My DH has refuse

My DH has refused to be tested. It has been almost a year since I had all my testing thru our RE and had my fibroids/polyps removed. Every time I bring it up he comes back at me with a statements like we just need to get the timing right, or I already have a child. He has admitted that he's scared, not only of possible bad news but unsure he can actually supply the sample under pressure.

His child from a prev relationship is almost 16. He refuses to believe that his drinking and cigarette smoking are really that big of a deal. I have been able to convince him to not drink/smoke or masturbate for up to 3 days while I'm finding my peak time but I know it's not enough

We've been TTC for almost 3 years now. I'm 36 he's 38. Not sure what advice any of you can give but I just need to vent my frustration. I have no one to talk to about this.

  1. LindaEskridge2 weeks ago

    Hey there. I hope you're doing good. Yes you're right, he should be tested. Cigarette smoking causes fertility problems for men. Men that smoke cigarettes are at an increased risk for lower sperm count. Hormonal issues can also occur. And it can also reduce your biological clock. One thing causing problems in your fertility can be your age too. Women has less chance to conceive over age 35. Moreover in the late 30's, she's more likely to have miscarriages. Try convincing your husband with love. Don't discuss or force him to go for a test for a week or two. Just show him that you're trying hard for it. Discuss the thing after 2-3 weeks with him again. Maybe he'll understand that. I've seen men having issues for going for a test. But if you guys are willing to have a baby, and you're fertile then you must do every possible thing for it. I hope that things get better for you. Take care of yourself. Best of luck!

  2. Hannah.David2 weeks ago

    Hey there! I really think you need to make him sit and make him aware of the reality. It is better to hear the bad news now as that will help you know about the next step. As there are a lot of other methods you could opt for in order to get pregnant. Including IVF and IUI. So convince to get checked. Otherwise, it will get too late.

  3. Scarlett Hale6 days ago

    Hey there. Hope you are doing great. I am sorry to hear that your husband has refused to get checked. But since he smokes, he might be affected by it. You have to try to make up his mind with love. It is a time taking the process to make someone's mind up. But it is necessary for you to do this. Let him take his time and try not to mess things up. You would have to take it slowly. Only then you can get to know the real reason and can go for its solution. Best wishes.

  4. pheobe4124 days ago

    I think he is confused. Men do that. Please don't worry about it. It's really very much problematic for you but what can you do. You have to stand with him. As long as you guys are together. Well I think if he has a child already than clearly he is not infertile. He is good. The reason you mentioned is that he smokes and drinks allot. Well that is a cancer for the body. In every way.I am not even in a favor of consuming it's less amount. Than how could we talk about more amount. It's just not acceptable. That may be a reason for this problem now. Well What can we say until it's tested. I think you should refer your husband with some videos about the clinic that I have been many times. They got a Chanel as well. I am sure those videos may turn him.

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