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Hey everyone. How are you all doing? It has been a while since I was last active here. I have been so busy lately. These past days have really been a mess for me. I want to catch up now and tell you guys about all that has happened. I have to tell you guys about my friend's IVF too. For those who don't know, my friend was diagnosed with PCOS and was going for IVF in order to get pregnant. She was already so worried about all this. Unfortunately, she did not conceive the first time. We don't understand why though. IVF works most of the time for women with PCOS. We even chose the best clinic there is. My friend lost all hope. I was trying to be there for her this whole time. She recently went through her next cycle. We are waiting and praying now. She is still in Ukraine. Your prayers are needed.

  1. Sofia19948 months ago

    Sorry to hear about your friends failed IVF. This is the part of life it happens to many people. Ask her to be strong.
    I am going for the surrogacy option as their is no other way to have a baby of my own.
    I consulted a clinic regarding surrogacy they provided me a positive feedback.
    There are very good clinics regarding surrogacy as i’m sharing my experience with all of you.
    For now i have convinced mt husband to go for surrogacy and he is ready too.

  2. LonieKot8 months ago

    I don't know why your treatment was unsuccessful. I have personally gone through surrogacy. We didn't faced any type of this issue. It was a easy journey for us. Smoothly we got over surrogacy without having any issue. I hope your clinic will be resolving this issue as it is a big mark to clinic's procedure.
    Our clinic was good at surrogacy and it went smoothly. Our surrogate will be delivering our twin daughters soon.
    Good luck to your journey hope so it goes smoothly from now on.

  3. AmyAdams8 months ago

    Hi Melissa! Well, yes! I agree with you on some of the stuff there. So, yeah! PCOS patients really have a good advantage for IVF process. Anyway! I wish her all the best! Ukraine is a good spot for these kinds of assisted medical procedures. Anyway! Stay blessed. xx I hope she gets what she want.

  4. Robin James8 months ago

    Hi. I'm good. Thank you for asking. I hope you and your friend are doing well. It's great to have you back. Although, I'm a bit disappointed for your friend. It's a sad situation to be in. IVF can be tricky. I'd suggest you guys keep the faith. There's no point in losing hope. I have no doubts whatsoever about the next cycle. It'll work for her. She's in good hands, there! Good luck to her. You're an amazing friend.

  5. serra8 months ago

    Hey. I am so sorry for your friend. It must be hard for her. I hope she went through it successfully. I know her pain. I have gone through the pain of infertility for a couple of years. This made me decide between IVF and surrogacy. I went for surrogacy because it is not painful as IVF. I am a mother now.

  6. milana38 months ago

    Hello. I am so sad for your friend. It must be hard for her. I trust she experienced it effectively. I know her torment. I have experienced the torment of infertility for a few years. This influenced me to settle on IVF and surrogacy. I went for surrogacy since it isn't difficult as IVF. I am a mother now.

  7. melissastan8 months ago

    Hi guys. How are you all? Thank you so much for replying to my post. You guys are just amazing. You really make me feel like a family here. So, I called my friend to check up on her today. She is still in Ukraine. I got a hold of her doctor and she spoke to me. That lady was so nice. She kept reassuring me how everything was fine and under control. She even told me there are better chances of attachment in the second cycle. She really made me feel better about this whole thing now. I'm happy to know that my friend is in good hands. She had her second transfer a couple of days ago. She will take a test tomorrow.

  8. Julie888 months ago

    Hello dear. Hope you are doing fine. I am really sorry to hear about your friend's situation. Well, the doctors can tell her the reasons why the first cycle was not successful. I can understand that she is going through a tough time. Stand by her side. Give her support. Tell her not to lose hope. Any excessive stress can have a negative effect on on her health. It can be also dangerous for her baby's health. I myself had gone for surrogacy. I can relate to the pain of not having a baby of our own. I wish the results of the next cycle comes positive. May she get the good news soon. My prayers are with her. Sending baby dust to her way. All the very best! keep me updated.

  9. BellaJones8 months ago

    Hi there. How are things going? I hope they are well. Happy to hear from you again. I hope things are well for your friend too. I am really sorry for what is happening with her. No one deserver this. IVF is a tricky procedure. People can get success in even there 5th tries. I would suggest you give her all the support. tell her not to lose hope. Tell her to be strong. I wish her good luck. Take care. Hoping to hear soon.

  10. emily2948 months ago

    Hello melissa, How are you dear? My best wishes are with your friend. I hope that you will be telling a good news about your friend's pregnancy soon. The only thing is that one should not lose hope. As there is always a way out from your problems. Life is the name of challenges. Just face the challenges with such a strong power that everyone appreciates you. Good luck for her.

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