best but again falls into same pattern. This makes me furious!

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